Sethi steps down from nonprofit to focus on Senate race

Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi is stepping down as head of Healthy Tennessee while concentrating on his bid for the U.S. Senate. Sethi’s wife, Maya, will assume his former duties as president and CEO of the organization, which provides free health fairs and organizes symposiums and candidate forums.

Sethi is the only major Republican in the race to succeed retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander so far. Former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty is expected to formally enter the the race soon.

Here’s the release from the Sethi campaign:

Nashville, TN — Dr. Manny Sethi, co-founder of Healthy Tennessee and Nashville orthopedic trauma surgeon, announced today that he is stepping down as President and CEO of Healthy Tennessee. Maya Sethi, co-founder of Healthy Tennessee, will assume the duties of President and CEO.

“When Maya and I founded Healthy Tennessee, we did it because of our passion for the health of our fellow Tennesseans. Ten years later that passion still drives both of us, and while I’m focused on meeting folks around our state as I seek public office, Healthy Tennessee is in great hands with my wife, Maya, While I will not be in a leadership role for the coming months I will continue to be involved on the board and joining together with our volunteers across the state to care for patients,” stated Dr. Manny.

Healthy Tennessee has provided free health fairs, educational opportunities, and symposiums to thousands of Tennesseans in dozens of locations over the last decade. Several health care events are in the planning stages, including a statewide summit on the opioid crisis on October 7. Healthy Tennessee held a similar event in 2018 with Governor Bill Lee, Senator Marsha Blackburn, former Mayor Karl Dean and former Governor Phil Bredesen as a few of the speakers.

“I look forward to taking over as President and CEO of Healthy Tennessee so that we can continue to create more awareness about better health lifestyles in our state. We’ve experienced so much success at every level in these communities and strongly believe that our mission has just begun,” Maya Sethi said. “Healthy Tennessee will diligently work to ensure our boots on the ground operation continues.”

Maya Sethi is a litigation attorney with almost 15 years of experience. Prior to her current role as General Counsel for Rocketship Education, a national non-profit charter school management organization, she practiced white collar defense and commercial litigation. Maya also has practiced in the litigation department at HCA.

She is currently the President of the board of Tennessee Voices for Victims and serves on the board of Children’s House Montessori.

Maya and Manny Sethi live in Nashville where they are raising their two children.

20 Responses to Sethi steps down from nonprofit to focus on Senate race

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    It’s a shame really, we are developing a shortage of physicians in this country and we can always use organizations that disseminate more medical information to the public, but what we certainly don’t need is another No Record Candidate on a narcissistic quest for a preposterously high office. Stay in close touch with that medical career of yours Manny, you’ll be back there soon enough a little poorer, but hopefully much, much wiser.

    • LeeAnn C. says:

      The only other candidate that’s been mentioned of late is the Japanese Ambassador Hagerty. Since he’s also a “no record” candidate, whom should we all be supporting for Senate?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Conservatives might very well after years waiting for the hideous Lamar Alexander (Heritage – 51%) to retire call this election as it is shaping up so far “The Hobson’s Choice Election” because Hagerty as a Lips Bush/Mitt Romney enthusiast is no conservative pin up boy either. My preliminary take on this, however, is given that in every election I want to accomplish something, and assuming there isn’t a psychologically induced sudden loss of muscular ability for me to push the appropriate spot on the screen, I will reluctantly vote for Hagerty because I am sick of plutocrats without any political background thinking they can stroll in and occupy some of the highest offices in the land running as a “conservative.”.

        I want Sethi to lose and I WANT HIM TO LOSE BAD!!! I want his loss after spending a lot of money to stand as a lesson to the other plutocrats who are looking for a mid-life career change that if you even think you might have the itch to run for high office some day as a conservative start compiling a conservative political record NOW! Open that fat checkbook of yours and start contributing to conservative candidates and causes at the least. If you are real serious use that fat checkbook to get elected to the county legislature or better yet, the state legislature and compile a solid conservative record there. Don’t insult our intelligence by just showing up and reading a script your paid campaign staff put in front of you based on polls telling you what the voters want to hear. That’s my opinion right now but then again it’s very, very early.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Sorry LeeAnn, I got a little carried away there so I didn’t address myself precisely to your question. Hagerty does have some political record as having worked for Lips Bush and Mitt Romney before signing up with the Trump campaign. From his record one can conclude that Hagerty is a centrist/tepid conservative at best. Sethi, on the other hand, other than hanging around some very centrist Republican types off and on has absolutely no record. As I said, a Hobson’s Choice Election.

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        Not Sethi because he has RINO developer Chris DeVaney on his team. DeVaney ran the operation for Corker

      • James White says:

        from the columbiadailyherald dot com
        “Sethi reminds me of U.S. Rep. Mark Green, also a trauma surgeon, with his conservative mantra, but he has a better bedside manner. Sethi does not intentionally make comments offensive to gays, Muslims or immigrants.

        Alexander and Tennessee’s junior senator, Marsha Blackburn, encouraged Trump to support Hagerty over conservative firebrand Mark Green, who was elected to succeed Blackburn in Congress from Tennessee’s 7th congressional district.”

        Still nothing about what he stands for/against

        • James White says:

          Yep Marsha told Stuart to support Hagerty too ?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Sometimes James you are so silly. As to “. . .what he stands for/against” Phil Lassiter told you how to find out. Wait a little while closer to the election when the Sethi campaign’s polling is done and call Chris Devaney who is running the campaign if you want to find out Sethi’s opinion about this or that.

          It’s the Hobson’s Choice Election James and for those who are concerned about such things I am confident that neither Hagerty or Sethi will say anything to offend anyone, most especially not the center-right establishment and their Chamber of Commerce/Business Round Table/National Association of Manufacturers paymasters. Nevertheless vote Hagerty to soundly defeat No Record Candidate Sethi..

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            And, of course, before his election to the U. S. Congress Mark Green was a Tennessee State Senator from 2012 to 2018 where he had an 87% American Conservative Union voting record. Manny Sethi, on the other hand, is a No Record Candidate who is alleging he is a “conservative” and needs to be beaten.

        • Donna Locke says:

          Mickey, the person who wrote that is the Columbia newspaper’s transplanted, Democrat editor, who force-feeds us warmed-over Washington Post clueless agendas every day. He tries to insert himself into every Republican race while spending many of his almost-daily, front-page opinion columns attacking conservatives and extolling the opposite. James Bennett is his name. If Bennett likes this guy, that is probably reason to vote against him.

          I hope we will not be choosing from variations of worthless in this race.

  • James White says:

    TISK TISK, Stuart’s favorite politician (Blackburn) was not born into public office. I would consider an MD over a beautician most anyday.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I know how you LOVE No Record Candidates James because they are the only ones who haven’t cast a vote that didn’t meet with your approval but I think it would be best if you simply said so rather than distort my favorite politician’s record. Marsha’s political life began as she held various prominent positions in the Williamson Country Republican Party including Chairman. She then proceeded to run against Big Bad Bart Gordon in the old Sixth District before her successful two terms as a Tennessee state senator. When Bart successfully had the Democratic legislature move Williamson County into the Seventh and after Ed Bryant decided to run for the Senate, Marsha successfully ran for that seat which she occupied from 2002 to 2017. IT WAS ONLY THEN that she ran for the U. S. Senate, an office which she occupies today.

      James, your usual keen sense of proportion probably will continue want to analogize the political background of No Record Candidate Manny with Marsha’s, but I’m afraid I have to give the edge to Marsha.

      • James White says:

        which was distorted: not born into public office , or, was a beautician ?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          I ignored your beautician crack because I thought you were simply trying to be cute. She graduated from Miss. State in 1973 and became a retail marketing consultant soon thereafter.

          Ohhhhhhh! I see it now! No James, Marsha was “. . .a former beauty-pageant winner” NOT A BEAUTICIAN. James, are you related to Emily Litella?

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  • Tim Skow says:

    Sounds like A LOT OF WHINERS whining ..
    IF … anyone has a problem with those willing to put their name on the ballot because of their 1] politics 2] track record / or lack there of 3] who is supporting them… or some other ”REASON” ….

    THEN GET OFF YOU WHINY ASS and get someone in the race you do support !!!

    Otherwise, quit the WHINING !

    • Lenny says:

      50% of the comments here are from Stuart Anderson. He’s an angry man with control issues. His wife left him and now he comes here to pre-qualify primary candidates and present himself like some kind of party boss, saying stuff like the Tennessee Star needs to let him proof their copy and pretending to be Marsha Blackburn’s chief strategist. You’ll notice he’s most adamant in his defense of fellow disgraced divorcees like Casada. He believes women should be “rented” and that Casada trying to sleep with interns and getting fresh with his chief of staff is a biological right. His mockery of the religious right reveals his anger and his ineptness in developing strategy for Republican politics.

      • Donna Locke says:

        Stuart has a sense of humor. He’s a financial donor with some investment in the process. He has been concerned about the better conservatives splitting the vote in the primaries, thus allowing the “tepid” and the fakes to win. I’m upset about that, too. We’ve seen it too many times.

        I don’t always agree with Stuart, but I get a kick out of his word choices and phrasings.

  • Eddie White says:

    Lenny, you must be having a bad day…take a nap, you will feel better..

  • JKB says:

    I have known and also worked in the operating room with Manny Sethi since he arrived at Vanderbilt. Anyone who can repair the mangled bodies that I have seen him repair IS a problem solver and one who needs to be in Washington. Additionally, his dedication to his patients and their faimlies will be an easy transition for him to ALL of us Tennesseans. His communication and flexilbiilty to work with other physicians during extremely difficult and life threatening situations has earned him my undying loyalty. He is a breath of fresh air that we ALL need

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