Acting TBI director investigated for alleged misuse of funds during affair

Acting TBI Director Jason Locke has been accused of misusing state funds by his wife and is now the subject of an investigation, reports The Tennessean and other media.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury the Tennessee Department of Safety, and Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk are all communicating about the matter, according to officials.

(Gov. Bill) Haslam spokeswoman Jennifer Donnals said Haslam’s office received emailed complaints from Kim Locke, Jason Locke’s wife, Friday. In the emails, Kim Locke outlined her concerns that her husband had used state funds during an affair with another state employee.

She asked the governor for help, noting she was “afraid that I’m in danger.”

Kim Locke shared similar information with The Tennessean and other news outlets.

Donnals said the governor’s office forwarded the information to the Department of Safety for review. She referred all other questions to the state comptroller.

Investigators are looking into “the accusation of misuse of state funds” after the complaint was submitted, TBI spokesman Josh DeVine said in a statement.

“The TBI has been made aware of, and takes seriously, the accusations involving Acting Director Jason Locke,” DeVine said.

WKRN reports Locke hired Lebanon attorney Jeff Cherry on Monday.

The District Attorney General’s office also released a statement on the allegations, saying, “We have been in communication with the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security regarding the investigation of the Interim Director of the TBI, Jason Locke.”

2 Responses to Acting TBI director investigated for alleged misuse of funds during affair

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    Dan Gilley, taxpaying citizen of Bradley County says:

    Many of us in Bradley County have been trying to sound the alarm for months. The leadership of the TBI has been corrupt under shamed former director Mark Guinn, and it is no wonder that the corruption, as has been alleged, spread downward. We now call on the new director of TBI to reopen the Bradley County corruption investigation and personally guarantee it will be thorough and professional this time around, with no personal biases or special friendships getting in its way. Also, do not depend on the comptroller to aid a criminal investigation into corruption. That office proved to us in Bradley County that they would not know corruption if they tripped over it! Be careful of anyone who hs the comptroller’s personal cell phone number on his speed dial.

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    Brad says:

    I was on the wrong end of the corruption in Bradley county. I was shot a few years back and left disabled. The guy that shot me was from a powerful family. Was arrested for 2nd degree attempted murder and ended up getting a 4th degree assault, served 7 months . The DA that gave him the plea deal i had never spoken to in till the sentencing hearing, and have not spoken to him since even though I have tried many times to get some answers. I also got stuck with about $150k in medical bills and barley able to walk.

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