Status quo prevails in TN congressional elections; Kustoff wins open seat

All eight incumbent U.S. House members seeking reelection won new terms in Tuesday’s election.

In the state’s only open seat, Republican David Kustoff coasted to victory over Democrat Rickey Hobson, taking the 8th Congressional District position vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher. That keeps Republicans in status quo control seven of the state’s nine congressional districts.

Here’s a rundown on percentage results based on incomplete returns district-by-district:

1st District: Republican Rep. Phil Roe, 79.8 percent; Democrat Alan Bohms 14.5 percent.

2nd District: Republican Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr.,  82.3 percent; Democrat Stuart Starr 17.6 percent.

3rd District: Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, 64.2 percent; Democrat Melody Shekari, 31.5 percent.

4th District: Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais, 64.9 percent; Democrat Scott Reynolds, 35 percent.

5th District: Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper, 67 percent;  Republican Stacy Ries Snyder 32.7 percent.

6th District: Republican Rep. Diane Black, 71.2 percent; Democrat David W. Kent, 22.4 percent.

7th District: Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, 74.3 percent; Democrat Tharon Chandler, 21.9 percent.

8th District: Republican Kustoff, 66.2 percent; Democrat Hobson, 25. percent.

9th District: Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen defeated Republican  Wayne Alberson by about a 4-to-1 margin.

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