Trump following Corker’s advice in Alabama campaign?

Excerpt from a Politico report on President Donald Trump’s decision to campaign in Alabama for Sen. Luther Strange, who may be an underdog to controversial former judge Roy Moore in an upcoming special Republican primary runoff election for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Trump’s unexpected move sets the stage for a showdown between the president and his recently departed chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who is all-in for Moore. Bannon has cast the Alabama race as an important clash between grass-roots conservatives and the Washington establishment — and a test for whether other incumbent senators can be successfully challenged by insurgents in 2018.

… Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who is up for reelection in 2018 and faces the prospect of a primary challenge, spoke extensively with Trump on Friday. According to two people familiar with the conversation, Corker told Trump that Strange’s fate hinged on the president going to bat for him.

… The save-Strange campaign comes at a time of growing concern in the GOP that lawmakers up for reelection in 2018 will face treacherous primary fights that divert party resources from unseating Democrats. Bannon has described the Alabama race as the initial front in a midterm war aimed at undermining McConnell.

A Moore win, Bannon has argued, could open the floodgates for conservative insurgents in states like Arizona, Nevada and Tennessee. The addition of truculent conservatives backed by Bannon to the Senate could also make it more difficult for McConnell to corral his conference.


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  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    It is understandable that Corker who sports a dismal 56% lifetime Heritage Action score is concerned that despite the Republican corporatist establishment pouring $millions into Alabama so that over 80% of the almost $9 million spent on the race has been spent to support Strange, Moore continues to have a double digit lead. It seems Republicans in Alabama would like to have a senator whose votes reflect the positions taken by the Republican platform rather than the positions taken by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who, of course, recently endorsed Strange.

    A Moore victory would set a wonderful example for Tennessee Republicans to not allow the corporatists to buy our senate seat, but then again, all of this is taking place because Alabama has runoffs so that a majority of voters are able to vote for the winning candidate, unfortunately Tennessee does not.

  • Bruce t Williams says:

    Trump doesn’t need the heartburn this will cause him , listening to Corker Is the last thing he needs to do at this point in time . Is Trump going to do exactly The same thing that Tn Gov did , he told reporters they had just voted but he was ignoring what the voters of Tn wanted , instead he voted for a liberal.
    Trump better listen to and accept who the voters of Al want to represent Them !
    Pres Trump has a few dents and bangs in his armor over Daca but they could Heal but they could turn into cracks that cause him in 2020! Bannon is on this one!

  • Jerry McDonough says:

    Now do you understand why corker is thinking of retiring? The Tennessee “deplorable”, hill billy voters are a lot smarter then corker and his minions. I doubt if corker could be re-elected if he was running angainst hilary.

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