Black TV ad: Stand up for national anthem and veterans


Press  release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Today, Diane Black released a new TV ad, “Patriotic” that will air during the Super Bowl pregame show. The ad comes after the NFL rejected a program insert from American Veterans (AMVETS) urging Super Bowl attendees to stand for the national anthem.


Diane Black: The Eagles from Philadelphia and the Patriots from Boston. Two patriotic names.

It’s too bad that the league doesn’t respect the patriotism of our national anthem.

All year, players refused to stand for the anthem, and the league refused to accept an ad from the American Veterans urging everyone to please stand.

But they can’t stop you and me. So tonight, wherever you are watching this game, please stand for the Star Spangled Banner and join me in standing up for veterans.

Voiceover: Diane Black for Governor

4 Responses to Black TV ad: Stand up for national anthem and veterans

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    This woman would have been a perfect mouthpiece for Joe McCarthy.

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      Terwilliger says:

      Yes, Leslie… more ways than one. I don’t know which is worse, her shamelessly deliberate exploitation of a divisive issue she helped foster, or her utter stupidity in not understanding the motivation behind taking a knee….a gesture which itself I’d deem more “patriotic” than the sum total of her miserable life.

      Oh, and….go Pats.

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      James White says:

      Please don’t vilify the good Senator. He was right.

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    Junelandrum says:

    She is doing a great job and has highest name recognition of any of the candidates. It’s probably time for a female governor. Don’t write her off.

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