Tea party activist announces run for governor, vows to ‘drain our own swamp in TN’

Johnson City realtor and tea party activist Kay White officially her campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination Saturday at Jonesborough before a crowd of about 100 people, reports WJHL TV.

“I think we need to go back to some of the old values, of God, and country, and family, and good work ethics, that is what I believe in,” White said.

A check of the Registry of Election Finance website shows White has already filed the paperwork to raise money for her campaign. And there’s a campaign website, HERE, wherein White has a ‘drain the swamp’ comment echoing President Trump that’s somewhat similar to one by state Sen. Mae Beavers in announcing her candidacy for the GOP nomination. White had initially backed Beavers for governor, but the two had a subsequent parting of the ways (previous post HERE).

From Beavers’ press release (posted HERE): “President Donald J. Trump is taking the lead in Washington to ‘drain the swamp’ there; but we have our own swamp in Tennessee and I intend to do the same thing in the Volunteer State.”

From White’s website (under ‘biography’): “I felt God leading me to contribute my time and experience to this position as your Governor.  Tennessee needs someone with integrity, wisdom and strength to tackle the big issues in Nashville and drain our own swamp in Tennessee.”

Further from the White website:

We the people of Tennessee have hope for the healing of our families, repairing the damage of a declining government body and leading us on a stronger more productive path which will, in turn, promote prosperity for our children’s future. We must put God back in our government for the answers in rebuilding this great State of Tennessee”.

While residing in Tennessee Kay has listened to the people and the changes they want in Tennessee’s state legislature. As Governor, I want to bring the voice back to its people, the power back to our churches and law enforcement, while instilling God’s values back into the core of our state legislature.

The personal, business and political experience she brings to the table is attendance to East Tennessee State University, being a small business Owner, former Co-Owner and Bookkeeper of a 485 acre farm, former Co-owner of the Mountaineer Restaurant and her current occupation is Realtor. She has served on the Economic Development Board and has held Volunteer positions with hospitals, handicap centers, and committees geared toward improving the community.  Kay has contributed many hours assisting youth to set and accomplish their goals.

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  • WhitesCreek says:

    Has anyone else noticed that these folks always want to put “God” back in our government? In spite of the fact that we have a constitution that expressly prevents that. And besides…wouldn’t an actual Christian want to put Jesus back in our government? “Love thy neighbor…as ye treat the least of us…by their acts they are known…” and so on?

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