Boyd ready to spend ‘whatever it takes’ in run for governor

Multi-millionaire Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd tells the Tennessean he’s been touring the state talking about a run for governor since stepping down as ECD commissioner, that he’ll make a formal announcement “in the next few weeks” and that he’ll personally spend “whatever it takes” to win.

“While I’m not ready to announce yet, I’m heavily leaning toward doing so sometime in the very, very near future,” he said.

… “In my business I had a dozen competitors making invisible fences so if I have a dozen competitors running for this it’s not really any different,” Boyd said, while dropping hints about the potential to self-fund a campaign.

“I like my chances. Nobody is going to be able to out-invest me. So I don’t really have to worry about finances,” he said. “From a raising funds point of view, we’ll do well. I’m prepared personally to commit to whatever it takes to be successful.”

In his talks around the state, Boyd said people have been positive about someone who is not a career politician.

“I wasn’t quite sure that I would have liked the idea of campaigning, but if it’s like these last three weeks — it’s a great way to get to know your state,” he said.

Before becoming ECD commissioner in January 2015, Boyd was focused on his various businesses. He owns Radio Systems Corp., a company that owns several brands, including the Invisible Fence.

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