Tennessee state employees PAC finds 29% undecided in gov’s race

Polling conducted on behalf of Tennessee State Employees Association’s political action committee in “selected GOP legislative districts” found 29% of voters remain undecided in the governor’s race.

The poll surveyed 2,381 registered Republican voters in nine state House districts. But take any statewide extrapolation with a substantial grain of salt: None of the districts are in West Tennessee and only one Knoxville-area district was polled (while five were in Middle Tennessee).

“A third of voters polling undecided a week before early voting means the race for the GOP nomination is still wide open,” said TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps. “And the candidate results reflect a race that has very much become a four-way race.”

The PAC has endorsed Harwell in the Republican primary.

Here’s how it played out in each district (the asterisk indicates that the incumbent is retiring):

HD 09 (Rep. Gary Hicks, Rogersville) – Boyd 26%, Black 23%, Lee 17%, Harwell 11%

HD 21 (Rep. Jimmy Matlock*, R-Lenoir City) – Boyd 24%, Black 19%, Lee 17%, Harwell, 11%

HD 23 (Rep. John Forgety*, R-Athens) – Lee 23%, Black 21%, Boyd 16%, Harwell

HD 24 (Rep. Kevin Brooks*, R-Cleveland) – Black 23%, Lee 19%, Harwell 17%, Boyd 14%

HD 49 (Rep. Mike Sparks, R-Smyrna) – Black 18%, Boyd 17%, Harwell 16%, Lee 16%

HD 57 (Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet) – Black 22%, Lee 17%, Boyd 15%, Harwell 12%

HD 61 (Rep. Charles Sargent*, R-Franklin) – Black 23%, Lee 21%, Harwell 17%, Boyd 12%

HD 64 (Rep. Sheila Butt*, R-Columbia) – Lee 23%, Black 19%, Boyd 19%, Harwell 13%

HD 92 (Rep. Rick Tillis, R-Lewisburg) – Black 23%, Boyd 17%, Lee 14%, Harwell 10%


4 Responses to Tennessee state employees PAC finds 29% undecided in gov’s race

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Wishful thinking but not a 4 way race. Diane would win but Lee and Harwell spoilers. That means Lee is best choice now. He is only one gaining discernible momentum. Harwell should drop out and throw her support behind Lee. It will hurt him some if she does, but possibly help more overall. She can’t win so she should help us get the best choice. It’s the least she can do after indenturing herself to Haslam for 8 years and being a chew toy for Ron Ramsey. Yes Beth, you know what I mean-so does everyone else.

    • Mike Rotch says:

      This is literally the dumbest comment I have ever read. Diane would win, but Lee’s a spoiler so vote for Lee? Lol

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        Exactly!! Diane cratering. Bill rising. He will just begun to crest as she falls below 20% any day Thanks for following Its advanced, I know, but I think you see it now

  • Jason Wallflower says:

    Randy Boyd is the next governor. Lee will finish 2nd place. Diane is collapsing statewide. Her negatives are too high to win, and she’s 100% negative ads right now.

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