State GOP congratulates GOP nominee

A statement from state Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden:

We congratulate Bill Lee on his victory tonight as the Republican nominee for governor, and we commend the other candidates on a hard-fought race. Bill has the experience, skills, and temperament to be a terrific governor, and he will unify Republicans ahead of the general election victory this November. We look forward to working with Bill across the state to ensure he is the 50th Governor of Tennessee.

And from Gov. Bill Haslam:

Congratulations to Bill Lee on winning the Republican nomination for Tennessee governor. Bill is a man of strong faith and character, and I know he will lead Tennessee in the right direction. He has long been a supporter of Tennessee’s business-friendly environment, and he is committed to the education and development of the state’s workforce. Bill has demonstrated that he will put the needs of Tennesseans at the forefront of any decision he makes as governor of our great state.

And from U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander:

Congratulations to Bill Lee on tonight’s victory. As I’ve often said, there is no better job than being governor of your home state, especially if that state is Tennessee. I look forward to working with Bill to continue Governor Haslam’s excellent leadership of our state.

6 Responses to State GOP congratulates GOP nominee

  • James White says:

    guess the Trump connection did not help Diane

    • MarLE says:

      I think Stuart is responsible for the Lee win. He wanted everyone to wait until the last day to vote and then to vote for the person in the lead so as to bring his Anyone but Boyd strategy to fruition. So, congratulations to Stuart for catapulting Lee to such a decisive victory!!!!!! Lee didn’t need anyone but Stuart, as it turned out.

      • Tennessee Jed says:

        No he isn’t. He voted Black. He didn’t even vote for Lee

        • MarLE says:

          It doesn’t matter who Stuart, himself, voted for. His marching order for those who bought into his clever strategy was just as I described. He told people to wait, identify the leader of the pack, then vote for that person. So, again, kudos? for Stuart’s winning strategy. I’m sure Lee would be grateful~ if only he knew.

          • FuzzyBagels says:

            Stuart must be absolutely THRILLED with the influence y’all think he has on the hundreds of thousands of voters in Tennessee! Congratulations Stuart!

  • MarLE says:

    Bagels…..we, or rather I, don’t think he had any influence on anyone. Just as the TN* had no influence on anyone. The joke, and the Jab, is that they think they did.

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