Black hits Lee for giving to pro-choice candidate, but her husband did same

U.S. Rep. Diane Black’s latest attack ad on Republican gubernatorial rival Bill Lee criticizes him for giving a $1,750 to three Democrats: Phil Bredesen, Karl Dean, and former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, whom the ad labels an abortion supporter. Unmentioned is that Black’s husband, David, once gave $2,000 to a self-described pro-choice candidate.

David Black gave two $1,000 donations to former state Sen. Rosalind Kurita (D-Clarksville), who played a key role in then-Sen. Ron Ramsey’s 2007 election as the the state’s first Republican Senate speaker since Reconstruction.

Kurita was later rewarded with the position of speaker pro tempore, the ceremonial No. 2 position in the chamber. But Democrats later stripped her of her 19-vote Democratic primary win, declaring the vote “incurably uncertain” because of heavy Republican crossover voting and allegations that poll workers directed her opponent’s supporters to vote in the wrong primary.

“I believe women are capable of making their own healthcare choices,” Kurita said about abortion rights during an unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid in 2006. “We don’t need an intrusive government or grand-standing politicians telling us what is best for our families.”

Kurita mounted an unsuccessful write-in campaign and lost federal court challenges challenging her ouster.


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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Please don’t be dismayed by these stupid adds. If you are a regular reader of this blog these adds aren’t meant for you, they are meant for the low information voter who begin to pay attention to politics about now and unfortunately rely on these adds for information.

    For knowledgeable conservatives the game plan is obvious. Randy! Boyd’s relative hostility to conservative policy initiatives can be anticipated. His sympathy for things we oppose is obvious. Do we therefore unite behind Black or Lee, that’s the question these adds are trying to answer. Why not wait until 8/2 to see who is ahead, that will give us the best answer so we get ANYBODY BUT BOYD as a result.

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      benton temple says:

      Stuart, do you ever get tired of spewing just absolute garbage not backed up by any facts? Or do you get tired of supporting the most liberal candidate in the race, D.C. Diane Black?

    • Ads not adds

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        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Thank you Sharon. The election is on going and the debate rages between conservatives as to just what to do. It’s good to have someone look past the substance of a debate and resist the temptation to weigh (or is it way) in by rather calling everyone’s attention to an entirely inconsequential peripheral matter just to score a point or two. You did it Sharon! Congratulations to you!

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    Amy Howell says:

    Randy Boyd is the right choice for TN! He will win mark my words. TN is ready for real leadership and a non-political, businessman. Randy will be our next Governor and he will do a great job for all.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Amy, I love the fact that you chose to comment a few minutes after me so your comment sort of underlines my own. We conservatives know all too well from bitter experience what “non-political” says about a candidate who is running as a Republican. Indeed, ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Diane is a lying opportunist She is cratering Spending too much time in DC and not enough running for Governor Meglamania defined

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    Donna Locke says:

    Okay, when I think of Boyd, Lee, and the Democrats running for governor, I’m reminded of that 1967 tune from the Benson & Hedges 100’s cigarette commercial: “The Disadvantages of You.”

    Baby boomers, if you’ve been searching for that tune, which The Brass Ring took to the Top 40 on the radio that year, now you know the name of it. It’s on YouTube from several posters, quality better on some. I still love that thing.

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