Sethi raises $500,000 in fourth quarter

Republican U.S  Senate candidate Manny Sethi raised $500,000 in the fourth quarter and had about $2 million left on hand. The Sethi camp said about $1.7 million was earmarked for the primary campaign.

Here’s the release from the Sethi campaign:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Dr. Manny Sethi, conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, announced that his campaign raised over $500,000 this past quarter and will show nearly $2 million cash-on-hand in his campaign’s financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission due January 31. Since June, this campaign has amassed nearly 7,000 donors, from all 95 counties and all 50 states, with a median donation of $25.
“We are so grateful for the outpouring of support across our state. This quarter is yet another sign that Tennesseans want to send a conservative outsider to Washington,” said Dr. Manny Sethi.
“Dr. Manny continues to rack up significant support and is investing in a powerful campaign apparatus. With our organization and the significant war chest we have amassed to spend on the primary, we are in a strong position to win the GOP nomination,” said Chris Devaney, Campaign Chairman of Dr. Manny for U.S. Senate.
Of the nearly $2 million that the campaign has on hand, over $1.7 million is eligible to be used for the August Primary, with under $250,000 donated towards the General Election in November.
The candidate made no personal loans to his campaign in this quarter.

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  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What good news! Chairman Manny’s flim-flam campaign wherein he is attempting to fool all of the people all of the time into thinking he is a conservative zealot seems to be producing nothing at all. Just yesterday two responders on this blog were somewhat gleefully chatting about how Bill Hagerty “only” received $1.5 million last quarter and now as it turns out the Chairman only received $500,000. Hopefully this is a sign that conservatives realize that Chairman Manny’s campaign is an insult to their intelligence and he can expect to receive about one-third of the votes received by Bill Hagerty come this August.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    Manny has been done in by Bible Bill. No more “no-record” candidates for me. A Trump recommendation, though, will suffice in case of a tie. Stuart says we have a tie. We Conservatives need to save our political support donations for Bill Lee’s replacement and not spend it needlessly on this race.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Keen observations indeed Silence but allow me to assure my fellow conservatives that we don’t have to wait three more years before we spend the money we are going to save by not having to contribute to either candidate in this U.S. Senate race. May I suggest that we focus on the wonderful happenings in Tennessee’s First Congressional District where we are finally getting rid of on the cool side of tepid conservative Phil Roe (Heritage-70%). Hopefully we will soon have a proven conservative candidate who will be worthy of our support. That will be a candidacy worth financially supporting!

      • Beatrice Shaw says:

        Are you sending them money?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          HEAVENS NO!!!!! I have better things to do with the Stuart I. Anderson Evangelical Conservative Campaign Fund than contributing to Hagerty From Establishment Central Casting or Chairman Manny, ersatz conservative.

          • Beatrice Shaw says:

            I meant the Congressional race

          • Betty J. Ziesel says:

            Stuart, one prays you & others won’t be/aren’t fooled by the low-lifes influencing & running Cong.Dist #1. State Sen. Rusty Crowe, bought & paid for by these sleaze balls will soon announce his run for Roe’ s seat. Their plan is to fill Rusty’s remaining time with the biggest sleaze ball of all, former Jonesborough Mayor, who stepped down as mayor because he was about to be outted as having a same sex relationship. All swept under the rug to protect his family. He, too, “in” with those who do/risk anything to keep their power in this area. Probably, not to your surprise, Bill Lee is under their control via Chris DeVaney & now Sethi who DeVaney now manages. They recently met to discuss their strategy to make this happen. When is the last time you’ve seen/heard of sitting Governor coming to one of TN 3 divisions to give a State of Address…not a State of the State…a State of East Tennessee Address!? DeVaney is pulling the strings. Wolfe is his fair-haired boy. Goes back at least to when DeVaney was GOP State Chairman…maybe longer. This group works via secret meetings to plot their undertakings. East TN Is to become the powerhouse of the state. Regionalism in the works…one person controlling all counties in the division. Fact. Not a therory. Group also controlling dist reps., who foolishly took their money because they need it to survive both politically & personally.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            I get the sneaking suspicion that you are going to use me as a negative indicator, but what the heck, I am a schismatic Methodist so anything I can do to help. I don’t reach hard and fast decisions about such things until the filing period and the drop out period is over so tentatively speaking I have every intention of contributing to a candidate in that race. Tim Hill has been a recipient of aid from the SIAECCF in the past and I certainly would be inclined to contribute to his campaign again. I believe David Hawk has been as well and I feel favorably inclined toward him as well. If both of them run then it would greatly reduce the chances of either one winning and I would be less enthusiastic. Rusty Crowe is too old and not conservative enough. Any of the townie Mayors – FORGET ABOUT IT! I hope this helps.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Betty, our responses crossed, but at least I got Rusty Crowe right. I simply hope that three or four townie mayors get in so as to dilute the townie vote. What do you think of Tim Hill and David Hawk? Between the two who do you favor?

          • Beatrice Shaw says:

            you’re a hypocrite, Stuart.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            I am the very model of a consistent libertarian conservative so why would you say a thing like that. This is not one of those stupid social media sites that I’m told limit you to a certain number of keystrokes, please explain how you got me so wrong.

    • James White says:

      Bill Lee will 2 terms if he chooses to run. Use your money to educate voters on the constitution. (perhaps Hagerty and Manny need some Education, not money too)

      • Betty J. Ziesel, is there something that’s made you aggravated at the world? You seem so unhappy. I wonder why. There must be something you really want, that you’ve never gotten, and know you’ll never get. Perhaps that’s power, success, or even money. Your reputation as the godless gossip of the county has made you notorious…and lonely. I feel sorry for you. Come back to Sunday school, Betty.

  • Betty J. Ziesel says:

    Not looking for anything, negative, poitive or somewhere in between. Strictly informative. Not gossip, hearsay, opinion. Strictly facts..

  • Betty J. Ziesel says:

    At present leaning toward Hawk. Timothy Hill must divorce himself from his brother. Both Hawk & T. Hill have skeletons that will surely rise if they run. We really don’t have anyone now for US Congressman or Senator..

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Well, somebody’s rear is going to be on the Tennessee First District’s seat in the House in Washington come Jan. 2021 so as a conservative I want the rear of the individual who will put his card in the Yea slot when the answer is yea and in the Nay slot when the answer is nay. If you are a conservative, I would appreciate your guidance on this matter.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Support Hawk.

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  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Would not surprise me if they are all closet homosexuals.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Dr. Sethi is a very fine man. He is not, however, prepared to dive in to DC. Ambassador Hagerty is also a very fine man, and has experience working directly with the Trump administration. After all the disappointments that the president has had with his appointments, this endorsement indicates trust. Don’t ignore that fact!

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