Tennessee GOP wades into Nashville mayor’s race

The Tennessee Republican Party is sending out mailers targeting Nashville Mayor David Briley, who is in a tough re-election battle against Councilman John Cooper. The runoff election is on Thursday.

The mailer seems to align Briley to the so-called Squad in Congress and attacks the mayor for his efforts to limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration agents. Briley’s recent executive order has also been criticized by new House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville). The mailer does not mention Cooper.

The reverse side of the mailer endorses Steve Glover’s at-large Council bid.

Glover has announced plans to sue to block Briley’s immigration policies.


31 Responses to Tennessee GOP wades into Nashville mayor’s race

  • Benton Temple says:

    Well, at least it looks good. I’m sure the purpose is that it motivates a certain voter they need to turn out.

  • Not that Stuart guy says:

    Waste of money, but I’m sure they have plenty. Cooper has it in the bag. I assume the real goal is to help Glover. Metro always seems to have 1-2 token “conservative voices” on Council to vote no on stuff, so might as well be Steve.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    If I was living in St. Petersburg in 1917 I would have counseled the Romanoff’s the same way I have counseled a South African, the way I am counseling Republicans living in Davidson County today; GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW!!!

  • Having lived in Tennessee for almost fifty years, I can see how these “outsiders” are relocating here in order to change the Southern lifestyle into one they claimed to flee. I was raised in the coal fields of the Appalachians in Pennsylvania and lived through this exact same scenario there causing me to leave for fresh air as soon as possible. The same sort of people showed up where i lived, with the same message and trashed the area I would not vote or even befriend anyone with ties to outside aims or especially their money.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      No Jerry, the majority of them are relocating because their bosses came up to them one day and said “Your desk is going to be located in the Nashville, Tennessee area in six months, are you going to be behind it?” Only the most flexible, least wedded to their northern liberal induced dystopia are willing to say “yes” and therein lies our opportunity.

      Whenever I meet a fellow transplant from up north and we commiserate about how fortunate we are to be living in Tennessee I move the conversation as to how important it is to keep it that way and not let what happened in ______ happen in Tennessee. How in order to do that we must not vote the way they do in ______but rather keep Tennessee in the hands of Republicans. At this point in the conversation, if things are going your way Jerry, it would be good to emphasize “CONSERVATIVE Republicans” at that.

      • MARLE says:

        Stuart….no one commiserates about their good fortune. You do that over MIS-fortune.

        You need to put down the Thesaurus and open up the dictionary.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          OOOOOOO! GOAL FOR MARLE!!!!!!!!

          I followed your suggestion and have been leafing through the dictionary and I came across the word “pedantic.” Interesting word don’t you think.

          Nevertheless, today is a good day because I learned something – thank you.

          • Lenny says:

            Have you posted Steve Gill’s bond yet? The Tennessee Star is losing its punch.

          • MARLE says:

            My post was not nitpicky at all; that was a 180, over-the-top misuse. Growing up with a teacher of the year (English) mother makes the dictionary largely unnecessary. You’re welcome.

  • Tim Skow says:

    The TN GOP driving Republican turnout will help not only Mr. Glover, but ALSO … Courtney Johnston in District 26, Tony Tenpenny in District 16 and Thom Druffel in District 23. ”DESPERATE DAVID” Briley has spent the last days of the campaign in ”HAIL MARY Pass mode”… reaching out to those who share his San Francisco-like politics. Remember, UNLIKE Mr. Cooper …. ”DESPERATE DAViD” supported the $9,000,000,000 tax hike, giving Fair Grounds land for a soccer stadium that Metro Voters still oppose and more. BRILEY ….needs to run in SAN FRAN …
    The ONLY thing ”Nashville” about ”DESPERATE DAVID” … is his last name. No more.. NO LESS

  • MARLE says:

    Having twice supported a loser the Rep party should have kept their wallet in their collective pockets. Cooper is going to run away with this race without any help from the Rep party.

  • Arlene Rink says:

    Carol Swain was my choice for Mayor. I need to vote tomorrow but don’t know who has conservative values that I can support. HELP!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      The Republican who writes the blog “A Disgruntled Republican in Nashville” recommends voting for Cooper, not because he has conservative values Lord knows, he is in fact a card carrying liberal, but rather because he has some vestige of fiscal responsibility and Briley is an ardent liberal loon and conservatives in Davidson County have to use their votes as best as they can.

      Perhaps you would be interested in subscribing to this blog at adisgruntledrepuclican.com. I don’t want you to be disappointed, however, so it’s only fair to warn you that he is nowhere near as conservative as I am, but after all, we are talking about Davidson County.

  • Arlene Rink says:

    Who would Carol Swain suggest I vote for. Had supported her.

  • Perry Aubric says:

    Actually, in an overwhelmingly Democratic city, this sort of appeal will only help Briley, not hurt him. Too bad, since Briley needs to go.

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    Nashville elected a California transplant as mayor. Can there ever be any hope for the city?

    • Donna Locke says:

      Not anymore.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!! Please Republicans, GET OUT before it’s too late.

        • Lenny says:

          And move to Williamson County? You ten cent millionaires are funny. Realth wealth is created and resides in Nashville. Let’s compare the foreclosure rates between the two counties when the tariff recession hits next year.

      • Donna Locke says:

        I suggest the Davidson folks outside Nashville itself rethink the idea of a Metro.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Donna, this might be a stretch but I don’t think so. Forty or so years ago the citizens of the U. K. thought that they could gain economically by giving up chunks of their freedom in exchange for membership in the European Union. A few years before that the citizens of Davidson County in the cities outside of Nashville found that they could save a buck by diluting substantially all of their local freedom by tying their fate with the City of Nashville. A substantial number of citizens of both are now ruing the day they decided to sell their freedom for a some marginal economic advantage. There’s an important lesson in all of this if we are perceptive enough to learn it.

          • Donna Locke says:

            Stuart, after living in one Metro, I made it a point to live outside one forever.

          • James White says:

            Metro governments are planned Socialism. Don’t Do it

          • Lenny says:

            A marginal economic advantage? Let’s compare the debt levels of the Nashville and Brentwood middle and above classes. All of those aspiring Williamson County elites are going to be hurting when they can’t make their minimum AMEX payments next year.

    • Eddie White says:

      Carol Swain was the only hope in Nashville’s mayor race. You know that terrible Islamophobe who actually spoke out against radical Islam. Nashville is a lost cause. I guess the choice is between terrible and very bad,

  • Michael Lottman says:

    I can understand Republicans’ enthusiasm for Cooper, whether real or feigned, because that’s what he is–a Republican, regardless of what he says. And Briley is not what he is pretending to be now in desperation–he is good at promising things, but not so good at doing anything about the schools, the traffic, or the need for affordable non-segregated housing not modeled on the 1950’s and 60’s. His executive order on sanctuary cities was nonsensical, unenforceable, and worthy of the worst of Donald Trump’s–an inedible confection cooked up solely for campaign purposes. Grouping him with “the Squad” is just laughable. I would take John Ray Clemmons or even Carol Swain any time. Clemmons would have been a great mayor and would have truly cared about the schools, and Swain at least would not have claimed to be something she is not.

  • MARLE says:

    Well there you have it……Cooper in a run away as I predicted. The only way it could have been more lopsided is if the race were between Swain and Cooper.

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