Super PAC launches ad supporting Bredesen

A new ad being run the Majority Forward Super PAC touts the virtues of Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen.

“As governor, Bredesen saved Tennessee from a financial tailspin,” the narrator says, adding that he avoided a hike in the state sales tax or the creation of a state income tax.

Here’s a transcript of the ad:

“While Washington politicians bicker, Phil Bredesen gets things done. As governor, Bredesen saved Tennessee from a financial tailspin. Working with both parties to balance eight budgets without raising sales taxes. And no new income tax. Bredesen made Tennessee one of the best in America for new jobs. Bringing in Volkswagen and Nissan, employing thousands. Good jobs and balanced budgets. Phil Bredesen gets it done.”

8 Responses to Super PAC launches ad supporting Bredesen

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Why does he leave out the 3.5Billion in ‘free’ money the Feds gave TN to bridge his budget deficits? That kept him from having to raising taxes as much as Haslam needed to in a surplus environment. Why do they leave these things out?

    • James White says:

      How much are the Feds giving the republican controlled state today?

    • MarLE says:

      We should ask Marsha and Diane why they never once mentioned losing the Personal exemption But only mentioned doubling the Standard Deduction. The consequence of both in the Tax Plan is hardly better than a wash for a childless couple, and a loss for a family with 1 or more children. They all do this half-truth stuff and it drives me crazy. That is what a watch dog media, not shills, are supposed to help out with. We have no such media on the conservative side. They go along with hiding the facts just like the liberal rags did when the Dems were in power.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    It’s much higher than 38. That’s only direct federal funding

  • Jody Taft says:

    As in 2002, Phil Bredesen does everything in his power to avoid using the word “Democrat.” He speaks of working with both sides, but he will be a chief sniffer of Chuck Schumer’s throne.

    • Tennessee Jed says:

      Senators Manchin, Heitkamp, Donnelly, and Jones all voted with Trump more than 50% of the time over the past two years. Why would Bredesen, who is running in the same mold as them, be any different?

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