Alexander and Corker: Stop separating parents and children detained at U.S. border

Statements from U.S. Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee on the Trump administration policy of separating children detained at the U.S./Mexico border from their parents, as reported by the Times Free Press:

“While the issues surrounding our immigration system are complex, we can all agree that innocent children should be protected and not used for deterrence,” said Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He said the administration “should use all tools available to stop needless family separation without delay, and Congress should act swiftly to address the serious challenges facing our nation’s immigration system.”

Alexander said in his statement, “Illegal immigration is against the law but new enforcement policies have resulted in hundreds of children being separated from their parents. The administration should end that new policy immediately while Congress works with the president on a bipartisan immigration solution that secures the border, provides a status for those already here and prevents a humanitarian crisis at the border.”

12 Responses to Alexander and Corker: Stop separating parents and children detained at U.S. border

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    Darryl C says:

    CRAP… tell corker and alexander to put these ILLEGALS ON/IN their back yard… I’m TIREd of these SWAMP leaders telling US what we need to do.. KISSING the globalists rear ends has gotten OLD! EVEN the old fart first ladies NEED to shut up!

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    You think our two boys are going to miss an opportunity to participate when sanctimony and mind numbing emotion are the order of the day – not on your life. Marsha simply can’t get to the U. S. Senate soon enough.

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    old woman voter says:

    I appreciate my senators demonstrating that they have a brain.

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    James White says:

    Send ALL illegals home.

  • Thank you Senators Alexander and Corker for being real leaders.
    What they are saying is not sanctimonious. What they are saying reflects common decency and Jesus’ teachings – you were probably outside smoking and shooting dice when that lesson was taught in Sunday School.
    If you don’t like immigrants, move to a country that wasn’t founded by immigrants. Trump’s trains to North Korea and Russia have plenty of room for his fascist followers. And Marsha is happy to sell you oxycontin for the ride.

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    Good for Alexander and Corker for having the courage to swim against the tide of utter ignorance and unspeakable cruelty. My heart hurts to the breaking point. Why are today’s Americans so mean, selfish, and vicious? Why have we become a nation of people who can only talk using worn out cliches that were never true to begin with? And finally, why do publications give haters a voice?

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Leslie, what a wonderfully illustrative comment! Notice, it starts out all sweetness and caring, bless her bleeding heart, and it ends with the usual leftist authoritarian intolerance that we now have come to expect.

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        Donna Locke says:

        I was thinking the same thing, Stuart. I have way too much experience with that mentality–or emotionality.

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    William Upton says:

    I don’t know why this is even an issue. The seperation is completely voluntary on the part of the parents of these kids. We, as a country, have a law that says they should not come here illegally. They know that we have stated to enforce our law we would separate parents from kids if they still choose to come here illegally. They came anyway so the parents don’t have a problem with the separation so why should we? do think we should bill the parents for childcare while they are here.
    Corker and Alexander are just typical politicians going which way the wind blows.

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