Sethi outlines plan to tackle spread of coronavirus

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi speaks at a campaign event in Clarksville on Feb. 4, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican U.S. Senate Manny Sethi, a surgeon at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, is outlining his plan to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

“We must stop listening to the Wall Street elites, who are more worried about not spooking the markets and their pocketbooks, than they are about protecting Americans,” Sethi said in a release. “And we must start listening to the doctors and researchers who have been sounding the alarm on this.”

Here’s the full release from the Sethi campaign:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — On Monday, President Trump announced an emergency funding request to address the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). 

Dr. Manny Sethi, candidate for U.S. Senate, applauded President Trump, called on Congress to act quickly, and released his own plan for how to handle the international epidemic.

Dr. Manny released the following statement and eight-point plan: 

We have a massive international crisis brewing, and need something as bold and ambitious as a Manhattan Project-style effort to combat it.

I appreciate President Trump’s stand to defend Americans from this contagion. Congress must act quickly and give him what he has asked for, without politicizing the issue by adding extraneous requests to the emergency funding bill that have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

We must stop listening to the Wall Street elites, who are more worried about not spooking the markets and their pocketbooks, than they are about protecting Americans. And we must start listening to the doctors and researchers who have been sounding the alarm on this.

Let’s direct every resource available at developing an accurate, reliable screening test capable of identifying virus victims quickly, and stopping them from unknowingly spreading the virus.

Time is not on our side – we need thousands of researchers working on this around-the-clock, which means Congress must give the President the funding he needs to fight this crisis.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that this crisis ends being less terrifying than it looks right now. But hope isn’t a strategy – we need our leaders to take every step we can to protect Americans and be prepared.

Dr. Manny’s plan to address coronavirus:

  1. No forced resettlement. Protect states from forced resettlement of coronavirus patients by the federal government. Any quarantine of coronavirus patients in any state must be approved by local and state officials, and the federal government must coordinate with the community surrounding a quarantine site. 
  2. Emergency funding to get thousands of researchers working on testing of an accurate PCR-based screening test for rapid diagnosis. The current diagnostic test has been validated at only a handful of public health laboratories and its accuracy is problematic at best. An accurate diagnostic test, available to state and local public health labs, is imperative, as well as coordination between all hospitals and the closest public health lab.
  3. Ensure coordination between the Center for Disease Control and state and local health facilities to assure a clear and transparent reporting system which can provide a timely basis for quarantine decisions.
  4. Emergency funding to bolster and hasten the development and testing of an effective and safe vaccine.
  5. Increase surveillance and border security to ensure persons who are either i) potentially exposed and at risk of infection or ii) potentially already infected are appropriately evaluated and triaged.
  6. National preparation within hospitals to create sufficient capacity in case the needs arises for hospital admission. Current estimates are that approximately 80% of COVID-19 patients have mild disease; of the approximately 20% with more severe pneumonia requiring hospitalization, approximately 5% require intensive care.
  7. International collaboration among clinicians knowledgeable on COVID-19 to determine the most effective treatments, including controlled clinical trials of anti-virals.
  8. Development of an accurate antibody test to assist in the assessment of vaccine immunogenicity as well as to provide essential seroepidemiologic data including the role of asymptomatic cases in transmission of the virus.


42 Responses to Sethi outlines plan to tackle spread of coronavirus

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Ah, for perhaps the first time we see Chairman Manny issuing a policy statement that is commensurate with his background. While there is apparently nothing that he has ever done to show that he is a conservative, no one can doubt that he is absolutely opposed to viruses.

    • Karen Bracken says:

      You obviously are supporting Hagerty the insider bureaucrat. We will never drain the swamp in DC if we keep supporting swamp creatures for office. Your statement about Dr. Manny is completely biased and unfounded.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        No Karen, I am not supporting Hagerty, I am opposing Chairman Manny. Dr. Outsider, who has been hanging around the Republican establishment for years, has no political persona so Chris Devaney, in exchange for the Chairman’s $1.5 million, has created an “unhagerty” by throwing red meat at conservatives which as a conservative I find insulting. Chairman Manny should be beaten, and beaten badly, to show plutocrats, that if you intend to run for office as a conservative some day at the very minimum you best get yourself a record of significant support for conservative candidates or causes well before you declare your candidacy. OPPOSE SETHI – VOTE HAGERTY.

        • James White says:

          Or you could vote for Dr. George Flinn Jr .

        • MARLE says:

          What is Hagerty’s legislative record? I know we never never never support a no-record candidate.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Two too many “never’s”. I know that when I point out that this is a “Hobson’s Choice” election for conservatives you cringe when you read it, not because of its inaccuracy, but simply on the grounds of repetition, but then again I haven’t used it for awhile so I will let it stand. Given that neither candidate has any record as having anything to do with the conservative movement what is a right-wing zealot like myself to do?

            Hagerty may not have a legislative record but he does have a rich record going back to 1992 of contributing to “wet” Republicans (e.g. Romney, Alexander, JEB!) and even on occasion a conservative one. That makes him exactly the type of candidate that I would ordinarily oppose, give an opponent with a reasonable amount of conservative credentials. The problem is that Chairman Manny has no conservative credentials or much of a political record and he is running as a “CONSERVATIVE – OUTSIDER” when he is neither. Hagerty is what he is and it ain’t inspiring. Sethi is simply insulting and he should be beaten badly. Vote Hagerty.

          • James White says:

            OF course Stuart is leading everyone wrong (on purpose as he is deep state). George Flinn is conservative and has a record to prove it. But facts do not matter to the Deep State.

          • MARLE says:

            Yes Stuart. Much of what you post IS cringe-worthy. A point of agreement. A “rich record” instead of a real record. Hagerty is going to win. I don’t know what you’re even continuing to fret about.

            BTW…so pleased to see that Trump has finally recognized (and been shocked according to him) that the good ole USA, home grown run of the mill annual virus kills 10’s of thousands of Americans~ like 70K in 2018).

            Who doesn’t bother to put things into some perspective before taking the market-rattling moves and rhetoric that has been coming out of his mouth and his White House.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            MARLE you take Trump too seriously so you let him get to you. Idiocy comes out of his mouth and the mouths of most of his Democratic opponents. Here in Tennessee Trump will win without a campaign and while I agree Hagerty should probably win I want the Chairman to lose badly, especially after the election of No Record Candidate Lee, so a lesson will be learned. Besides, I am a buy low to sell high kind of guy, so Trump induced market volatility is not the worst thing in the world to put it mildly.

            Frankly, the race I am concentrating on is the First District congressional race to replace the very tepid conservative Phil Roe (Heritage-70%). Conservatives have an excellent chance to elect a staunch conservative to that seat if we can only unify to get it done.

          • James White says:

            Expecting a political party to save this country is like expecting a wolf to save litter red ridding hood.

      • LeeAnn C. says:

        Actually, Stuart’s statement is accurate. Dr. Sethi states he is a ‘true conservative’ but has no record. It is Dr. Sethi’s claim of being a conservative that lacks foundation. Anyone can maintain a redundant message that is simply words, no action. I am pleased that he’s offering his expertise in medicine to address a medical problem that does have national implications. And, I am concerned about health and market impacts. Anyone with a 401k is concerned about market impacts and labeling some of us with threatened retirement accounts as ‘Wall Street elites’ is offensive.

        • MARLE says:

          Trump needs to be taken seriously when he can unilaterally control tariff policy and can issue emergency directives (and HE is the one who makes the emergency declaration). The only thing that has mitigated his destruction is his concern for his re-election.

          His tariff, on-again/off-again policy as stated in May and again in August took the market down but his concern for the market caused him to reverse himself and stop the madness. His administration is hell bent on economic destruction of China no matter the collateral damage here and without re-election on the table I have good reason to “take him seriously”.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Before this coronavirus decline the stock market hit record highs, unemployment record lows, wages up especially among the least skilled/educated workers, regulations on businesses are down, the military has been rejuvenated after its usual decimation at the hands of the Democrats, we are energy independent and we have an administration who is at least hostile to illegal immigration. Sorry, Trump may be the luckiest bullshtr in the world, but frankly a minute or two of watching his Democratic opponents on that debate stage causes me to be thankful for Trump. If he knocks Red China down a peg or two so much the better. Now if you will excuse me I will get back to that First District race.

          • MARLE says:

            The summer in the market was spent with Trump tweeting about China 10X per day and declaring trade policies one day that were in 180 discord with his statements of the prior week. FINALLY, in the fall he stopped this constant barrage.

            Then the market did, as you say, get to new highs. His concern for the market is what reigned in his bad impulses. The next 4 years without this overhang of re-election and therefore market concerns is what makes me “take him seriously” as he can move markets with trade/tariff/emergency declaration policies all designed to hurt China regardless of the collateral damage here.

  • MARLE says:

    Every Flu Season in the US we have between 40K to 80K DEATHS. The 2017-18 Season was among the worst.

    We have between 500,000 to 700,000 Hospitalizations annually related to the FLU

    We annually have in excess of 20-30 Million flu cases annually

    Any traveler to the US had a risk of being one of the 80K who would die. And yet……

    No country withdraws its embassy staff from the US. No country bans travel to the US. No country quarantines for 28 days travelers who had been in the US. No country suggests its businessmen stop doing business in the future with the US.

    WE were the first country to do this to China and it has cost their economy much more significantly than the modest correction in our stock market.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      No matter MARLE, as you may recall I suggested you get entirely out when the market reached an all time high in Jan. Now, I suggest you get back in once the market drops 10%. Just suggestin’.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        MY BAD! Get back in 25% ONLY.

        • MARLE says:

          Yes, Stuart we are past the 10% mark already for most industry sectors. This over-reaction is really unprecedented. The last was probably SARS at at time when China was a virtual nobody on the economic stage.

        • MARLE says:

          Citibank, all the airlines, cruise, casino are already down 22% plus. And all b/c of a world wide ban on travel, quarantines, and overreaction when our own flu, recently has killed 80K in one flu season. And we are a 1st world nation with a Flu vaccine!

          Should we have put a quarantine on our own population each flu season and encouraged all other nations of the world to stop doing business here for fear of being one of those 80K dead?

          What is going on? It’s the flu….with a rather commonplace outcome at that.

        • MARLE says:

          Follow your advice Stuart and don’t you dare get in until the market has gone down 25%. You’re going to miss a great opportunity b/c this corono virus non-sense is going to be put in its proper perspective once Trump sees how his administrations over-reaction is 1) silly 2) unnecessary 3) destructive to entire sectors of the market……. for No Good Reason other than his, Pompeo’s and Navarro’s desire to hurt China every chance they get regardless of the collateral damage to our own US-owned industries.

          • James White says:

            Do you take Vitamin C ? The last vitamin c factory in USA closed 15 years ago. Why, China undercut them and then now they are the only manufactures , raise the price.
            Do you take Antibiotics? 95% made in CHINA or some in INDIA.
            We need constitutional trade policies… Tariffs.
            Look for shortages in lots of other prescription drugs soon…

          • MARLE says:

            Yes….we need to manufacture everything here. Everything from underwear to ball gown; from toe nail clippers to the space lab. The rest of the world can trade with each other.

            I sell art work. My butcher doesn’t buy art work from me but that doesn’t mean that the deficit I run with him is hurting me. And it certainly doesn’t mean that the money I spend with him is being “Stolen” from me.

            We are the strongest economy on earth. What has international trade done to hurt us. Germany, the largest manufacturing economy in Europe, has experienced the largest hit to their economy in the global trade war (long before Coronavirus issues). Manufacturing has a much more defined and dynamic boom and bust cycle. Is that what you’re longing for?

          • James White says:

            You are presuming that the ‘Free Trade’ agreements are only about trade. If that were so they would not be THOUSANDS of pages long.
            I have nothing against real free trade or tariffs or anything constitutional…

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            “The System” that I use had me out of the market completely last Jan. 17th. Once the market declines 10% I will put 25% back in. For each 5% decline thereafter I will put another 25% in until I’m fully invested once the market is down 25%. Anytime the market goes back up to its all time high after inflation I will sell everything and get out. Pretty cool don’t you think?

          • MARLE says:

            Putting 25% in at the 10% means that you were in yesterday. Guess you must do index funds b/c there are sectors, many in fact, that were down 10% a week ago before the last 4 down-days. WTH …..

          • MARLE says:

            You’re griping about Vitamin C production being in China. Not that much different from underwear and nail clippers. Trump has been characterizing our trade Deficit (dollar amounts) as being STOLEN. And the morons at the rallies applaud.

          • James White says:

            Marle, not just vit c ,
            f China stopped exporting prescription drugs and their ingredients to the United States, pharmacy shelves across the country would empty within months. “That’s how dependent we are on China,” Rosemary Gibson told The New American. “It’s a national security threat that few people even know about.”
            Gibson is a senior advisor at the Hastings Center and coauthor of China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine, a whistleblower analysis of the dire situation Western countries have brought about by allowing China to dump cheap prescriptions on them, driving domestic producers out of business. “The truth is that America’s dependence on a single country for the active ingredients, raw materials, and chemical building blocks for so many essential medicines is a risk of epic proportions.”
            “Think about how China devastated our steel industry, dumping its product here at below-market price and destroying our manufacturing base,” Gibson points out. “They want to do the same thing with medicine. They’ve already done it with penicillin.”
            Penicillin is the go-to antibiotic for dozens of bacterial infections such as strep throat and children’s colds. It has been 15 years since the last U.S. penicillin plant closed its doors, in the midst of a massive Chinese campaign that dumped the antibiotic on the global market at extremely low prices.
            Other antibiotics stand in the cross hairs: bio-warfare safeguard ciprofloxacin, anthrax antidote doxycycline, and vancomycin, a last-resort antibiotic for drug-resistant infections.

            Common high blood pressure medications such as losartan; chemotherapy drugs for children and adults; birth control pills; antidepressants and psychotherapeutics; anti-seizure meds for epilepsy; and drugs to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Parkinson’s, as well as medical implants and devices — all of these make the “made in China” list, as do over-the-counter pain killers and vitamins.
            Even the vitamin C that supplements your breakfast cereal is probably Chinese. Along with penicillin, we ceded ascorbic acid (the active ingredient in vitamin C) to China in the early 2000s. The last U.S. production facility shuttered a short time after Congress passed the U.S.-China Trade Relations Act of 2000 — a measure that then-President Bill Clinton promised would secure American jobs and safeguard against surges of Chinese imports.

            Do you want to find out the source of your meds? You likely won’t read it on labels or product literature. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only requires drug makers to list the name and place of manufacture or distribution, not country of origin.

            Take the case of contaminated heparin in 2007 and 2008, when 246 Americans, including some children, died, and hundreds more were seriously injured after receiving the common blood thinner, used daily in U.S. hospitals and dialysis centers.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            No MARLE, I follow the NYSE Composite Index and it just crossed down 10% today closing down 11.53% at the close. I will invest 25% tomorrow.

          • MARLE says:

            It might do well for you to take a nostalgic trip back to the 1940’s. When we entered WW2 our Navy was ranked 17th in the world. In 3 short years, even BACK then, we could ramp up something like a military fighting force.

            Whatever we need we will allocate resources to and have what we need ASAP esp when it is nothing more than commonplace antibiotics and vitamin C for pete’s sake.

          • MARLE says:

            Sorry…forgot to add that we ended WW2 with the #1 fighting force in the world. 3 years from way behind the pack to first place. I bet we can do that with vit c

          • MARLE says:

            And finally….at 71 y/o I only take vit C and a multi

          • MARLE says:

            Not asking what you follow…so if an industry sector, paying a 4% dividend is down 40% you can’t be an investor until the whole Index is down 10? Ok, now I’m not calling that brilliant.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            If it’s down 40% you have to evaluate whether it deserves to be down 40% which the average person can’t consistently do successfully so why not invest according to the market cycles which The System forces your to do. In when the market is down, out at an all time high. If your feeling lucky you can even invest in individual stocks that you feel are undervalued when the market is already down. Not brilliant, just consistent winning over the long run. I have about 145 subscribers to my free bulletin who seem to be well satisfied with how well The System works.

  • Fighting the Coronavirus is not, nor should it be a political issue by any candidate for office. If Dr. Sethi has the expertise as an orthopedic surgeon to make recomendations to the CDC for control of the outbreak, then I applaud him for his input and concern. If this is just a press release to score points, then it should be recognized as such… As a dentist for 43-years who took the same microbiology, pharmacology, etc… I don’t. My heart extends to those patients affected and defers to the experts who are vulnerable. Blessings!

    • LeeAnn C. says:

      Good point, Dr. Bush. I’m sure President Trump has qualified public health professionals at his disposal. As a trauma surgeon, these remarks and recommendations appear to be an attempt to gain attention.

  • MARLE says:

    Trump has stopped all air flights to China and is about to do the same for S Korea and Japan. The transport industry market is down 30% already as are booking sites, hotels, casinos. Soon to follow will be freight carriers, banks etc along with tech companies whose supply chain will be disrupted.

    And this is all the Dems fault…..H-O-W?????

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    How did he have a plan back on Feb 4? Looks like he had a large crowd also. Trump will help Hagerty fight the virus much more effectively

  • James White says:

    There are three important issues the two parties never speak about or disagree about (or perhaps disagree only in rhetoric). These are: World Government, the Banking System, and the Middle East. There is no debate between the parties on these issues. .

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Can I get a bag of popcorn to go with my kool-aid?

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  • Jay says:

    You the ones (injecting politics) are part of the problem. You get self involved then interject your opinion which leads to a tired consensus that supports the money side of a resolution.
    Stop doing that.

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