Sethi touts immigration program in Senate race

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi is outlining a three-point immigration program.

“I’m tired of politicians who talk about illegal immigration, but don’t do anything about it. I want to actually stop it,” Sethi said in a release. “As the son of legal immigrants, we must protect the American Dream and that means standing up for American workers.”

Here’s the release from the Sethi campaign:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Republican Senate candidate and conservative outsider Dr. Manny Sethi’s campaign is releasing a 3-point Immigration Policy plan entitled “Protect the American Dream Plan” hot off the heels of his new TV Ad.

The ad, titled “Invasion,” aired nationally and statewide on October 15.

“I’m tired of politicians who talk about illegal immigration, but don’t do anything about it. I want to actually stop it,” said Dr. Manny. “As the son of legal immigrants, we must protect the American Dream and that means standing up for American workers, no matter what the left says.”

“Dr. Manny is the only candidate in this race who is proposing real solutions to our nation’s most pressing issue, not merely repeating talking points,” said Chris Devaney, Campaign Chairman. “He’s not afraid to tackle the illegal immigration issue head on, and this is the type of leadership we need to see more of in Washington.”

Below is Dr. Manny Sethi’s “Protect the American Dream” plan:.

1. Support President Trump and build the border wall.

  • In the month of May there were over 144,000 arrests of people crossing the border illegally. There would have been nearly a million crossings had it not been for President Trump getting a deal with Mexico to stop the caravans. In the past 12 months there have been more than a million arrests made at the border.
  • Our Border Patrol agents are essentially working in a war zone. Our ICE agents are overwhelmed with not only doing their job, but defending themselves from the liberal media who have made them a political target. We must fully support both and empathize with their great work to keep this country safe and uphold its laws.
  • Heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl are flowing across our borders. Violence comes along with it, and a border wall will keep both out.

2. End chain migration and return to a merit-based system.

  • We have a broken system today that favors chain migration. This leads to people coming here illegally, becoming welfare recipients, and then importing their family members who will also go on welfare. American citizens will pay the price for that.
  • We need to switch to a merit-based system that prioritizes highly-skilled immigrants, whose children will grow up understanding the American Dream, and whose presence will make America stronger.
  • Favoring higher skilled workers who will boost our economy is a win-win for our country. Allowing a family to make it in America and live the American Dream while also contributing positively to our economy is a great thing for our country. We must encourage this type of LEGAL immigration.

3. Put an end to birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.

  • We must put a stop to illegal aliens coming into our country, having kids who automatically become citizens, and are able to gain access to government programs. We must protect the rule of law, and end incentives for criminal behavior.
  • Our welfare system must put our veterans and low-income citizens ahead of illegal immigrants. We have to prioritize our own citizens.



21 Responses to Sethi touts immigration program in Senate race

  • James White says:

    Nope on #2.3 favoring High-Skilled workers.
    4. No amnesty.
    5. Send them back.

  • David Collins says:

    What a load! And really ironic (hypocritical) given his heritage. Build the wall? Really? What other type of 18th century concepts is he pushing? There is a really good reasons why not a single super-max prison has walls. They are no longer the most effective method of keeping people in (or out).

    • MARLE says:

      No walls????? Where in the US is this? Supermax is for the worst of the worst and is the most costly and certainly does provide the most effective (and) costly barricades.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Still talking points, Mr. Devaney! Getting things done requires working out the details and getting co-operation from others as a freshman Senator will be a tough road. Especially if you’ve gone on record being harshly critical of the Senate Majority Leader. While Mitch McConnell has been unproductive in many areas, it’s not wise to make your campaign about fighting with the fellow Republican. The fight is with the Democrats that march in-step with their agenda.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    If you have an interest in psephology, it’s a pleasure to watch Chris Devaney do his work. Two years ago he took an engineer with no qualifications and presto, Chris made Bill Lee governor of Tennessee. Now he has a physician with no qualifications who decided he wants to buy a U. S. Senate seat and has plunked down at least $1.5 million to get ‘er done and suddenly we have one fire breathing conservative zealot with a First Derivative Heart Rending Story. You recall Bill Lee’s Heart Rending Story that he actually unfortunately experienced. For Chairman Manny, the son of two physicians born in Cleveland, a graduate of the tony Webb School in Bell Buckle, Brown U. and Harvard Medical school the Heart Rending Story is his parent’s, but leave it to Chris to work it in anyway.

    Fellow conservatives, there is no proven solid conservative running for the Senate in Tennessee in 2020 I’m afraid. We have Chairman Manny, however, who has no background whatsoever as a member of the conservative movement before buying Chis Devaney’s services whose anemic political record consists of being chairman to establishment Republican fundraisers, befriending centrist/tepid conservative Party bigwigs, and idolizing Bill Frist. He’s no conservative, and he’s certainly no outsider and conservative should show that they can’t be fooled by voting AGAINST the Chairman by voting for Hagerty.

    • James White says:

      Typical response from a NeoCon. Stuart supports the status quo, aka Marsha Marsha Marsha and Doctor Green. More of the same is his neutralizing plan. Why not support the Constitution and not some NeoCon Establishment Deep State Heritage score?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Ohhhhhhh, it’s the Constitution that is running against Chairman Manny. No problem James, I’m with you. Forget Hagerty! Next August I will simply vote against the Chairman by voting for the Constitution and I will do so much more enthusiastically than I ever would voting for Bill from Establishment Central Casting.

    • MARLE says:

      We don’t have a proven Conservative in the White House; we don’t have a proven conservative as our Senator elected in 2018. What we Need is someone who will stand up to a White House creating Foreign policy AND Trade policy by tweet in the middle of the night.

      Which of these 2 currently running has the guts to be something other than another house pet?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Neither!!!! They are both establishment Republicans so in that respect there is no choice. As a conservative for me the only decision given the choices rests on what can I do that is best long term for the conservative movement. Manny Sethi represents a cohort of wealthy political diletantes who think that they can simply stroll up come election time, reach into their wallet and plunk down $1 million or more proclaiming they are “conservatives” after doing nothing for the conservative movement up that point and get conservatives to vote for them by throwing out chunks of red meat to get conservatives salivating. Talk about being a “house pet.” There is nothing much conservatives can achieve at this election other than to show the diletantes that you better show up at election time with a record of being a solid conservative BEFORE you run for office by voting AGAINST Chairman Manny to show what happens if you don’t.

        • MARLE says:

          Are you spending as much time trying to get Marsha to stand up against the decidedly Un-conservative President who, without a proven record, plunked down money and name recognition to win the top job? It’s one thing to run and be thought to be an Un-conservative; it’s another to get the job and demonstrate you’re an Un-conservative!

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            By every measure except yours, Marsha’s record is even more conservative now that she is in the Senate than she was in the House, especially in her early years in the House. Considering the prospect of Hagerty or the Chairman occupying the other Senate seat come 2021 I think conservatives should save their strength for the pleading, pushing, threatening, petitioning, etc. this is surely to come.

          • James White says:

            More Conservative? U crazy.

      • Eddie White says:

        Marle, who would you like to see as the proven conservative candidate in 2020? Give us some names…

        • MARLE says:

          I’m not the one who needs a “proven record”. That’s Stuart. It takes personal conviction on key issues for me and a spine of steel to withstand the torque of DC politics.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            And without a “proven record” just how is personal conviction determined and strength of spine determined? A political neophyte “good citizen” type would say “Well, I will just pay real close attention to the campaign in order to learn what the candidates stand for.” Wizened followers of politics will respond that during this campaign, for example, you are not hearing from Chairman Manny and Bill Hagerty. Rather, you are hearing from Chris Devaney and Ward Baker respectively who earn a lot of money crafting messages during the campaign based on what their pollsters tell them their target demographic wants to hear. Sorry, I think I’ll be a conservative who wants to see a proven solid conservative record as compiled BEFORE the candidate runs before I can support that candidate for high office.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    These are just rehashed talking points. No need to worry about any of this stuff really coming to pass. We will continue to be a welcoming nation for impoverished of Central America to find refuge. We must remember that many have it less fortunate than us.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      OH HOW I LOVE BLEEDING HEARTS!!!! Come on Beatrice, don’t be a tease!!! Last time I looked there were 124 million Mexicans and about 50 million Central Americans. There are what. . .about six billion people on this earth the vast majority of whom would have a rather impressive upgrade in their standard of living if they could only sign on to our welfare system that you bleeding hearts make ever more generous as time goes on. Now, how many people would you like us to support in our increasingly overcrowded country (and please don’t tell me about the wide open spaces in the Nebraska panhandle!) Do you have a number you can terrorize us with, or do you just want to bleed? Why don’t you people simply join some society of bleeding hearts and impoverish yourself supporting the foreign poor where they live while leaving the rest of us alone?

  • Donna Locke says:

    I want to thank Manny and his mother for calling the invasion what it is. Many have recognized it and called it an invasion for the past 30 or more years. We are not wrong.

    I’ll wait for Manny to realize all that must be done — and not done.

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  • Eddie White says:

    We need immigration reform. The Trump Administration has laid out the fine points of what needs reformed including catch and release. It won’t happen. The House has one agenda, the impeachment of the president.

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