Boyd ‘Welfare to Work’ TV spot: He worked for $1 an hour at age 8


Press release from Randy Boyd campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, launched his latest campaign commercial “Welfare to Work” which highlights Boyd’s belief that those who are able to work should work, not permanently live on government assistance.

The 30-second ad notes Boyd’s work ethic began at age eight while working on the factory floor and continued as he worked to put himself through the University of Tennessee.

“I started working at eight-years-old for a dollar an hour at my Dad’s factory, then paid my way through college working injection-molding machines at night,” says Boyd.

Boyd notes that learning the value of hard work propelled him to start his business from scratch and believes that there is dignity in having a job and not depending on the government.

“I never expected the government to take care of me, but today, too many people do. I believe those who can work, should work – not permanently live on welfare,” Boyd touts.

The statewide broadcast and cable TV buy will begin airing on Friday, June 8. The full ad may also be viewed on campaign social media as well as YouTube:

“As conservatives, we believe in the dignity of hard work, and as Governor, I’m determined to make sure every Tennessean has the opportunity to develop a job-ready skill,” said Boyd. “The American Dream  is alive in Tennessee when we focus on expanding opportunity, not the size of government.”

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    WhitesCreek says:

    Overlooking the child labor question, is this some kind of back door statement that Randy is willing to raise the minimum wage? $1 in 1962 when he was 8 is worth $8.20 today, about z 14% increase.

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    Linda says:

    This one issue alone has me pulling for Boyd right now. I have a niece who is 45 yrs. old and 10 yrs. ago, she got pregnant on purpose without being married and had younger friends show her how to work the system. She got cash for her rent and utilities, an Obama phone, hundreds of dollars a month in food stamps—she is still raking it in even though her baby Daddy has always been in the picture living with her and his child. He is a truck driver and gone a lot, but they have never NOT been together. She and her little boy have been taken care of courtesy of the Tennessee taxpayer for 10 yrs. now! Did I forget to mention that they have always been on TennCare even though the father of the child has health insurance where he works that could have ALWAYS COVERED THE CHILD! This is not the only case out there.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Linda, I certainly agree with your sentiments but the first sentence in your comment is where your steering wrong. What is causing you to steer wrong is that you are taking campaign adds too seriously. Campaign adds are about the worst way to find out about a candidate because they are the work product of professional campaign consultants. The campaign pollster finds out how a majority of voters of a targeted demographic feel about the issues, the campaign media consultant makes the adds that reflect this information from the pollster, and presto you have before you a candidate that perfectly reflects the voters. PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THE NONSENSE!

      Your sentiments are the sentiments of a conservative Republican. Unfortunately when he isn’t trying to get the votes of conservative voters Randy! identified his ideology by saying “I’m a moderate.” His self-identification is backed up by his record of supporting organizations favoring citizenship and continued settlement of illegal aliens, and his support for Mitt Romney and Jeb! Bush, while admitting that “The idea of putting my name on anything [for Trump] is an anathema to me.”

      In short of the four major Republican candidates for Governor “moderate” Randy! Boyd is the least likely to impose the tough conservative welfare restrictions that you favor. He is going out of his way to sound like a tough conservative in order to hide the fact that everything he has done in politics before running for Governor shows him to be no such thing. In fact, for a conservative the strategy to use in the Republican Primary when voting for Governor is ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

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      Debra W. says:

      Linda, if you are so concerned about this situation being fraud, then contact the authorities and report it. Do your part to stop the fraud that you think is taking place.

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    Steve Butler says:

    “He worked for $1 an hour at age 8”

    And probably walked 5 miles to school, year-round, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways , too.

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    Steve L. says:

    Illegals will also work for $1 an hour. So what?

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    Donna Locke says:

    Well, gee whiz, I worked for a dollar and fifty-something an hour at age 17 at a NEWSPAPER. Helped pay my way into college when college didn’t cost nearly as much as it costs now.

    Anyway, more illegal-alien households are getting welfare than are native-born households, according to Census data. The quickest way for illegal aliens to plug in to welfare is to have a child here. They all know that. The Mexican government and others have made sure they know.

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