Black, campaigning on day of skipped House budget vote: ‘God is God, life is life and truth is truth’

U.S. Rep. Diane Black was campaigning for governor in Dyer County on Friday morning, according to the Dyersburg State Gazette. Earlier that morning, Black had otherwise gained some media attention by skipping the House floor vote on a $400 billion budget deal.

The newspaper reports that Black last visited the West Tennessee county in October, 2017, when she focused on the general need for improvement in the areas of jobs, health care and education. In what seems apparent stump-speech fashion, Black again returned to those three topics in the recent interview, the article says, then added another:

“There is one other piece that I want to mention. There is one thing that is already strong here in Tennessee that we need to maintain and have to jealously protect, especially as we have more people moving into our state – we’ve got to protect our Tennessee values.

“Here in Tennessee, we honor certain things that are very important to people such as knowing that God is God, life is life, and truth is truth, standing up for the American flag, making sure that we don’t have sanctuary cities, and these are values that are important to us in the state of Tennessee. We need to protect those values, and I plan to do that as governor.”

… When asked how she planned to attempt to address the various needs across the state, Congresswoman Black stated, “I believe that what we have to do is to listen to those communities and figure out a way that we can collectively, from the staff that I have and the people that I work with in Nashville at the Capitol, that we can find a way to meet those needs. First of all we’ve got to listen to communities, and have them tell us what they need – not assume what they need.”

Note: Previous post HERE, wherein a Black spokeswoman is quoted as saying the former House Budget Committee chairman felt “her time was better spent meeting with business leaders in Tennessee” – without identifying the business leaders she was meeting. See also the Times Free Press report, not cited in previous post.

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