New state auto insurance verification system implemented

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has a new online system in place to implement a law enacted by the 2015 Legislature with the goal of reducing uninsured drivers in the state, reports WTVF-TV.  The insurance verification system, which becomes operational in January, will match vehicle identification numbers to all registered auto insurance policies.

If you are unable to provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance), you can face fines or the risk of having your vehicle registration suspended.

…Law enforcement agencies have access to the system too. Instead of checking for insurance coverage during vehicle registrations, officials can review them randomly at anytime of the year.

“If you’ve never been out of compliance then you probably won’t see a difference,” State Representative William Lamberth (R-Portland, House sponsor of the 2015 law) said. “If you are one of the drivers on the roadway uninsured, then you will get caught, and before you get tags renewed, you’ll have to have insurance on that vehicle.”

…According to Lamberth, one in five Tennessee drivers are without insurance.

“We have had individuals in our state that have been hurt and killed by uninsured drivers that never should be driving to begin with,” Lamberth added.

The state stresses that drivers still need to carry the proof of insurance. Drivers should make sure their VIN is correct on registration and insurance documents.

Note: The Department of Revenue press release on the system is HERE. And there’s a department webpage on insurance laws HERE.

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