Reps. Johnson, Moon make it 9 Republicans to call for Casada resignation

Reps. Curtis Johnson of Clarksville and Jerome Moon of Maryville  have joined the call for Glen Casada to step aside as House speaker following a text message scandal. That brings the number of Republicans to nine making appeals for Casada to resign from the chamber’s top leadership role.

“We need to restore the trust that has been lost,” Johnson told The Tennessean. “He has become a political liability to the members of the House and to the state. I would urge the speaker to step down.”

Moon wrote an email to a constituent over the weekend to say Casada’s removal needs to take place.

“Please write or email the Governor,” Moon wrote wrote in the email obtained by the The Tennessean. “Because he can call a special session to remove the Speaker, and that is what needs to happen.

“I don’t believe the Speaker will call a special session to remove himself.”

13 Responses to Reps. Johnson, Moon make it 9 Republicans to call for Casada resignation

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Moon is a member of the Toadying Ten so I think his constituents should e-mail him back saying “Why the hell don’t you do your job and stop liberal Democrats from voting for centrists in the Republican primaries instead of spending your time trying to oust a fine conservative Speaker like Glen Casada.”

  • Keith says:

    Curious, especially since Moon was one who had promised his constituents that he would vote against vouchers but then folded once Casada cut him a deal. Casada needs to go, and we’ll elect someone more truthfully accountable to replace Moon.

  • John says:

    Raise your hand if you would like to be the next speaker of the house. Asking for a friend.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    So 9 out of 73 are calling for his resignation? The “rush to judgement” nine we can call them. Is it fair to say, then, that 88% of Republican Representatives support “innocent until proven guilty”? Or are they just loyal to a fellow legislator that had his personal correspondence stolen and splashed across the liberal meeting who are desperate for a new story after the “Trump Collusion” story collapse. And now it appears that the big FBI investigation is a hoax. Wow.

    • Cash Pack says:

      The House of Representatives is not a court of law and Glen Casada is not entitled to due process to keep the Speakership. Casada has brought disgrace on himself, the Republican caucus and the entire State of TN. Maybe you’re okay with elected representatives who claim to be Christian family men, but then participate in vulgar and racist texts and then lie about it when caught, but most Tennesseans would find such behavior in their leaders unacceptable. Every Republican House member must ask themselves whether they would feel comfortable leaving their teenage daughter alone with Glen Casada?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        How did these texts between two friends find there way into the public domain? If an invasion of privacy was involved “most Tennesseans” would find that to be repugnant while the conversations themselves are harmless so they would not want to reward the privacy violators in any way by any action taken against the victim of the invasion, Glen. Finally, to question the morality of an individual who participates in a conversation about the consensual sexual exploits of another is anachronistic – sort of cute perhaps, but anachronistic nevertheless to say nothing of grounds for removing a person from high office for having done so.

        • Lenny says:

          It’s not “harmless conversation” to call black people stupid or hope that the girls you’re sexually attracted to are 18.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Lenny this whole thing is a tempest in a teapot regarding Glen, but as you comment you continue to fascinate. From your comment am I to conclude that any conversation, even one in which you don’t participate, in which opinions are expressed with which you don’t agree is by definition a “harmful conversation”? Is expressing the hope to a male friend in a private conversation that the ladies with whom he is engaging consensual sex are above the age of consent doing some harm to someone, somewhere, somehow? If so, please explain. If not, I guess you would have to call that a “harmless conversation” don’t you think?

          • MARLE says:

            Casada was not “a participant” Stuart. He was a cheerleader. He wasn’t tolerating bad behavior, he was delivering ‘atta-boy”s.

            Making sure the girl your 33 yr old “son” is trying to have is not 16 or 17 but has reached the magic age of 18 and putting all of this (along with just touching the pole dancer..hope his wife is impressed) in a text message is not befitting of a person who is in leadership.

            Replace him with someone who has enough discretion (or is discretion too anachronistic an ideal, Stuart?) not to be vulnerable to blackmail.

        • James White says:

          Any one that is over 10 knows there is NO EXPECTATION of Privacy on electronic computing devices.

      • Silence Dogood says:

        Of course it is not a court of law. It is a blood thirsty pack of self loathing Republicans. And everyone “done with Casada” is out for themselves. Shameless opportunism. Before we pick another speaker we need to ask the NSA and FBI to provide all of their private conversation by text, email, and phone and screen them past the self appointed guardians of this state for approval. Who would be on that panel? Bill Dunn? Should we check him out first, too? Absurd.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Had this sophomoric behavior been known at they time, Mr. Casada would never have been selected as Majority Leader (2016). He can’t undo the damage to his reputation – not in time for the remainder of the 111th General Assembly. These 9 speak for more than themselves. Its time to step aside so that the future work can get done.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    LeeAnn, you’re right. I’m friends with my state rep and she’s also done with him. She isn’t one of the 9

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