Sales tax holiday a likely victim of dire Tennessee budget picture

Senate Speaker Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) wields the gavel during a floor session to adjust the course of the legislative session in response to the coronavirus pandemic on March 16, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

While state House committees go through the motions of advancing pricey legislative proposals, the Senate has been pinpointing spending items likely to to be axed amid a dire state budget outlook. Senate Speaker Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) tells WBIR-TV that one such item may be the popular back-to-school sales tax holiday.

“Depending on what their estimates are, I’m pretty sure we’re going to face some difficult times as far as revenue,” McNally said.

This year’s sales tax holiday, which exempts clothing and school supplies costing less than $100 and computers up to $1,500, is scheduled for July 31 through Aug. 2. The state generally forgoes about $10 million in sales tax revenue during the annual event.

14 Responses to Sales tax holiday a likely victim of dire Tennessee budget picture

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    In our effort to close our budget deficit, that’s an excellent place to start. Now let’s turn to cutting the size and scope of government

  • This is a tax increase

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    Budget crisis ideas…..I’d like to see cuts in the upper executive ranks, but the axe will fall on the little guy as usual. More radical (and harder to accomplish) ideas might involve merging a few counties (Chester County comes to mind), and moving to a unicameral Legislature. Those two ideas are worthy of consideration long term, but both involve “sacred cows”.

  • There has been at least one house cleaning in TDEC of upper echelons personnel in their finance Dept. Probably be more from what I heard

  • Wow. Joe Carr wants to run for Rutherford County Mayor. He is a perennial candidate indeed!!!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      What does that have to do with “Sales tax holiday a likely victim of dire Tennessee budget picture”? I wonder why Erik allows you to use his response section as a liberal message board on which to give your many followers your opinion about anything that happens to enter your head.

      Wow, what really is interesting is how you so often manage to be fascinated by the least interesting aspect of any story that happens to catch your fancy. You seem to be fascinated with Joe Carr which I can understand insofar as Joe is a committed, knowledgeable solid conservative and you must be something, but you’re not a conservative. You also seemingly get a kick out of disseminating off-topic fake news, but assuming you have inadvertently stumbled on a fact, the citizens of Rutherford County are very lucky indeed! Unfortunately, in Williamson County we have all too many tepid conservative Chamber of Commerce shills, so I am jealous of our neighbor’s good fortune.

      • John says:

        Phil is suffering from Joe Carr Derangement Syndrome.

      • Donna Locke says:

        Stuart, Joe Carr is a prime example of the business-lobby puppets to whom you refer. He is NOT a conservative.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Donna, I’ve personally known Joe for over six years and if you don’t think Joe is a “conservative” then you and I have different definitions of “conservative.”

          Now more importantly, the H-1b scam us heating up again, so I ask are you a member of FAIR? Is FAIR a 501(c)(3) organization? What other anti-immigration organizations would you recommend?

          • Donna Locke says:

            Stuart, I support the Center for Immigration Studies, though I and many others are more hardline than its head, Mark Krikorian. I have been affiliated with NumbersUSA but am not now. Again, I and many others are more hardline than its head, Roy Beck. But we worked together along with others all over the U.S. I did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, including writing, and also public writing and speaking.

            NumbersUSA has a presence in Tennessee.

            I am not affiliated with FAIR, though they came to Georgia to talk with me when I was there. FAIR’s lawyers have been useful at times–RICO lawsuits and such–and leader Dan Stein has not been hesitant to say the truth about what is going on. I am forever grateful to him for that. But FAIR has hogged money and done other divisive things in the immigration control movement.

            You can get good info from all of them.

          • Donna Locke says:

            I forgot to add that NumbersUSA is the main Washington lobbyist for immigration control. They will put your donations to good use, as will CIS.

  • Eddie White says:

    Yes, Joe Carr is a conservative. Don’t waste your money Stuart on immigration organizations. Immigration policy will be decided by whoever is sitting in the White House come January. We have seen the differences in Obama/Biden and Trump.

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