After suing over one ad, Ogles records phone message to rebut another

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles has already filed a lawsuit in an effort — unsuccessful so far — to block a super PAC from running ads attacking him. On the eve of Thursday’s Republican 5th District primary, Ogles is taking to the phone lines to try rebut an attack ad by rival Beth Harwell.

A text message asks voters to call a number to hear a recorded message from Ogles. Here’s what he says:

Andy Ogles here, I’m against amnesty, but my opponent is desperate and willing to lie. Truth is, lying Beth voted to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses and as speaker of the House gave illegals your hard-earned tax dollars. I’m beholden to no one. In fact, Beth skipped our debate because she was in D.C. having a fundraiser with lobbyist and woke corporations. Oh, and Beth, I’m a mayor, not a lobbyist. Get your facts straight. This is Andy Ogles. I’m a fighter. I’m winning. And my opponents are desperate. Your vote matters. Let’s put an end to the lies. I’m asking you to join the fight by voting Andy Ogles for Congress.

The recording appears to be in response to Harwell’s recent attack ad in which she labels Ogles as a lobbyist backed by “amnesty-loving RINOs who sell out America.”

Here’s the transcript:

HARWELL: I’m Beth Harwell and I approve this message.

NARRATOR: Who’s behind lobbyist Andy Ogles’ campaign? A D.C. special interest group that smeared Donald Trump and another shady special interest group that supports amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. They’re spending big bucks on Ogles, because Ogles will vote for their pro-amnesty agenda. Bought and paid for by never Trumpers and amnesty-loving RINOS who sell out America. Lobbyist Andy Ogles would make the D.C. swamp even worse.

Ogles is a former state director of Americans for Prosperity, a position for which he registered as a lobbyist between 2013 and 2016.

UPDATE: Main Street Nashville reported that a Federal Election Commission complaint has been filed against Ogles over his failure to file his first campaign finance disclosure until a week after the deadline. Ogles’ attorney threatened to file a lawsuit against the news outlet if it reported about the complaint.


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