Sethi denounces Nashville mayor as ‘cowardly’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi speaks at a campaign event in Clarksville on Feb. 4, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi is denouncing Nashville Mayor John Cooper as “cowardly” for his approach to street violence following protests over the weekend.

“We saw this past weekend was political correctness run amok: cowardly Democrat Mayors, like John Cooper, are more concerned about political correctness and about what the liberal media thinks, than about protecting the people in our cities,” Sethi said in a statement.

Here’s the full release:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Republican Senate candidate and conservative outsider Dr. Manny Sethi released the following statement on the violent riots in Nashville and across our country:

I am deeply saddened and angered by the death of George Floyd. America has justifiably already started a conversation about real criminal justice reform. President Trump had already signed a landmark bill. That was a good start, and we must continue this work so these types of incidents finally end. 

But what we saw in that video was not representative of most police officers. I have cared for police officers who have put their bodies in front of bullets to protect us. I have seen their courage and devotion up close.

Protests are inherently American. The right to petition for redress of grievances is a basic constitutional right. However, we cannot allow what these protests have morphed into to continue. We have moved far beyond peaceful protest into lawlessness. These ANTIFA-trained revolutionaries have no interest in a more perfect union. It’s not about solving problems in policing to them, or helping heal neighborhoods. They want to bring down this country. 

CNN treats rioting like it is a legitimate form of protest. That’s wrong. There are liberal radicals trying to incite a civil war by inflaming racial tensions. These radicals are insurrectionists, and should be treated like it.

Nobody has the right to riot, to loot, to burn, to attack fellow citizens. Our leaders have a sworn duty to uphold the law, to protect our citizens, to put down insurrection. I am calling on them to do it now. 

We saw this past weekend was political correctness run amok: cowardly Democrat Mayors, like John Cooper, are more concerned about political correctness and about what the liberal media thinks, than about protecting the people in our cities. 

This cannot be allowed to continue. Our leaders have a moral duty to protect our citizens’ life, liberty, and property. They must step up. I am calling on every Mayor and Governor in this country to use every means at their disposal if the lives, homes and businesses of Americans are threatened, and to stop the violent, ANTIFA-led mobs ripping through our cities.  

They will not quit otherwise. We cannot allow ANTIFA to tear America apart. We cannot allow them to burn our cities, to harm our people. 

We must pray for our country, and that our leaders will have the courage to protect America. 

This country is worth defending.  

May God bless and protect the United States of America.

32 Responses to Sethi denounces Nashville mayor as ‘cowardly’

  • steve cates says:

    John Cooper showed LEADERSHIP! (Get your buddy 45 to model it sometime!!)

  • James White says:

    Manny is correct. To be mayor and LET law breakers rule the roost is unacceptable.

  • Manny should go back to doctoring. He is right about Cooper, but wasting his time campaigning. Hagerty will won whether we lie it or not. TN cannot put good leaders forward. Conservatives are basically outlawed.

    • G. Lamar Wilkie says:

      And you are wasting your time commenting. TN has a problem with conservatives not putting their money where their hearts are, allowing big money establishment candidates to win again and again. I have no problem sending Dr. Manny a monthly donation, because I support candidates I believe in. Your nihilist attitude of “just surrender now, months before the primary, what point is there?” tells me that you have no understanding of the heart of the Volunteer State. We don’t volunteer when it’s easy… we volunteer when the odds are against us. That’s what makes us exceptional. Maybe if more people would stop following flashy ads and clever sound bites, and look more closely at the candidates they’re voting for, more conservatives like Dr. Manny Sethi would get elected.

  • Eddie White says:

    Manny is absolutely correct on Mayor Cooper. The mayor is pandering to the left in his city and ignoring his own social distancing guidelines. Glad to see Manny calling him out. Sure can’t depend on the Nashville media. What is happening in our country now is not about justice, it is about politics. There are those who are using this issue to try and advance a change in the White House. If you care to look at your news app on your phone you will find they have a lot of allies.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What Chairman Manny’s high paid campaign staff said in his name is fine, and no doubt Hagerty’s campaign staff will say something that is variations on the same theme. Again, its a campaign, which is about the worst way to find out anything about the candidate that is being promoted, though on rare occasion opposition research does reveal things about the record of opponents that are informative.

    What is interesting to watch is whether the residents of the large cities in this country will get over their thrall with leftist romanticism in time to save their cities from degenerating into a violent dystopias. Equally interesting is not the all too predictable comments from me or the others who disagree with me and feel just as strongly as I do, but feelings and actions of that small but crucial sector of the population who doesn’t feel strongly at all. They may or may not vote and/or they may vote for Democrats or they may vote for Republicans. When do enough of these people realize that we are really on the “wrong path” to say ENOUGH and vote to put an end to the liberal/left madness that is gripping and destroying this country.

    • John says:

      As a high dollar donor to tepid Hagerty, surely you are concerned that Hagerty’s campaign operatives are consistently playing catch-up to Manny’s. Manny shouldn’t have a chance, but he’s definitely getting more for his money with effective campaign staff. This shouldn’t even be a race. Hagerty’s team is a joke.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        WRONG AGAIN JOHN! It would take truly an extraordinary circumstance for me to contribute to a tepid conservative like Hagerty, especially a tepid conservative plutocrat like Hagerty. I husband my resources to contribute to races being run by stalwart conservatives like Timothy Hill (ACU-88%). I ardently hope Chairman Manny suffers an ignominious defeat rather than simply losing as he is expected to do because by doing so it will place an exclamation point after the lesson that I hope is derived from this campaign.

        If you say that the Chairman’s campaign is producing more bang for the buck than Hagerty’s, that’s bad news but you may be right. Somehow I have confidence in my friend Ward Baker to unleash the heavy artillery at just the right time if polling shows that the Chairman is a serious threat. Otherwise for conservatives this is a Hobson’s Choice election that shouldn’t distract from the most important task of replacing Phil Roe (Heritage-69%) with Timothy Hill in the First.

  • Benny Jones says:

    Bla bla bla

    • James White says:

      I agree Benny. Look, the Republicans control Tennessee and Nothing has changed, more Government. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      • Eddie White says:

        The only alternative is to vote vote for the Democratic Party. Go right ahead…I think it would be therapeutic for you…..

      • LeeAnn C. says:

        TN fell for a big lie when Bill Lee stated he was a conservative. No one had anything to go join. Same campaign staff is trying the same stunt here with Captain Obvious. Vote for Hagerty!

        • LeeAnn C. says:

          Dang auto correct. No one had anything to go *on*.

        • Lance Persson says:

          You must be very pleased with our current progressive senator if you are encouraging people to vote for Haggerty. Check out his history. Haggerty has always supported the progressive candidates like Romney.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Lance, please check out my reason for ardently wanting the defeat of Chairman Manny and thus my voting for Hagerty as explained in my responses and replies to this blog yesterday afternoon if you would simply scroll down.

  • Eddie White says:

    Maybe a Gov John Cooper would be good for Tennessee…

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Captain Obvious makes another fabulous observation. Who knows what Sethi actually stands for? His campaign staff includes Rick Williams, a Democrat Cooper promoter, over any Republican choice. Before that, Rick was part of the Lee team, selling us all on the “outsider” with no record or experience to know how he’d sell TN down the river for refugee resettlement and appoint unelected committees to totally shut down the TN economy. Manny’s never supported a challenger to Corker or Alexander. Never contributed one thin dime to President Trump until October 2019 – after starting his Senat campaign. . Why focus on contributions that aren’t there? Because we’ve NOTHING else to assess who this candidate really is or what he stands for. He’s an empty suit that would demonstrate more character at this moment by returning to his self-promoted nonprofit organization. Oh wait, no measurable results there. Just more focus on this narcissist! No thank you! I want someone that actually gets things done! Vote for Hagerty!

    • Captain Haggerty says:

      Haggerty was really sticking it to Lamar and Corker by giving them a combined $18,000 over the years, wasn’t he?

    • MARLE says:

      Rick Williams ran the Swain Mayoral campaign. Working for Cooper doesn’t make you a Dem any more than working for Swain makes you a Rep.

      • Eddie White says:

        Nashville needs Carol Swain now more than ever. Cooper is just another left-wing big city mayor, promising to handcuff the police and raise taxes.

  • Keith says:

    The Republicans have.consistently shown to be incapable of governing. Their eyes are permanently fixed on Trump, responding to his every capricious whim, instead of looking to the citizens whose welfare sadly is being consistently ignored.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I always admired a man who could maintain his sense of humor in the face of peril and disaster. We are living through a time when Democratic officeholders are showing their lust for power by wildly overreacting to the Chinese Flu, a time when cities governed by Democrats are going up in flames and being looted (especially those cities that parlay having a Democratic mayor with a Democratic governor), and your droll observation is that “The Republicans have consistently shown to incapable of governing.” Keith, I don’t know what you do for a living or how wedded you are to your profession, but stand-up comedy is definitely one of your options.

  • James White says:

    Haggerty is Deep State, Manny and Flinn are Not

    • Willie Smith says:

      You are correct. Hagerty is an establishment hack and cannot be trusted. Manny is the only true conservative running.

  • Eddie White says:

    James, you are getting involved in our primary. Please let us work this out.

  • G. Lamar Wilkie says:

    I can say this… Hagerty is a one-trick pony with his “endorsed by Trump” boast. Yayyy, guess who else was endorsed by Trump? Hagerty’s old boss Mitt Romney! And… what else have you got to offer? He’s like a well-funded broken record. If you need to know the heart of Dr. Manny Sethi, talk to the people in his home county, where he and his parents have served our community for decades. People like ME.

    Look at his town hall in Manchester, TN on YouTube. He’s running a smart, lean campaign because most conservative candidates have to. He may not have the funding the big money establishment candidates have: but he’s definitely not a Bill Lee. That much is certain. He will represent our state well in the United States Senate.

  • Willie Smith says:

    I have known the Sethi’s for many years. I knew Dr. Brahm Sethi well and attended his funeral. Manny’s mother Chander delivered our niece. I can assure you he is a solid conservative. Bill Hagerty CANNOT be trusted. He is an establishment RINO (i.e. what I call a “Transpublican” – a Democrat-in-drag). Trump is wrong to endorse him, and this will come back to bite him badly if Hagerty wins.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    But GLW, if we talked “. . .to the people in his home county, where he and his parents have served [the] community for decades [or was it centuries]” I have every confidence that they would say that Bill Lee is one heck of a conservative guy. The problem is, what the does “conservative” mean to the people in his home county? To you? To me? To LeeAnn, Eddie, or James? Who can forget those outrageous adds with that race car driver/car dealership owner I believe asking us to vote for Lamar rather than Joe Carr because Lamar is one “. . .down-home Tennessee CONSERVATIVE.” That’s Lamar Alexander (Heritage-51%)!

    No GLW, when you show up to run for a position like governor, U. S. Senator, or congressman don’t you dare show up and ask for the votes of actual small government, low taxes, nationalist conservatives without some record of public service or support for the conservative movement and then have the audacity to run as a “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” without one if you don’t want to be ridiculed and derided by conservatives. I WANT TO SEE THE CHAIRMAN BEATEN AND BEATEN BADLY!!!!! Vote Hagerty PLEASE!

  • G. Lamar Wilkie says:

    Stuart (or SIA, as you like), when you say “don’t you dare show up and ask for the votes of actual small government, low taxes, nationalist conservatives without some record of public service or support for the conservative movement”, I suppose being a trauma surgeon is not a public service to you? Just another job, huh Stuart?

    Is it not public service AND support for the conservative movement that he and his wife Maya founded Healthy Tennessee, a nonprofit organization designed to promote preventative health care instead of chasing symptoms and treating illness all the time? I think most people would understand and appreciate the fact that it’s easier, and cheaper, to stay healthy than it is to try and regain health after it’s lost.

    If that’s not good enough for you either, fair enough: that’s the beauty of primaries. You aren’t required to vote for anyone. Have a great weekend and be well

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      As a matter of fact, no it isn’t! By “public service” in the political context we mean holding public office, preferably elective and/or decision making rather than mere ministerial public office. The Chairman might be one heck of a Christian Gentleman who could certainly be my friend, marry my sister or other close relative, even get my support in a run for Tennessee House District 65, but NOT U. S. SENATOR! There are only 100 of them of whom only two come from Tennessee. It’s a pretty important job don’t you think? And here is some guy strolling out of the Vandy operating room with oooodles of money but no POLITICAL record of being anything but a hanger-on to the Republican Establishment and not dollar one of contributions to anything resembling the conservative movement expecting voters who have devoted their time and money to the conservative movement for years to vote for him because he’s a “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER”? It’s almost insulting!

      When The Chairman excitedly sat down with his friend Chris Devaney and charted a course for this ill conceived campaign they should have called me. Lamar, please tell your friend The Chairman that if he wants to move a few miles west to District 65 and run to join a number of other physicians in the TN House I will be happy to support him provided he acquires some vestige of conservative credentials. I know he’s busy but if he can take a moment and send a significant contribution to Timothy Hill (“Hill For Congress”, P.O. Box 3071, Blountville, TN 37617) he can start right now.

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