Anthem flap inspires Haslam bashing by Beavers, Breitbart

Former Sen. Mae Beavers, now running for governor, and Breitbart News are making an issue of the Haslam family’s comments on the ongoing national anthem controversy in the National Football League. Beavers says Randy Boyd, one of her GOP primary opponents, should return any contributions received from the governor’s family.

Press release from Beavers, via Tennessee Star:

“Randy Boyd should immediately return any donations the Haslams have made to his campaign,” Beavers opened. “What’s more, Randy Boyd should refuse to accept any further financial support from the Haslam family,” Beavers said.

Jimmy and Dee Haslam, the owners of the Cleveland Browns, have embraced the radical, un-American NFL protests against the National Anthem and the American Flag,” Beavers asserted.

“The NFL remained silent when the Rams attacked law enforcement with their “hands up don’t shoot” demonstration, the NFL refused to allow the Dallas cowboys to honor fallen officers massacred by Black Lives Matter, and defying belief, the NFL even barred their players from honoring 9/11 victims,” Beavers said.

“Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has not only refused to condemn the disrespectful actions of his players, he has encouraged them “The Haslams have been involved in a variety of business deals with Boyd over the years,” Beavers noted. “Governor Haslam appointed Randy to his position at ECD by  and the Haslam family has been one of Boyd’s largest contributors.”

“Randy Boyd needs to make it absolutely clear whether he will continue to stand with Haslam while his players kneel,” Beavers said.

Excerpt from the Breitbart News story, under the headline, “TN Gov. Bill Haslam Praises Brother, NFL’s Cleveland Browns Owner, Who Attacked Trump over Anthem-Kneelers”

On Tuesday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam praised his brother Jimmy Haslam, the owner of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, who aggressively attacked President Trump for his comments criticizing NFL players who publicly protest the national anthem by kneeling when it is played before the start of a game.

…In August, State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma), who is a candidate for the Republican nomination in Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, called on Gov. Haslam to use his influence to stop the NFL players’ protests of the national anthem after Cleveland Brown players knelt during a pre-season game.

… Matheny told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that Gov. Haslam never responded to his request.

“I have heard nothing from the Haslam family about my request they use their responsibilities as team owners and American citizens to stop the NFL protest,” Matheny told Breitbart News.

“It is deeply disappointing they do not care and have made no attempt to correct the growing wave of disrespecting our flag and anthem that is spreading throughout the NFL and particularly spreading in the Cleveland Browns team Jimmy Haslam owns and Gov. Haslam influences,” Matheny concluded.

Gov. Haslam, like his close ally Sen. Corker, has a long history of publicly criticizing President Trump, who won Tennessee’s 11 electoral college votes in the November 2016 election with a resounding 61 percent to 35 percent victory over Hillary Clinton.

In fact, in October, Haslam was a leading voice among a group of establishment Republicans who called on President Trump to withdraw from the presidential race one month before the election and let Vice President Mike Pence take over during the Billy Bush video tape controversy.

5 Responses to Anthem flap inspires Haslam bashing by Beavers, Breitbart

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    Shallow minds are attracted to meaningless symbols. Singing songs and waving flags are not signs of patriotism but trying to force others to do so is fascism at its best.

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    Misty Partner says:

    Bashing Beaver and Stever. That’s a winning strategy for America. Also Matheny has cast his state house District to the dogs with his campaigning. Hey a Coffee County, sorry about next session but I have a race to win.

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    David A. Collins says:

    Exactly what one would expect from a bottom shelf candidate like Beavers. Though she holds herself out as a “constitutionalist”, by her words and actions that must mean someone who has never read the constitution but claims to be one of its staunchest supporters. Doesn’t she understand that it’s that document that allows someone as “brain-dead” as her to run for (and in some sad cases) hold public office?!?!

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      TLC says:

      It’s also the document that allows someone to take a knee, in the first place. That simple fact escapes the likes of Mae Beavers, who either brainlessly fails to grasp the actual meaning of this gesture or deliberately distorts its true meaning, in order to suit the ugly vision of her America.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    The national anthem is not a “song” but a communal demonstration of thanksgiving for things like the obvious advantages we are blessed with by being Americans. Employers can “force” behavior on their employees while the latter are “on the clock” as one of the terms of employment. On the other hand, employees are always free to quit if they find those terms unacceptable. Finally, customers who pay the employers for something like entertainment can decide to spend their money elsewhere if they are not entertained.

    Speaking of spending money I think Leslie should purchase a good book describing the political movements of the twentieth century so she doesn’t embarrass herself by throwing around words like “fascism” to describe situations to which they clearly don’t apply.

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