Boyd’s first TV attack ad bashes ‘D.C. Diane’

The initial clip in the Randy Boyd campaign ad, entitled “D.C. Diane,” shows Black being interviewed along with other members of Congress by journalist Katie Couric during the 2016 campaign.


Katie Couric: “Building a wall on the southern border and getting Mexico to pay for it.”

Diane Black: “First of all you can’t build a wall, that won’t work.”

Couric: So, you’re opposed to building a wall and asking Mexico to pay for it.

Black: “First of all, it can’t be done. So…”

Announcer: DC Diane Black, a typical twenty year career politician who says one thing in Tennessee but does another in DC. The Real DC Diane voted against funding border security, voted to give Tennessee driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and voted to give Obama a blank check for his amnesty.”

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