Trump wades into TN governor’s race following primary

That Trump endorsement that Diane Black wanted so badly has gone to Bill Lee. But not until the Republican gubernatorial contest was already settled.

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  • Bob Fischer says:

    Ask Dianne Black how that worked out for her. It what everyone needs, the endorsement of the most notorious Russian agent in U.S. History.

    • James White says:

      Bob, You mean “Hillary” Don’t you?

      • MarLE says:

        James White……Apparently he does Not mean Hillary. Otherwise, why would Trump have said, just weeks into his 2016 victory (and reinforced by Kelly Ann Conway as well) that we should “leave her alone; she has suffered enough”. Doesn’t sound like the appropriate follow through for the most notorious Russian agent in US history.

      • James Williams says:

        Old news, if that is the best you can do, the Republicans are in big trouble!

  • MarLE says:

    Where’s Waldo…, I mean Stuart? Want to add your congrats to the Donald’s?

  • Donna Locke says:

    Well, we are a little farther down the road in post-America.

    I knew it would be tough for Diane because of attacks on certain things in her record. Most Americans don’t follow or know details of immigration issues, for example, or the details of votes, including procedural votes, on bills with a lot of items in them — and if explanation is offered, it can’t be well-addressed in brief ads. Diane has a long record on immigration issues, my particular interest. She has been fighting for us in that arena, trying to get what can be gotten with a Republican majority that refuses to take the hard line.

    Church people latched on to Bill Lee as “God’s messenger.” They see a guy on a mission. We’ve seen the church vote go to Democrats, such as Church of Christ member Ty Cobb, who was a state rep for Maury County briefly until the Republicans came back with a showier religionist in Sheila Butt, whose husband is a Church of Christ preacher. Ty, now fire chief in Columbia, also got support from teachers. But Maury County is not going to go for a D anymore, no matter how pious.

    The church vote gets excited about abridging and denying the civil rights of people they can get away with attacking. This is the dog whistle. I have a particular interest in this, too — I grew up in the Church of Christ, by the way.

    Lee has the advantage of no political record and looked good to rural Tennesseans. But he is part of the business lobby in his own bids for government contracts and is weak on immigration issues. He looks like another Haslam to me.

    Most Tennesseans still don’t realize this state deliberately does not require most employers to use E-Verify to prevent hiring of unauthorized labor. We are pretty far down the road now in terms of entrenched damage from unchecked immigration.

    I lived in Atlanta and its suburbs for 31 years before moving back to my native Tennessee. Cobb County, Georgia, where I lived near Bob Barr, Newt Gingrich, and other Republican stars, has now flipped demographically and politically. When I was at the oracle laundromat in Columbia this week, I didn’t ask certain questions, because I already know the answers.

    • Donna Locke says:

      We have needed a governor who is proactive on immigration issues. We’ve not had that, and we won’t get it with Lee.

      In addition, the state government spending on corporate welfare has continued under Haslam and probably will continue with the Growth! label stuck to it. We need the equivalent of a cancer surgeon looking at growth.

      • MarLE says:

        Mike Pense’s state doesn’t require much in the way of E-verify either. Here is the SHRM listing for them on who must use the Fed E-verify system:
        State and local government contractors, plus businesses receiving grants of more than $1,000 from a state agency or subdivision

  • MarLE says:

    Donna…immigration is THE issue of our time. It is too bad that so much ink was wasted on bathroom gottchas and vet firing, and the like. I would love to have supported a person who’d have stood up to Trump when he called DACA amnesty a Bill of Love or stood up to him when he started bashing congress for not funding the Wall HE said Mexico was going to build. Mexico allows central Americans to traverse 2000 miles of their territory to get to the US border. They are in cahoots with cartels and the like but all this president has stood firm on with Mexico is tariffs. Mexico should be harshly dealt with on both tariffs and immigration but if I had to pick on the latter. Diane did not say one thing in the whole time I have listened carefully to her to demonstrate how seriously she took this whole issue (mess). Suggesting we build a wall with donations like we fund a school trip didn’t help convince many folks either.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Trump has no actual convictions on immigration issues. Americans know something is wrong but appear clueless about what really needs to be done.

      My advice is to prepare our children and grandchildren for a badly fragmented country and a severe drop in quality of life. This will be their future.

      And leave a record.

      • MarLE says:

        Trump had no conviction but he had plenty (near daily) statements on Mexico paying for a wall and for illegals not being given a path to citizenship. In any case, he didn’t need to criticize congress for not funding the wall w/o Somebody mentioning how this wouldn’t be necessary IF he had kept his campaign promise, the one made each and every day he ran for office. And I was hoping somebody would mention that even if it is not practical to remove all illegals at the very least we don’t have to call our reversal on this a Bill of Love. I think that Diane kept quiet b/c she hoped for Trump’s support in the Gov race and dared not cross him. Same is true for the very misleading and disingenuous way in which the Tax Bill was sold. But staying quiet for political gain is not what we needed. I know that Lee was elected with the support of folks who are strong on immigration. Let’s watch his appointments carefully. I hope he will give voters some indication of who his cast of characters will be prior to election day.

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