Website questions Tennessean story on Boyd

The conservative website Tennessee Star appears torn between its opposition to Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd and its hostility toward The Tennessean newspaper.

The newspaper has broken several important stories recently in the governor’s race, including that Bill Lee’s company has received at least $13.8 million in government contracts since 2012; that Diane Black voted in the Democratic primary in 1996 (when the Clinton-Gore ticket was on the ballot, though her campaign denies she voted for the incumbents); and that Boyd’s company opened offices in Ireland that allowed the business to avoid U.S. taxes.

While the Star has been happy to label Boyd as “La Raza Randy” and claim that the Gov. Bill Haslam is somehow rigging the primary in Boyd’s favor, the report about the “Double Irish” tax arrangement seems to have gotten stuck in the website’s craw.

In a lengthy story posted Monday, the site recounts how it tried — and failed — to reconstruct the Tennessean story, going so far as to call an expert the paper had quoted to ask for the supporting documents. The professor politely told the site to ask the Tennessean for the documents. The Star also got a comment from an Irish government spokeswoman to say that the tax documents are not public records.

That newspaper reporters work to divulge information that public officials might not like to see the light of day shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Star or anyone else. But the website is run by Steve Gill, who has long criticized The Tennessean and other media outlets for their reporting. Especially when their coverage has focused on Gill clients like former state Reps. Joe Carr and Jeremy Durham (who have paid Gill $39,226 and $22,230 respectively over the last couple of years).

Interesting side note: Tennessee Jobs Now, the PAC funded by Boyd-supporter Joe Hollingsworth that has run negative radio and TV ads about Diane Black, paid Gill’s company $750 in March, according to public campaign finance records.

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  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I really hope my fellow conservatives don’t get too involved in the tactical back and forth as early voting begins at the end of this week but rather keep their eye on the strategic ball. What is important to conservatives is what always has been important since Randy! Boyd declared his candidacy viz. that Randy! NOT become our next governor because his history simply shows him to be the most liberal major Republican candidate in the race. Who actually gains the Republican nomination pales to insignificance given the other three major candidates so long as Randy! loses.

    In order to succeed conservatives must not split their vote three ways. Rather they must wait, even to election day on Aug. 2nd, to trigger the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy which simply means voting for whomever has the best chance of defeating Boyd. If we unify we save ourselves eight years of grief, if we stubbornly cling to our pet candidate we lose, it’s as simple as that.

    • Tennessee Jed says:

      I just wish Stuart I. Anderson had followers of his strategy. Could be funny to watch. I am sure the Boyd campaign would love to have supporters of other candidates put off voting until the last day. Never know when a flat tire, general car problems, sickness, bad weather, etc… will prevent someone from voting on voting day in only a primary election. Readers of this blog would be dedicated enough to still vote. However, your ordinary voter……likely not.

      Either way, if voters were to fracture from current support and coalesce behind the top two candidates, I actually think that would be a bigger advantage to Boyd than Black. Anecdotally, those who I know supporting Lee would more naturally align with Boyd than they would with Black. Same goes for Harwell.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        What you are saying is that solid conservatives have been and are supporting Black and more tepid conservatives are supporting Lee and Harwell. That certainly hasn’t been my experience among the conservatives I know. Diane Black with her 78% Heritage score that wasn’t nearly that high in her early days in the Congress has not exactly been a conservative icon in her career so as to immediately draw all conservative voters to her cause.

        Flat tires, sickness, tornados, plague – I’m willing to risk it. Let’s wait until the very last minute so we know as well as we can exactly who to vote for so we end up with ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

      • James White says:

        Don’t listen to Stuart, vote for who YOU want to be governor.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Indeed James, and if you are a conservative YOU should want to vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the most liberal candidate running in the primary, Randy! Boyd so that we are governed by ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

    • Lin Clerk says:

      After years of frustration with Diane Black as our representative in Congress, I’ll gladly support Randy Boyd. Ms. Black missed over 1/3 of the votes in the House while also skipping the gubernatorial forums. Attempts to obtain information, much less support in areas of concern have been ignored for years! This latest stunt of proposing legislation during the first week of early voting us beyond the pale. Too little too late.

  • James White says:

    The Tennessee Star supports NeoCons.

  • cjmcd says:

    ” AS THE MUD FLIES ! ” And we are off to the races………………..

  • Kay White says:

    Interesting that both Lee and Boyd are members of PNAE – a Bloomberg organization for leaders and mayors to support illegals immigrants and their children’s education to be free on the backs of the taxpayers! It is said that Lee is a bronze member meaning he has given at least $25,000 to their support. Wonder how much Boyd and Haslam have given the organization? Good ideal for the Tennessean to check out!

  • Ernest Jones says:

    Hilarious that the Tennessee Star is the journalistic integrity police

  • Misty Pardner says:

    The Tennessee Scar, the blemish on Tennessee Journalism, should never be used as a citation or source for anything. It is the digital liner in my virtual bird cage.

    • Donna Locke says:

      The Tennessee Star is doing long-awaited reporting on immigration. Glad to see it. I’ve dealt with so many nonjournalists and outright open-borders shills and promoters masquerading as journalists that I want to start a comic book series about them.

      • MarLE says:

        You don’t like news outlets with non-journalist? Is the owner of the star who also acts as political editor, and who writes articles about politicians using anonymous bi-lines (and quoting himself as an expert analyst as I recall, in the 3d person) , and who I assume profits from the ad revenue , and whose “other media company” may be used by politicians to do their expensive multi-media buys… that fellow a journalist?
        I am not a fan of the Tennessean but having a news outlet where one or two people are controlling all reporting by being either writer or editor, and then are also directly profiting from the ad activity (or not~ and the “not” could that also be an issue) of the people they cover seems to defy basic journalistic standards.

        • Donna Locke says:

          The Star is there to provide a balance to what the nonjournalistic so-called journalists are doing and not doing. It has its own slant. The Star is providing some of what is left out by the leftist media. Left out by the left. The Star has its own slant, so we should read widely and judiciously from all.

          I don’t run across many outlets doing true journalism anymore. Reader beware.

          • MarLE says:

            So what we don’t need is one more outlet operating like the wild west of Journalism,. Do you think the owners of the Tennessean, the ones who directly profit from ad revenue and other related business, are actually editing and writing articles? At least there is a degree of separation.

  • MarLE says:

    My take away from your story is simply that $750 is NOT ENOUGH

  • John W Niven Jr says:

    Diane Black has just introduced a tough immigration bill in the US Congress. It will be interesting to see who else signs on.

    • MarLE says:

      What is her current opinion on Trump and his daily promise of a Wall that Mexico will pay for? Is she wanting ME to pay for it now???? Is she willing to put DACA “children”, the most demanding and ungrateful, folks on earth, on a path to citizenship? If so, why. Sneak into my house….you AND your children must go even though you dragged them across my threshold through no fault of their own. I look forward to ALL tough measures and can’t wait to hear the details.

      • James White says:

        MarLE, Diane and Marsha already voted YES on giving DACA amnesty.

        • MarLE says:

          I know all these valedictorians and military vets (actually less than .1% are either) will make swell parents instilling a love of country (but which one) and respect for the law. I am sure they will teach their children well. Good Job, Marsha and Diane

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