Black offers everyone an opportunity to sign her Donald Trump birthday card

U.S. Rep. Diane Black has —  well, at least arguably —  already outdone other Republican candidates for governor in proclaiming her support and admiration for President Trump. Latest gesture (gimmick?): You can now sign a birthday card to the president on her campaign website. (His birthday is June 14 and he’ll be 72.)

Text of a Black campaign email Friday:

On June 14th, President Trump will be celebrating his birthday, and I am hoping to send him a card signed by all of his supporters in Tennessee.

I’ve been proud to stand with our president to pass his agenda and begin to make America great again. On his birthday, let’s show him we’re still with him and that Tennesseans are wishing him a happy birthday and another great year.

I know you are standing with President Trump, and I want you to join me in wishing him a happy birthday. Make sure you get your name on the card before I send it to him!


Diane Black

Note: If you want to sign up, the link is HERE.  Gotta wonder if Randy Boyd, Bill Lee and Beth Harwell will do so.  Probably not, since the email is accompanied by a link for donating to the Black campaign and signing up will presumably get you on a list of potential supporters/donors. But then there could be a follow-up declaring they refused to join Black in wishing the president a happy birthday.

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