Blackburn-Bredesen race dividing families?

The U.S. Senate race between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen is dividing families in the Knoxville area, says Victor Ashe in his latest column.

A few weeks ago, Hash Hashemian hosted a Blackburn event at his large home on the lake along with Gov. Bill Haslam; the governor’s father, Jim Haslam; and GOP gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd.

This week, on Wednesday, June 20, Sharon Pryse, a Republican who is close to Haslam (he appointed her to the UT board of trustees), is hosting an event for Bredesen at her Kingston Pike home. Co-hosting it are Raja and Michelle Jubran (he is a key Haslam backer, vice chair of the UT board and active in many GOP causes). Even more interesting, Nazzy Hashemian, wife of Hash Hashemian, who had the Blackburn event, is listed as a co-host for Bredesen. She and her husband are backing different candidates.

Other well known Knoxvillians on the Bredesen committee include businessman Jim Clayton, Steve and April Harris, Fred Langley, Mary Ellen Brewington and Bob Petrone. This will be a close race with the winner having a razor thin margin in my view.

Former Democratic Nashville Mayor Karl Dean is also having a fundraiser the same night at the home of Todd Cramer and Ernie Hoskins on Shadyland Drive in West Knoxville. This fundraiser is in the $250 per person range, while the Bredesen event is a suggested $1,000 a person.

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    James White says:

    Haslam = Boyd = Blackburn. They are all the same.

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    Eddie White says:

    It looks like the Democrats are feeling the momentum. With a divided Republican Party( lot of country club Republicans will vote Bredesen), a Sen. Bredesen is very likely. That is also going to give the Democrats a chance to win the senate and slow down Trump’s agenda. I think the Republicans have a better chance of keeping the governor’s seat against Dean. That will be a competitive race, but I still think the Republicans will hold the governor’s office.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Indeed, it’s so important to be careful who you marry. I simply can’t imagine being married to a woman who suddenly turns to me and indicates that no, she is not going to support a mainstream conservative like Marsha, instead she is going to support a former liberal Massachusetts Democrat who will vote to give control of the U. S. Senate to Chuck Schumer and his merry band of leftists. What is courting for if not to subject your future spouse to careful examination and scrutiny to make sure that this type of marriage endangering decision making simply won’t happen.

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    Lance Persson says:

    My guess is that they are hedging their bets. Not very ethical but I doubt they have never been accused of being ethical. The way the Haslam’s are supporting both candidates, they will be able to say “We supported you senator.”

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    Bob Fischer says:

    Bredeson is clearly the more competent candidate. Invoking arbitrary labels that mean nothing in today’s landscape does nothing to diminish the fact that Preseason is competent and Blackburn is a self serving lackey. Bredeson will serve the best interests of his constituents, Blackburn will serve her own self-interests.

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      Bob Fischer says:

      Dadgum spellcheck. Bredeson, not preseason.

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      Randy Ray Willis says:

      I live in Blackburn’s district and you hit the nail on the head. Unless there is a camera at the event you will not see her there. Office in Clarksville is always closed no matter what time of the day it is. Unwilling to help vets as I know first hand because I am a vet. Passes the buck off to someone else or another governmental agency to handle when Blackburn feels it not worthy of her time. Not to mention the invitation only open houses with softball questions. Will not stand on the principles of the people of Tennessee, but instead sells her vote to whoever she feels can further her political career. I could go on and on about Blackburn. Senator Corker and Senator Alexander are both honorable men who both have much admiration for this states vets. Will not let their party affiliation get in the way of doing whats right for the great people and the State of Tennessee. As a Democrat myself Senator Alexander will always have my vote whenever he needs it. I don’t care if my vote is the difference between the Dems taking control of the Senate, I will always vote Senator Lamar Alexander. As a veteran of this great state, “thank you so much for your help with my matter at the Va concerning my back pay when Blackburn would not lift a finger to help. Nine months of nothing with Blackburn versus 7 working days with you from first contact to solving my issue.” Blackburn showed me first hand just exactly what and who counts when it comes to serving the public. If you don’t have deep pockets and a camera, then you are not worth her time.

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    Silence Dogood says:

    Bredesen would be a Schumer tool. This is June 2016 and Bredesen is HRC. “We are maybe talking landslide of epic proportions. Maybe 95 counties go for Bredesen. Rumor is Haslam is supporting HRC.” More FAKE news.

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    benton temple says:

    Lance: What proof do you have that the Haslams are supporting Bredesen?

    Answer: You don’t. You got to stop spewing garbage information unless you can back it up. Just because you don’t like Haslam doesn’t mean you can just make stuff up as you go.

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