Bredesen ad features (identified) Republican supporters

A new ad by Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen features Tennessee Republicans talking about why they are supporting him over GOP candidate Marsha Blackburn.

A recent Blackburn ad features purported former Bredesen voters when he was running for governor who now say they support the Republican, but the Bredesen campaign has denounced that spot as “using actors parroting fake lines.” The Blackburn camp insists they are real, unpaid Tennessee voters, but hasn’t identified them.

The Bredesen campaign identifies the five speakers his new spot as:

  • John Finch, contractor and former Mayor of Goodlettsville.
  • Sally Gracey, office manager.
  • Jamie White, law student.
  • Grady Gaskill, retiree.
  • Tom Cigarran, entrepreneur [and Nashville Predators owner]
  • Magi Curtis, public affairs professional.

6 Responses to Bredesen ad features (identified) Republican supporters

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    A good start! I think some enterprising individual should compile a list of all self-identified Republicans who are backing Bredesen so in the future, assuming that they will ever be supporting Republican candidates again, we know who many of them will be supporting. Personally it is my top goal to do everything I can to make the Republican Party more conservative by supporting conservatives seeking the Republican nomination in Republican primaries. I can think of nothing that would aid this goal more than having a quick way of seeing who Bredesen Republicans are supporting in significant numbers in order to know who to vote against in these primaries.

    Fellow conservatives, why don’t we make gaining the support of Bredesen Republicans sort of a third rail of Republican politics? Of course, for that we to be able to identify them, so SPEAK UP you Bredesen Republicans and by all means Phil, let us know who they are.

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      MarLE says:

      I think it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick……. That is where you were going with all of that, right, Stuart? Talk about distraction!

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      Ricky Joe Johnson says:

      Tennessee does not register voters as party members. No evidence other than their word that these people were republicans.

      Let’s look at some Tom Cigarran, was in the healthcare industry with Bredesen. Then as mayor and governor Bredesen funneled million of tax dollars into an new arena for Tom Cigarran’s NHL team. So Cigarran is bought and paid for with Tennessee tax payers dollar.

      In April, during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Predators introduced Bredesen on the ice as an honored guest at the taxpayer-subsidized Bridgestone Arena, The Tennessee Star reported, noting that “As mayor, and then later as governor, Bredesen helped funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the Predators franchise.”

      John Finch just happens to be a building contractor that made MILLIONS on building projects in Metro Nashville under a heavily democrat controlled council.

      Magi Curtis also worked with Bredesen in the Healthcare industry.

      All of these are people who benefited financially personally from their association with Bredesen.

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    Christina Norris says:

    Phil Bredesen is by far the most qualified and skilled candidate for the Senate. Do the right thing for our state and country and put Phil Bredesen to work for us in Washington.

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      Ricky Joe Johnson says:

      Based on what the fiasco he left the state healthcare system in?

      He was in the health insurance industry before becoming Governor.

      His way of fixing healthcare in Tennessee was to cut disabled, and elderly from the state medicaid system and then gave these services to immigrants.

      350,000 Tennesseans were cut from the state medicaid roles of which over 100,000 were disabled.

      Ashley Manes who was 14-years old in 2010, when her TennCare coverage was discontinued, had been paralyzed and ventilator dependent since age 4 when she was injured in the car accident.

      At the same time period he was cutting Tennessee residents coverage, Tennessee accepted more than 9,000 refugees and HALF of those were enrolled in Tenncare

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    Ricky Joe Johnson says:

    Main problem with Bredesen ads. Tennessee does not register voters to party. He may have several people stand up and say i am a republican and i am voting for Bredesen. But since the state does not register voters as party there is no way to verify their claims. Also the field they list besides the names of the people are industries which are heavily democrat.

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