Sethi spot features wife blasting Hagerty for attack over $50 donation

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi’s latest ad features his wife, Maya, criticizing rival candidate Bill Hagerty for attacking a $50 donation made to a Democratic congressional candidate a dozen years ago.

“Yep, 50 bucks,” she says in the spot. “Now, Bill Hagerty is attacking me to hurt my husband. But Hagerty gave Mitt Romney and Al Gore over $100,000.”

The donation has featured heavily in attacks by the Hagerty campaign and an independent PAC supporting the former ambassador’s bid. The money was given in Manny Sethi’s name through the online fundraising portal ActBlue.

Here’s a transcript of the new ad:

Twelve years ago, some friends called me for political donations. I sent $50. Yep, 50 bucks.

Now, Bill Hagerty is attacking me to hurt my husband. But Hagerty gave Mitt Romney and Al Gore over $100,000.

If you want a politician who will say and do anything to win, vote Bill Hagerty. For a conservative with integrity, please, vote for Manny.

I’m Manny Sethi, and I approve this message.

18 Responses to Sethi spot features wife blasting Hagerty for attack over $50 donation

  • James White says:

    Hagerty is so Deep State and an Establishment man I would Never vote for Him.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Great ad. Hagerty has a problem. If he was a conservative he could tear Chairman Manny up for running as a Rambo conservative when The Chairman has no record of being a conservative at all. Then again if Hagerty was a conservative we wouldn’t Operation Unhagerty with Manny playacting a conservative zealot in the first place. Unfortunately, neither candidate is a solid conservative.

    Depressingly, for conservatives his election comes down to which candidate is less appealing, Hagerty for being a screamingly tepid “Heritage 70%” conservative or Manny for playacting this “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” when he has no record of being a conservative, little record of interest in politics at all, and is certainly not an “outsider.” “Insider” or “Outsider” I hate phony “Campaign Conservatives” so I will cast a most unenthusiastic vote for Hagerty.

    • LeeAnn C says:

      Hagerty never said one word about Maya. Pretty cowardly of Rambo, as you call him, to hide behind his wife’s skirts. He’s throwing her under his bus for that stupid contribution to ACT BLUE.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    She says ’50 bucks’ like its not a lot of money. It IS to working class people. Her make up is awful in the ad too.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Beatrice, once you stop getting so easily befuddled you can stop being a leftist and your life will be so much happier. The $50 contribution wasn’t made by a “working class” person, it was made by her. She is an attorney married to a surgeon so $50 isn’t a lot of money to her and no one expects it to be nor is it a lot of money to the vast majority of people to whom the ad is directed and Ward Baker’s boys should never have brought it up especially when Chairman Manny’s contributions to Bob Corker (Heritage 63%) and Cindy Smith (62%) presents far more fertile grounds for attack. As for her makeup, why Beatrice that’s the most substantive thing you have brought up in a long time.

      • MARLE says:

        This woman doesn’t say “fifty bucks”. Beatrice/Lenny might but not Mrs Sethi.

        When she goes to the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom’s she doesn’t say “Fifty Bucks”? Why it can’t believe it’s on sale for Only Fifty Bucks!”. I like ads where people talk just like they do in real life. This isn’t one of those ads.

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    Just Wondering! In the few conversations above why does every mention of a “Conservative” start with some sort of “Modifier” wording like “Rambo conservative” or a “Solid Conservative”, “Tepid Conservative” or “Conservative Outsider” or even “Phony Campaign Conservative?” No wonder the general public is confused as to what a real “Conservative” stands for?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      The reason for the modifier Jimmy is the fact that EVERY Republican candidate in Tennessee styles himself as a “conservative” including open and notorious centrists like Lamar Alexander (Heritage-51%) so the term has lost it’s meaning other than to say the individual is not a liberal or lefitst. What “conservative” stands for can generally be gleaned from the Republican Platform that is so sincerely fought over then promptly ignored by the Republican Establishment and all too many Republican Officeholders.

      To be a “conservative” is to advocate small government at home, a nationalist foreign policy abroad and an economic system based on free market capitalism. There is little dispute about that. I like to use the Heritage Action scorecard for congressional officeholders as a good approximation of where congressional officeholders stand. Thus, Heritage 80% – 100% = solid conservative; 60% – 79% = tepid conservative; 40% – 59% = centrist; below 40% various gradations on the left which don’t interest me and I leave to others. Of course, these are just rules of thumb, going from 79% to 80% doesn’t make you any different in reality. What makes the scorecard invaluable is for COMPARISON purposes as it is based on a numerous key votes. Each officeholder is judged on the same bases so when we have Lamar’s 51%, Phil Roe’s 69%, and Marsha’s 85% going from left to right we have a good idea of where the politicians stand. And when Chairman Manny contributes to Corker’s 63% and Cindy Smith’s 62% it is a strong indication that Dr. CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER isn’t all that seriously conservative besides certainly not being an outsider.

      • Nancy B Perkins says:

        HORSEFEATHERS. you’re making up your figures. Dr. Manny Gave anything to Corker. Hagerty is in bed with Corker, Haslam, and Alexander. Get real.

  • Eddie White says:

    Stuart, if I were the Hagerty campaign, I would leave that whole contribution thing alone. To highlight a $50 contribution by Dr Manny‘s wife as compared to a $1000 contribution to Al Gore for President? You are right, not great choices, but Hagerty has made some strategically bad decisions.

  • I’d Sethi wins he will only have rabid far right wing allies in the Senate and will be unproductive-especially at first. He will powwow with the far right then migrate to the center of the senate in year 3-4

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    Stewart, your explaination was very clear and helpful, thanks.

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