In 6th Congressional District, Rose takes big money lead over Matheny with $250K loan and Haslam help

Former state Agriculture Commissioner Charles Rose has loaned his campaign for the 6th Congressional District Republican nomination $250,000, giving him a strong financial advantage over state Rep. Judd Matheny in the race to succeed U.S. Rep. Diane Black, according to disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission this week.

The reports show Rose, who owns a farm and runs a small business in DeKalb County, raised $292,450 in contributions and, with the $250,000 loan, his campaign had $542,450 in receipts. He reported $74,421 in expenditures, leaving a cash-on-hand balance of $468,038 on Oct. 1.

Matheny reported $166,544 in donations to his campaign and $62,458 in expenditures, leaving a cash balance of $104,086. He reported no loans.

Perhaps the most notable donors to the Rose campaign were the father, brother and sister of Gov. Bill Haslam and their spouses. The governor’s father, James A. “Jim” Haslam, and his wife, Natalie, gave $5,000 each. Those were matched by $5,000 each from James A. “Jimmy” Haslam III and his wife, Susan (nickname “Dee”) and like amounts from the governor’s sister, Ann Haslam Bailey, and her husband, Steve.

Rhedona Rose, the candidate’s sister and executive vice president of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation, chipped in $2,700.

Notable donors to Matheny’s campaign include Lee Beaman, multimillionaire car dealer active in conservative causes, who gave $5,400 and state Sen. Mark Green, who donated $1,000 while running for the 7th Congressional District GOP nomination.

The only other candidate filing with the FEC, Republican Christopher Brian, reported zero contributions and zero expenditures.

Black’s disclosure, meanwhile, indicates she is winding down her congressional campaign account while running for governor. She reported $29,920 in receipts; $62,152 in spending and a cash balance of $12,409.

3 Responses to In 6th Congressional District, Rose takes big money lead over Matheny with $250K loan and Haslam help

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Insofar as Rose has not spent one minute occupying elected office and thus has never cast a public vote for anything, other than being loved by relatively liberal Republicans, he is a complete nullity. It will take a lot of money to hire pollsters to tell Rose what the electorate wants to hear and flacks to tell Rose what to say based on those polls. On the other hand Judd has been a conservative leader in the legislature for many years and he is ready to take the next step up to the U. S. House.

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    Tony Gottlieb says:

    I didn’t realize the 6th Congressional seat was being auctioned off to the Haslams.

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    Ed Smith says:

    Haslams spend money to sustain their damaging influence in state politics. Seems they decided that the last thing you do with money is harm to all. Are we surprised?

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