Bloomberg to campaign in Chattanooga, Nashville on Wednesday

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to appear in Chattanooga and Nashville on Wednesday, the first day of early voting for Tennessee’s Super Tuesday presidential primary.

Bloomberg previously visited Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville in December and January, while most of the other candidates have been focused on the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries. Bloomberg decided to sit those contests out in favor of concentrating on the far larger number of delegates available on Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg’s Tennessee events are being held at the  Bessie Smith Cultural Center in Chattanooga at 2 p.m. Eastern and at Rocketown in Nashville at 7 p.m. Central. The latter was a favorite among Republicans running for president in the 2016 cycle, including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.

Here’s the release from the Bloomberg campaign:

NASHVILLE — Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg will be in Chattanooga and Nashville on Wednesday, February 12 to hold rallies marking the start of early voting in the state ahead of the Super Tuesday primary.

This is Mike’s third trip to Tennessee since announcing his candidacy in late November.

In late December, Mike announced his national healthcare policy in Memphis and kicked off the grand opening of the state campaign headquarters in Nashville. He returned to the state on January 10 to open the Knoxville regional field office.

“The time, resources and attention Mike gives Tennessee shows his care and focus on Tennessee voters,” said Courtney Wheeler, Tennessee state director for Mike Bloomberg 2020. “We are glad to see he cares about our voices and are looking forward to giving him another big welcome this week.

The campaign’s deep presence in Tennessee is part of Bloomberg’s  campaign to engage voters, win delegates on Super Tuesday and defeat Donald Trump.


3 Responses to Bloomberg to campaign in Chattanooga, Nashville on Wednesday

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    Karen Bracken says:

    Just anotber rich Democrat socialist that wants to mandate how we should live.

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      John says:

      You think Bloomberg is a socialist? Trump is a welfare queen who received tax payer bailouts for his slums and casinos. Not only will he never be as rich as Bloomberg, Trump has a negative net worth. Trump is also morbidly obese, although all the Bible quoters on this site never say anything about the sin of gluttony.

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    Eddie White says:

    Bloomberg recently expressed his concern about the man in Texas who shot and killed the man who was gunning down innocent parishioners during the morning worship services. According to Bloomberg it was law enforcement’s job to stop the shooter not the private citizen. This coming from a billionaire who hires security to provide his personal protection. This guy may not be as crazy as Bernie, but his “moderate” views will still alienate many Americans. And thank goodness for the private citizen in Texas who saved many lives.

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