Sethi on Hagerty’s entry into Senate race: It’s on.

Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi in a fundraising email welcomes former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty to the U.S. Senate race, casting himself as the “conservative outsider” versus the “consummate insider.”

The race is now set, and the choice is all the more clear: a political insider, close friend of Mitt Romney, and the choice of the professional political class versus the true conservative outsider who has lived the American Dream in Tennessee.

It’s the consummate insider, versus the conservative outsider.

Like President Trump, I’m a conservative outsider, taking on the establishment, but I can’t do it alone.

The challenge for Sethi will be to try to somehow drive a wedge between Hagerty and his endorsement from Trump without alienating the president’s supporters in the Republican primary.

18 Responses to Sethi on Hagerty’s entry into Senate race: It’s on.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Conservatives can call this the Battle of the Hobson’s Choice. Not quite as significant as The Bulge or Bull Run but that’s what we’re stuck with. Indeed, I’m afraid that Bill Hagerty is a “consummate insider” but there is not a shred of evidence that No Record Candidate Sethi is a “CONSERVATIVE” and the Chairman of the 2016 Statesmen’s Dinner is no “OUTSIDER.”

    I’ll take Hagerty, at least he has a political record and does not insult our intelligence by calling himself a “conservative outsider.”

    • Lance Persson says:

      Stuart, I would suggest you check what Bobby Patray and other trusted Republican conservatives think of Sethi before you state that he has no record of being a conservative. Even though you may not be familiar with him, doesn’t mean he has not been active in conservative politics. Please make the effort to learn more about him before making such negative remarks. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        I will do so, but I think that Sethi should highlight his political experience and activity in his campaign or let news outlets know about what he has been up to politically rather than simply present himself as some gift to the electorate proclaiming himself the consummate “political outsider.” For a relatively unknown candidate to rely on word of mouth to establish his credentials is so 19th century.

        If I see Bobby Patray I will pick her brain as to Sethi. In the meantime I will continue to follow the campaign but the burden is on Sethi to establish that he is something other than a No Record Candidate.

      • MARLE says:

        Bobby Patray and every staunch conservative voice Combined is no match, in Stuart’s limited universe, for a Heritage Score. Without that he is lost in making a sensible evaluation.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          So true MARLE! For example, I met what appeared to be a very attractive lady the other day and I thought I would ask her to lunch but you can’t be too careful in today’s world so I asked her for her Heritage score just to establish her bona fides. Can you imagine, she looked at me as though I was nuts. Needless to say, my interest in her evaporated immediately.

  • Lance Persson says:

    As conservatives, we love and support our president, Donald Trump. But that doesn’t mean that we blindly follow his advice when it comes to who we decide to support as the Tennessee candidate in the 2020 Republican primary for the senate. We are tired of having weak knee senators such as Alexander and Corker. We want someone who strongly believes in following the constitution, is focused more on what is good for our state citizens than big money contributors, and most of all someone who understands and uses common sense. I challenge every Republican to carefully learn and compare about both candidates before deciding who to support. If they do, I think they will come to the same conclusion I have, SETHI is the best senate candidate to represent Tennessee.

  • James White says:

    First we need to know Sethi’s position on the issues. Then either him or someone else may be running. Never Hagerty.

    • Lance Persson says:

      Hi James, There are a number of videos on YouTube which can inform you of Sethi, his values and why he is running for the senate seat.

      • James White says:

        That video told me NOTHING.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          The burden is on Sethi to show us that he has a record to prove that he is a conservative. He is 41 years old. What the heck has he been doing politically since he completed his internship after medical school. Until he carries that burden I will continue to assume he is a No Record Candidate who shouldn’t occupy one of the most important offices in this republic.

        • Eddie White says:

          James, I am sure he would have voted for the Article 5 convention. So sorry.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I can sympathize with “Never Hagerty” but if I came to your door telling you to invest in a stock with absolutely no credentials to give you confidence that I have any idea what I’m talking about except a slick sales presentation would you buy the stock? THAT’S MANNY SETHI.

      What difference does it make what Dr. Sethi says now that the campaign is on and he has Chris Devaney and Gordon Gehrke whispering in his ear as to what to say based on the polling that they have done. The man is a SURGEON, that’s it, a perfectly noble profession to be sure but what the hell has that to do with serving in the U. S. Senate! You care so much about ideology and platform and you are so willing to buy a spiel mouthed by some No Record Candidate. JAMES, PLEASE THINK AGAIN!!!

      Why not vote for one of the even more obscure candidates who have no chance and are not really serious. You can always abstain from voting for U. S. Senator like I will when Hagerty runs for reelection after serially infuriating me for the next six years.

      • MARLE says:

        Maybe going to the Senate without passing through the Obedience schooling or “House”breaking process of being a dutiful lapdog is a Positive thing.

  • TR says:

    This primary race is between two smart men competing to say the dumbest things to appear the most Trump-like. While I find it humorous that Sethi thinks saying someone was “friends with Mitt Romney” would be considered a negative by TN Republicans, I think he’s ultimately spinning his wheels. It’s tough to out-Trump the guy who’s endorsed by Trump, even if he is friends with Bill Haslam and Mitt Romney.

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