Black bashes ‘meek’ Nashville Republicans; Harwell bashes Washington Republicans

Excerpts from a Times Free Press report on a Sunday forum for Republican gubernatorial candidates in Williamson County, hosted by state Sen. Jack Johnson.

We can find Republicans who are too weak or too meek right here in Nashville as well,” (said U.S. Rep. Diane Black)… “The people of Tennessee did not give us a majority to be meek. They made us the majority so we could do what we say we can do. And that’s the job of our next governor. To lead this state in a way with a firm hand and a strong spine. And that’s what the state of Tennessee needs is a strong leader.”

Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell, a Nashville Republican and gubernatorial candidate, who also attended the event, wasn’t amused.

“I am very proud of what the Republicans, since we have been in the majority party, have done in this state,” Harwell later told reporters from the Times Free Press and The Associated Press.

And in a direct jab at Black, Harwell added that since Tennessee Republicans assumed total control of the General Assembly seven years ago, GOP lawmakers “have made the transition from being just a political party to being the governing party of the state, and we actually are governing — unlike what you see at the federal level.”

That was a reference to the national GOP’s inability after years of promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Meanwhile, although Black’s Budget Committee has passed a federal budget blueprint, it has yet to make it through the full chamber, let alone start moving in the U.S. Senate.

…State Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet said in her remarks that she decided to join the race after fielding calls from supporters who said they wanted a “good conservative in the governor’s race.” In response to Black’s campaign announcement last week Beavers tweeted: “The more moderates in the Governor’s race the better!”

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