Rose takes big money lead over Matheny in 6th Congressional District GOP primary

Former state agriculture commissioner John Rose has a huge campaign financing lead over state Rep. Judd Matheny in the 7th Congressional District Republican primary, according to new reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Rose reports a cash-on-hand balance of $693,704 versus Matheny’s balance of $34,701.

Farmer-businessman has loaned his campaign $500,000, including $250,000 in the fourth quarter. He collected $114,685 in contributions for the quarter; Matheny $33,000. Rose’s total campaign spending since staring are now at $213,431; Matheny’s spending totals for the campaign are listed at $164,543.

Rose fourth quarter donors include Raja Jubran, vice chair of the UT Board of Trustees, ($5,400) and state Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Ferrell Haile of Gallatin ($1,000).

Matheny’s recent donors include Republican Reps. Martin Daniel of Knoxville ($650), Courtney Rogers of Goodlettsville (250) and Jason Zachary of Knoxville ($500). He got $4,000 from the House Freedom Fund.

2 Responses to Rose takes big money lead over Matheny in 6th Congressional District GOP primary

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    This is very troubling indeed. Rose, who has wants to go to Washington to represent the SIXTH Congressional District has absolutely no record in elective office to give the voters any basis to predict his behavior once he does get elected to office. The only indication of his political views, assuming you find paid advertisements unreliable, shows he is highly thought of by Gov. Haslam which is not exactly the best indication of conservative bona-fides.

    As a contrast, for voters seeking a conservative representative they can’t do better than Judd Matheny who has proven himself by his years of conservative leadership in the State House. Judd’s conservative reputation is well known in Washington as evidenced by the fact that he has received the endorsement of the House Freedom Fund which is the PAC of the conservative House Freedom Caucus lead by Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. Hopefully, Judd can pick up his fundraising after the legislature adjourns in late April.

  • June Griffin says:

    I hope the people will begin to vote for candidates who cannot raise money. This is a pretty good indicator that the candidate is looking to the Constitution instead of his vested-interest lobbyist. This is getting disgusting.

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