What scandal? GOP news clips ignore Casada saga

House Speaker Glen Casada speaks to fellow Republicans in a caucus meeting on Jan. 10, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

If you were to rely on the state Republican Party’s media clips, you’d have no idea about that scandal that has rocked the Statehouse this week.

While House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin) desperately tries to cling on to his leadership post following the resignation of his chief of staff for lewd, racist, and drug-fueled text messages, here are the stories the GOP has sent around this week:



16 Responses to What scandal? GOP news clips ignore Casada saga

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    Quite a few Republican partisans are busy chasing the source of leaks and covering up what really happened. These folks will end up destroying the advance of conservative ideas in order to protect their precious Republican Party.

  • James White says:
  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What a head slapper!!! You mean the Republican Party isn’t using its resources tp publicize news that is unfavorable to the Republican Party? And just when I began to believe there was no limit to the stupidity of the Stupid Party.

    Thank you Erik and TNJ, I guess I will have “. . . to stop rely[ing] on the state Republican Party’s media clips. . .” for my daily news about the Tennessee Republican Party, and Proctor and Gamble’s media clips about Proctor & Gamble products, and Pfizer’s media clips about Pfizer’s drugs. . . .

    • James White says:

      Stuart, is it not republican news when a Republican State Rep asks that he should resign?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        It is indeed, but it’s not the type of news that need be broken by the state Republican Party p. r. facility any more than the Tylenol deaths had to be broken by the Johnson & Johnson p.r. department. The purpose of public relations departments no matter where they exist is to put the most favorable spin on bad news and give as wide a publicity as possible to good news that concerns their organizations. When bad news can’t be favorably spun ignoring it is another often used strategy. That’s why Erik’s breathless recounting that the “state Republican Party’s media clips” aren’t bringing us bad news about the Tennessee Republican is such a big fat juicy nothingburger of a story.

        • Bob Fischer says:

          Screw the citizens, the Repubs have the power to abuse the power with the support of their base.

          Is that what you’re trying to say Stuart? You weren’t one of the guys whipping out their peckers and urininating in their opponents chairs, were you?

    • David Collins says:

      Atta boy Stuart. Joseph Goebbels couldn’t of explained it better himself!

  • Eddie White says:

    Hmm, Erik, you might check the media clips from the Tennessee Democratic Party. I bet they are covering it….

  • Lenny says:

    What is up with the sexual deviancy of in the House? First Casada and Cothern have daddy/son threesome fantasies.

    “R u a minute man???;)”
    “Yes, I take after you. Like father like son.”

    Now they’re engaging in pee play?

  • John Taylor says:

    Hey RINO’s if you voted for the gambling bill and/or against the heart beat bill, you have offended me and I think you should resign for the good of the party and of the state.

    • Lenny says:

      “R u a minute man???;)” – Casada
      “Yes, I take after you. Like father like son.” – Cothern

      Incest fantasies don’t offend you?

    • Bob Fischer says:

      They voted for the heartbeat bill and took healthcare away from 128,000 children. I guess they’re going to use the money to build gas chambers. It don’t make no sense. You force a woman to bear a child, then force her to watch the state Republicans torture and starve it to death. SMH. Republicans in the south are truly evil, soulless bastards.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Yea Bob, nothing like those big hearted big city Democrats in the north, the old softies, who in order to buy votes from the underclass have made their cities dystopias unfit for habitation for all but those who have no alternatives and the very rich leftists who hide behind their well-guarded gated communities.

        BTW, since “They. . .took healthcare away from 128,000 children” it should not be long before we see at least one child writhing in the street dying from lack of healthcare. Make you a deal, let us know when you see the first such child and I will do the same and if the readers don’t hear from either of us for an extended period of time they will know that state Republicans are not torturing and starving children to death and politics does not bring out the best in you.

        • Bob Fischer says:

          Here’s the report from 2018. Of course, it’s gotten worse under Bill Lee. https://www.tnjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Infant-and-Maternal-Mortality-Policy-Brief.pdf. As you’ll note from the report, we do let the children die in our hospitals. Clearly Democrats still have some say over the matter. It’s too bad Tennessee doesn’t have a more progressive government, like, say, Somalia.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Oh cheer up Bob, as a leftist you are in sync with the zeitgeist but you have the good fortune to live in a well run conservative state, it almost doesn’t get better than that. If you hanker for the high taxes, debt, inefficiencies and corruption of a jurisdiction governed by leftists experienced by your less fortunate ideological brothers and sisters you can always move to Nashville or Memphis for awhile until you get your fill then move out. Life is great for almost everyone in Tennessee.

          • Bob Fischer says:

            When are these well-run republicans going to start keeping up our roads and funding education. None of this stuff (you know, the basics of government) have been done since the Bredeson administration.

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