Trump poised to reshape TVA, Oak Ridge National Lab policies

The Times-Free Press today has a lengthy analysis of President-elect Donald Trump’s potential impact on the two biggest Tennessee operations under federal control – the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory operated by the Department of Energy.

At TVA, Trump will be able to appoint a majority of TVA board members this year. Given that he promised on the campaign trail to revive the nation’s coal industry, that sets up a potential clash with current TVA policy of reducing the use of coal in electricity generation.

TVA has cut its share of power derived from coal from more than two thirds of its generation in the late 1980s to only about a third of TVA’s generation today. TVA CEO Bill Johnson, appointed by the Obama board and recently given a pay raise, says TVA’s long-term goal is to get no more than 20 percent of its power from coal.

At ORNL, Trump has pledged to rebuild and modernize the nation’s nuclear capability. That could mean billions more in spending at ORNL and related facilities in Tennessee.

Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker are quoted saying, basically, they are content with the way things are going now at TVA and don’t expect any dramatic changes under a Trump-appointed board – though some business leaders and power distributors are quoted as being concerned about the prospect.

Both senators voice optimism about things at ORNL and the Department of Energy, where Trump has nominated former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as secretary – though Perry has called for abolishing DOE.

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  • Bob Miles says:

    Cutting out the waste in spending, high salaries, bonuses, trips and conferences would be nice. Oh yeah, stop the ban of firearms in TVA campgrounds.

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