Boyd leads guber field in political ad purchases with $9M; Black at $7M

Four Republican candidates for governor have purchased $21 million in political advertising for their campaigns, reports The Tennessean. Two Democrats and a couple of PACs involved in the gubernatorial campaign have, combined, spent about $2 million on ads, for a $23 million statewide total.

That’s for ads already run and those purchased and scheduled to run in the campaign days ahead.

Leading the way in terms of ad spending in the GOP field is Boyd, who has spent about $9 million to air spots on TV.

Black has spent roughly $7 million on TV ads, while Lee has dished out more than $3 million for his ads. 

Among the GOP candidates, Harwell has spent the least on TV ads, spending about $1 million. But Harwell’s candidacy has been bolstered by a more than $600,000 ad buy paid for by Tennesseans for Good State Government, a political action committee that favors Harwell. 

Tennessee Jobs Now — a PAC that supports Boyd’s candidacy and has aired ads attacking Black — has spent about $500,000 on television spots. 

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, meanwhile, is set to spend $819,000 on ads touting his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. His opponent — House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh, D-Ripley — is set to spend just under $12,000 on TV ads in the race. 

Each of the candidates in the race has spent the most to air ads in the Nashville television market, the most populated area of the state.

But Black has decided to spend less money than Boyd to air ads in West Tennessee, specifically in the Memphis and Jackson television markets. Boyd has spent about $1.2 million to air ads in Memphis alone, while Black has spent roughly $500,000. Lee has spent almost $400,000 for ads on Bluff City TV stations.  

Across the country, more than $132 million has been spent on TV ads related to governor’s races this year alone, according to a USA TODAY analysis. 

The USA TODAY analysis, which relied on spending data compiled by Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, found more than 23,000 ads have aired on broadcast stations in Tennessee related to this year’s governor’s race. 

5 Responses to Boyd leads guber field in political ad purchases with $9M; Black at $7M

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    This is as it should be. Boyd is the richest candidate and he has the most difficult job of trying to fool the voters into believing that he is a spanking new freshly minted conservative when he is well known to be a centrist, and certainly the most liberal candidate in the Republican field.

    This subterfuge won’t be successful if only we conservatives unify immediately before early voting begins and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat Randy!. This election is in our hands if only we ignore the silly campaign adds and prepare to do what needs to be done.

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    benton temple says:

    Diane Black has run some of the most negative campaigns against conservative stalwarts like Joe Carr, Lou Ann Zelnik, and is a known political adversary of Mae Beavers. Diane Black must be stopped at all costs.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Benton, you sound like a fine conservative and I supported Joe and Lou Ann with significant campaign contributions so please believe me, if in your attempts to stop Diane you elect Randy! Boyd we will both have eight years to be very, very sorry.

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    John W Niven Jr says:

    Benton, Here’s a newsflash – Mae Beavers dropped out months ago. She’s already running for another office. BTW have you seen ANY negative ads favoring Diane Black in this Gov campaign ?? Have you ??

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    benton temple says:

    Diane Black is THE very definition of a career, establishment politician. i cannot vote for anyone that voted to give illegal immigrants driver licenses. Her actions and voting record show a very different version of herself that she presents publicly. To boot, Diane went to a secret meeting in 2016 that was organized to stop Donald Trump. The most dangerous politician is the kind that votes one way and tries to convince you that they didn’t do it. That’s what Diane is doing now.

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