Election night results in Tennessee

Former school board member Indya Kincannon defeated businessman Eddie Mannis in Knoxville’s mayoral runoff. While it was technically a nonpartisan race, Kincannon is a Democrat and Mannis is a Republican.

Kincannon was elected mayor with 52% of the vote, while Mannis received 48%. Of the 25,460 votes cast in the election, 47% came in the form of early or absentee ballots.

Rusty Grills won the Republican nomination in the special election to succeed former state Rep. Bill Sanderson (R-Kenton) in state House District 77. Grills received 56%, compared with 25% for his nearest rival, Casey Hood. The Obion County Commission had appointed Hood as Sanderson’s interim successor.

Michael Smith was unopposed in the Democratic primary.


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  • John says:

    Blue wave all across the south tonight. Thanks Trump.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Perhaps that’s the way it looked in the wee small hours of the morning, but by dawn’s early light it became clear that Republicans won every statewide race in Kentucky other than governorship including that for Attorney General which they hadn’t won since 1948. In the case of Bevin, he had an approval rating of as low as 30% early in the race but he lost by only about 5,000 votes. Thanks to Trump? Finally, Republicans won the governorship in Mississippi. Some “blue wave”!

      • James White says:

        Actually the Mississippi governor is Republican (2 terms -limited) Republicans have been governor in Mississippi for 24 of the last 28 years.

      • John says:

        As for Bevin, he was the most conservative of the 6 and lost. Cameron and the others are quite tepid and probably have no heritage scores. You’ll always have Mississippi, though.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          If you want to get down in the weeds, Bevin’s problem and the reason he lost, if that’s the way it finally turns out, is because he gained very high office having never been in office – an “outsider” and he proceeded to unnecessarily alienate Republicans and Democrats alike by some of his behavior. He didn’t lose because of his conservatism, Beshear didn’t win because of his liberalism or the fact that he is a Democrat i.e. this election was a one-off and not a sign of a “Blue wave across the south. . . .”

          • Perry Aubric says:

            Well, I agree to this extent: elections in Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky and Knoxville certainly are primarily about the politics and personalities in those places and less about national politics (although national politics does play some role). I wouldn’t read too much into it as far as the 2020 elections are concerned. Other than this: there apparently is a limit to just how bats**t crazy, offensive and bullying voters will allow a chief executive to be, even in places like Kentucky.

            But no amount of trivialization and rationalization can really make Republicans feel good about it. Trump’s joined-at-the-hip chosen candidate did lose in a state Trump carried by 30 points in 2016 and where Trump staged a rally right before the election. Democrats did take control of the Virginia legislature for the first time in a generation. Is winning in Mississippi–really, Mississippi?–supposed to balance that scale? I don’t think so.

            Democrats won the night on the strength of the major races, with overall split results down ballot.

      • MARLE says:

        None of the other KY republicans who won were “Trump Mini-me’s” like Bevin was. Trumps antics and style are what’s wearing thin.

        As for the stock market on which Trump hangs his “strong economy” hat….investors literally have no choice but to be in the market. Offer a 5% CD rate and see what would happen to the market. I have never seen the Fed cut to the point of taking all reasonable options off the table except to be in the market when the economy was strong. Never!

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  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    It’s time for Democrats to right the country. We never had problems like we have now on ANY level of Government when dems were in control and republicans would actually reach across the aisle.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I know Beatrice, that’s how you liberals understandably like your Republican party, a group of feckless centrists who provide only the most tepid opposition to the left-wing politics of the Democratic Party. Sorry Beatrice, conservatives will try not to accommodate you.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    Looks like Gov Bill Lee’s endorsement of the Kentucky Governor helped him become more of an ‘outsider’

  • Lil Andy-Grills says:

    At least we got Lil Andy out west.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Andy Cooper?

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