Republican mailers target Salinas, Johnson

Republican mailers targeting Democratic Senate candidate Gabby Salinas of Memphis use communist imagery including a hammer and sickle, while others aimed at Democratic House candidate Gloria Johnson in Knoxville arguably go even a step further by invoking former Volunteers’ coach Butch Jones.

The mailers are produced by Direct Edge Campaigns. They are aimed at propping up incumbent Republicans Brian Kelsey of Germantown and Eddie Smith of Knoxville.

See full pages of the ads after the jump.


10 Responses to Republican mailers target Salinas, Johnson

  • benton temple says:

    Regardless of the politics, those look super sharp.

  • McSwanson McSweeney says:

    No, they don’t look sharp, regardless of the politics. What values must have been instilled in these Direct Edge and other such folks as children?

  • Norma Shirk says:

    Seriously? Cold war imagery? That so yesterday. But it does demonstrate the paranoia, fear and hatred of the alternative universe in which the Republican Party now lives. Unfortunately, this kind of dog whistle race-baiting and lying is all too common in American political history.

  • David Collins says:

    Of course the Republicans are using Russian references and/or imagery. They get a discount from Moscow based companies by mentioning the name of their most recent success story–Donald Trump

  • James White says:

    Perhaps you guys failed to notice the Hammer and sickle at all the Antifa riots.

    • Mcswanson McSweeney says:

      Garbage comment. 1) it’s “whataboutism,” 2) yeah, I failed to notice all the “riots.”

      • James White says:

        Berkeley, Portland, New York, Charlottesville … do your own google search… it will be hard to find the pics with the Hammer/Sickle the MM (marxist media) edits them out… but they are there, clinched fist and all…

        • McSwanson McSweeney says:

          Okay, friend, if it makes you feel better to think so. Can’t chat right now, though … I have some things to do back on Earth.

  • Jason says:

    Hahahaha. I would notice that if I pulled it out of my mailbox. Butch Jones just can’t escape it.

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