Sethi, Hagerty ramp up fundraising before quarterly deadline

Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi and former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty have ramped up their fundraising activity in advance of the end of the of the third quarter on Monday.

Sethi held fundraisers in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis. Event
hosts include Fred Decosimo, the former campaign treasurer for Bill Lee’s gubernatorial campaign, former HCA Tristar President Larry Kloess, healthcare entrepreneur Bill West, developer Jim Sattler, and wealth management adviser Frank Bumstead.

Hagerty has events being hosted at the Nashville homes of Barry Stowe, the former CEO of Prudential’s North American operations, state Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bobby Rolfe, lobbyist Dale Allen, and Blair Wilson, the brother of state Comptroller Justin Wilson. Two of the events will be held after the current quarter ends, but all checks are supposed to be received by Sept. 30.

Here is the Hagerty invite (home addresses have been deleted):

Ambassador Bill Hagerty has announced his bid for U.S. Senate and we want you to join Team Hagerty. Please see below for a personal invitation to join Bill and be part of his campaign launch. There are four opportunities to attend a kick-off reception over the next few weeks. Details are below or click here for an invitation. Please reply and let us know of your support. – Kim

Kim Kaegi

Please select a date and location most convenient for you.
* All events 5:30 – 7:00 pm *
Limited capacity for each reception to allow for more one-on-one engagement.

Thursday, September 26
Sherri & Barry Stowe

Monday, September 30
Kathy & Bobby Rolfe

Thursday, October 3
Linde & Blair Wilson

Wednesday, October 9
Julie & Dale Allen

$11,200 ~ Sponsor
$5,600 ~ Host
$2,800 ~ Attend

To make your reservation & contribute: TeamHagerty/donate
All contributions encouraged to be made prior to 9.30.19

Here are the invites for the Sethi events:


18 Responses to Sethi, Hagerty ramp up fundraising before quarterly deadline

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    For solid conservatives this is truly a Hobsons Choice Election because neither of these plutocrats have shown any evidence that they are conservatives at all. Therefore the only redeeming feature of this race is that Tennessee conservatives can use the money they would have spent on the U. S. Senate race to fund stalwart conservatives as we approach the 2020 Republican Primary. Heck, as a conservative I would rather just send my money to the Club For Growth and/or House Freedom Fund rather than financially support either of these two very wealthy centrists or at best tepid conservatives.

    • MARLE says:

      Will you never tire of using this phrase, Stuart? You’re like a monkey with a peanut or an toddler with a shiny object. I know some of these Thesaurus finds are easy to fixate on but we have a long time to go to election time and a year of this “Hobsons Choice” in every comment is already wearing very thin.

      Add to that the fact that you are NOT looking for stalwart Republicans; you are seemingly delighted with the current crop of lap dogs.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        1. So long as this U. S, Senate race is an election that gives conservatives “an apparent free choice when there is no real alternative” it is, according to “Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary” a Hobson’s Choice Election. Discerning that I proceed to call this election a “Hobson’s Choice Election.” It’s not a matter of fixation, it’s simply a matter of labeling things accurately which I never tire of doing. When another candidate presents himself who gives conservatives a choice I will cease calling this a Hobson’s Choice election. That you find this mundane stuff “wearing very thin” only indicates that you are all too easily annoyed so unfortunately political commentary is not something designed to bring out the best in you.

        2. Apparently you read enough of my responses to be annoyed by a label that I use but not enough to get the idea that I am not altogether content, to say nothing of “delighted,” with the Republican Party as a political party or with very many elected officials in that party. I am content with anyone whose voting record results in their receiving a Heritage score of over 80, I am ecstatic if they receive over 90. If you regard these individuals as “lap dogs” then I’m afraid that you are an eccentric in addition to being easily annoyed.

    • James White says:

      Stuart, a very wise man said: It makes no sense for us to pray for deliverance from them in the morning and then in the afternoon go to the polls and vote for them.
      Stuart, you are in error.

    • Donna Locke says:

      The Club for Growth has worked against immigration control and has been solidly pro-amnesty.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        I was not aware of that but it doesn’t surprise me. After all, The Club is solely focused on economic growth and there is nothing that grows the economy in the short-run as per all the statistics that everyone looks at like importing workers who will obey and work for a fraction of what Americans will demand. Of course, the deficit that will grow because of the services that these immigrants’ immediate and eventually extended family demands is a statistic that few pay attention to anymore.

        Immigration aside, however, The Club is very good at targeting winnable races being contested by conservatives where the extra money that it and its members provides can make a difference. However, when it comes to evaluating officeholders the Heritage Action Scorecard rather than the Club is my go to source because Heritage more fully reflects the entire spectrum of conservative concerns.

        • MARLE says:

          In the age of welfare programs and wealth transfer through the tax code NO conservative should ever say “immigration aside”!!!!!!!!!

          You support the tepid because you ARE among the tepid.

  • James White says:

    Well Hagerty is Deep State, so he is Out. Manny keeps sending me money requests but does not tell me one thing he is for or against except he is for Trump.
    No Money for you.

  • Eddie White says:

    Vote for the Democratic candidate then. He is not deep State and won’t support Trump. I am sure he would appreciate your $25…

    • Beatrice Shaw says:

      using these recycled fundraisers is horrid. whatever you give, they take 15-20% of the top plus expenses in many cases. Just make your own sign and put it in your yard.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Great point Beatrice so I would like to call the attention of my fellow conservatives to the Club For Growth PAC whose overhead as a percentage of spending is only about 9% so a contribution to the Club’s PAC really gives the contributor bang for the buck.

        • MARLE says:

          Club for Growth, formerly reliable for Some useful information, is now a rubber stamp for sycophants. Ignore them; do your own reading and research. Their influence has gotten us rising debt, deficits, a president who thinks the federal government should dictate where companies can do business and a thousand other anti-fiscal-conservative measures.

          • Beatrice Shaw says:

            agreed Club for Growth quickly outlived its usefulness. Much quicker than labor unions…..but basically the same

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Well, well, well I used to look upon James White as an interesting political period piece and mourned the fact that he is so out of touch with political realities and increasingly so. It was not long ago, in fact, that I thought that by careful nurturing I could bring James over to be a useful participant in practical right-wing politics by joining me in slowly but surely moving the Republican Party, and then the country, toward constitutional government that results from strict interpretation of the constitution and a more non-interventionist foreign policy. Instead, for the first time I now am horrified to see that it is James who is evangelically bringing people over to his way of thinking with the result that, for example, MARLE thinks that one of the most important funders of conservative Republican candidates who oppose establishment backed wet Republicans, the Club for Growth is “. . .a rubber stamp for sycophants” and Beatrice can see no material difference between the Club For Growth and the AFofL-CIO. Two more to join James in being nowhere useful in the struggle against the left-wing statists who will destroy everything that we love about this country. Too depressing!

          • James White says:

            “Many are hacking at the branches of evil, few at the root” -Thoreau

        • James White says:

          Stuart, you can’t ‘ slowly but surely moving the Republican Party’ towards constitution government. You keep voting in the same ones that are against the constitution, because, well it is better than a democrat. When you realize that there is only one party, then you will understand.

  • Eddie White says:

    Still living in political never, never land. I don’t agree with every platform in the Republican Party, but to see no difference between the parties is the definition of ignorance.

    • James White says:

      Well Eddie, have you looked at the US Public Debt. It goes up and never down, even when the Republicans are in control (and even when the Democrats are in control). It is now at 22,609,957,618,808.14 So what is the difference in the parties here?
      Here are other issues they Never differ and they are not small issues: World Government, the Banking System, and the Middle East.
      There is no debate between the parties on these issues.

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