2nd District candidate calls out ‘bunch of yahoos’

Republican congressional candidate Ashley Nickloes may not be the best known Republican vying for retiring Rep. Jimmy Duncan’s seat, but she’s got one of the more polished ads running in that campaign that also includes Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, state Rep. Jimmy Matlock, and businessman Jason Emert.

Transcript: “A lot of career politicians are a bunch of yahoos. Me, I fly missions across the globe as a combat aviator. I do my job so our nation’s heroes can make it home safely. My next mission: Serving you and your family in Congress. Career politicians have failed us time and time again without consequences. I’ll work with President Trump and put America first just like I always have. I’m Ashley Nickloes and I approve this message. It’s time for American grit, not Washington wimps.”

Burchett also has a new spot out:

Here’s a release from the Nickloes campaign.

ROCKFORD, TN – Ashley Nickloes, a Lt. Col. in the Tennessee Air National Guard and combat aviator, declared “career politicians are a bunch of yahoos…it’s time for American grit, not Washington wimps” in her latest ad in the race for Congress from Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District.

In the ad titled, “Mission”, Nickloes, a KC-135 Aircraft Commander who recently returned from her eighth overseas deployment, says serving her East Tennessee neighbors in Congress is her “next mission.”

“Career politicians have failed us time and time again without consequences,” Nickloes says. “I’ll work with President Trump and put America first – just like I always have.”

The ad, which can be viewed here, will air in the Knoxville media market on broadcast stations.

Nickloes serves full-time for the National Guard Bureau as the Deputy Director of NGB Patriot North and South Exercises, where she concurrently trains military and civilian entities to respond to disasters. Ashley has served eight deployments since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, and supported numerous operations, including: Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, Inherent Resolve, Freedom Sentinel, and Unified Protector. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Operational Military Art and Science, with a concentration in Joint Operations.

Ashley and her husband, Dr. Todd Nickloes, reside in Rockford with their four children. They are members of First Baptist Church of Knoxville.


4 Responses to 2nd District candidate calls out ‘bunch of yahoos’

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Becoming one of 435 people to sit in the U. S. House is a pretty important job. Before sending someone to fill that job wouldn’t it be nice to know what that individual stands for politically. No, not what that individual says she stands for during a campaign but rather what the individual stands for as demonstrated preferably by a record in office, but at least as an advocate for political causes, and/or by a record of consistent, significant contributions to politicians with a particular political philosophy. Apparently Mrs. Nickloes has done none of those things so the people of the 2nd District are faced with another No Record Candidate.

    We need a proven solid conservative to take Rep. Duncan’s place in the U. S. Congress. Fortunately we have such a man in Jimmy Matlock who has served in the Tennessee General Assembly since 2007. The American Conservative Union has evaluated Jimmy’s voting record since 2007 and has given him a fabulous score of 93%. That’s a score that should give conservatives of the 2nd District confidence that Jimmy Matlock is just the man to send to Washington as their new U. S. Congressman.

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    Malcolm Brooks says:

    So Stuart, what you are saying is, you’d like a career politician. Got it. Your boy Jimmy has avoided multiple votes in his time and the other guy thinks roadkill is a big deal. Both see like yahoos to me.

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    Silence Dogood says:

    Career Politician=Experienced at Working as an Elected Representative
    How about the next time you need a dentist, lawyer, auto mechanic, accountant, etc. you look for someone that is not polluted by being a career practioner. Nonsensical point. Establish that a career has made them corrupt or that they are a liar, I will listen. For example that they are like HRC. MAGA!

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    James White says:

    Stuart wants to keep the deep state as the status quo. Wonder why?

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