TN Attorney General’s Office responds to COVID-19

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office is working at full strength even as most of its staffers work from home. Lawyers are handling mediations and depositions through video conferencing and filing court documents through a fax machine.

Samantha Fisher, the communications director for AG Herbert Slatery, is giving an inside look at how the office is continuing to function under these trying circumstances.

Nearly 250 staffers are working remotely with a focus on legal issues related to the coronavirus response, she said. The Consumer Advocate Unit successfully petitioned the state Public Utility Commission to prevent disconnection of service for nonpayment while the the governor’s state of emergency was in effect.

The Division of Consumer Affairs and the Public Protection Section look into each complaint filed. The division had received 202 formal complaints regarding the coronavirus, inclduding 139 for alleged price gouging (including one high-profile case that received national media attention) and 51 involving refund disputes such as for a vacation rental or event.

The Medicaid Fraud and Integrity Division lawyers have maintained their efforts at civil recovery for TennCare overpayments due to fraud. The division recovered $14 million last year, according to the AG’s office.

8 Responses to TN Attorney General’s Office responds to COVID-19

  • James White says:

    Price gauging is a good thing. So is limiting purchases. As long as it is done by Private businesses. Manufacturers should be able to charge whatever they like, More if they like and they could hire More to produce. Stores should be able to charge whatever they like, More if they like and they could hire More and/or pay more.
    This is just MORE blatant power taken by government.
    Why does the AG enforce the Tennessee Constitution? TN Public Law does not OverRule the State Constitution.

  • James White says:

    Why Doesn’t the AG enforce…

    • Phil Lassiter says:

      The AG is not a Constitutionalist unless it benefits them by stopping a piece of legislation that is Constitutional, but unpopular with moderates who appointed them. Just way it is. Like it or not

  • James White says:

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns Governor’s Order to Postpone Election….. Oh how I wish all Sate Supreme Courts would overturn every tyrant governor And mayor. #LeeTheTyrant

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Isn’t it about time we elected our Attorney General like almost all of the other states?

    • James White says:

      I Agree. The AG should work for us, the people, not the legislators and not the judges. The people via the TN Constitution.

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        Yes but by doing that you upset the status quo. People like Haslam, Bredesen, Alexander and Lee would have a real thorn in their side with an independent AG. Leadership in House and Senate does not want to lose the favor they have with the Gov, so things won’t change. Better to think about something else

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