Akbari eyes run for state Senate District 29 seat

State Rep. Raumesh Akbari, D-Memphis, is formally exploring a run in state Senate District 29, where incumbent Sen. Lee Harris, D-Memphis, says he will not seek reelection and instead will run for Shelby County mayor next year.

Further from the Nashville Post:

On Facebook, Akbari posted, “Hi Friends! Please join me for a Holiday Fundraiser in support of my Exploratory Committee for State Senate District 29. For the past several months I’ve been speaking to stakeholders, constituents, friends, and family about a possible State Senate run. Please join the conversation on December 19.”

Akbari, 33, is considered a rising star in the (admittedly limited) field of Tennessee Democratic politics. She was the only Tennessee politician to speak at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and she was given a prime slot — on the last night of the convention, a few speakers ahead of Hillary Clinton’s formal acceptance of the party’s presidential nomination.

Akbari has not filed with the state to run for a Senate seat, but any money she has in or raises for her House campaign account can be transferred over once she does file. In a phone call, Akbari said she expects to make a decision before session starts in January.

“Most of my House district is contained within the 29th District, so I’m wondering if I can better serve my constituents as a senator,” Akbari said. “But whatever seat I run for next year, I will remain committed to advancing my three primary concerns — economic development, criminal justice reform and education reform.”

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