Report: GOP considering Nashville as alternate presidential convention site

Republican officials plan to tour Nashville later this week as a potential alternate site for the party’s presidential convention, Politico reports.

Other potential locations reportedly include Las Vegas, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Georgia. The move comes as questions have been raised about whether the event can be held in Charlotte, the original site for the Republican National Convention. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, has said it’s up to Republicans to demonstrate they can safely hold the convention there.

Nashville hasn’t been opened for large conventions or sporting events so far.

23 Responses to Report: GOP considering Nashville as alternate presidential convention site

  • Mary says:

    A packed convention with no masks and no social distancing is a serious health hazard for Nashville and others in Tennessee. I hope Governor Lee with be as cautious as NC Governor Cooper has been.

  • steve cates says:

    You are so right, Mary. The organizers and the bunch coming in would go out -of-their way not to show any type concern about the virus. That would irritate 45 beyond measure. It played out this week with the return of the TN General Assembly Many of the republicans were even shaking hands, one of the nastiest habits ever and certainly a no-no in these times.

    • Eddie White says:

      Interesting Steve and Mary. I haven’t seen you post any concerns about the thousands of demonstrators who were not social distancing in downtown Nashville last Saturday.

  • Norma Shirk says:

    What a waste of time and money. Don’t expect Gov. Lee to stand in the way. He’s another Republican in thrall to the cult of Trump.

    • Cannoneer2 says:

      Nashville has developed a national reputation as collectively being gullible enough to go for things like this. The city always ends up losing millions. I would say that if this ends up costing even a penny of taxpayer dollars, then say a resounding NO! Also, since Nashville is run by Democrats, wouldn’t Franklin be more appropriate?

  • MARLE says:

    Guess Mayor Cooper wouldn’t have a say in this? He has resisted opening my gym back up ~ closed since mid March while the same “big box” gyms in neighboring counties have been open for a month.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What a wonderful economic boost that would be to this entire metropolitan area. Tennessee is one of the most Republican states in the nation so I can’t think of a more appropriate location.

    • Cannoneer2 says:

      I think Franklin/Williamson County would be the ideal location.

      • John says:

        Yes, Salons A and B at the Brentwood Hampton Inn are separated by a rolling partition. If you open that, the combined space should be plenty of room.

  • Susan E Gingrich #Patriots Reborn says:

    I hope they come to East TN, where we fearless, Christian conservatives would welcome them!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Perhaps while the Republicans are in Nashville, just to make a good impression while the world watches, we can find a way to move the native population of Nashville out and replace it with the fine REPUBLICANS from East Tennessee who together with the staunch REPUBLICANS from the surrounding counties would make a fine impression indeed.

      • MARLE says:

        Whoa, Stuart. With that smashing idea you have outdone yourself!

        I hope you pass this on to one of the lap dogs b/c I can only imagine the White House response would be to gentrifying an entire city for the purposes of making it the Most Splendid Backdrop
        E-V-E-R for the Rep convention. You deserve a hardy round of lap-dog barking for this one.

      • Susan E Gingrich #Patriots Reborn says:

        I like your idea Stuart!

    • Bob Fischer says:

      We don’t have the facilities to handle a spectacle of this degree in East Tennessee. We wish all the Republicans in attendance the best in this endeavor. Give everybody a big hug for me.

  • Paul says:

    Certainly bringing in the army or police to force citizens from their homes based on political beliefs would be right in line with current Republican thinking about who merits actually living in the US. Perhaps Trump can call up his Russian pals he’s always praising for some pointers on how to do that and keep it from turning into fake news tweet complaints on his part, since he’s pretty busy with bibles, tear gas, the usual tweeting from his bunker, and murder investigations of TV hosts and all that right now.

    As far as an economic boost, well, whomever hosts this is going to spend a ton of money to turn the area into a low level police state, likely forcing a pseudo shutdown for many businesses. I’m sure downtown Nashville businesses will welcome this in the spirit of supporting REPUBLICANS after the tornado, COVID, and recent demonstration impacts. Oh wait. Sorry. Nashville is a liberal ghetto or so I read somewhere. So maybe it won’t be so welcome if the attendees have to breathe that sort of air and maybe see some folks who don’t look conservative wandering around. However, the forced removals and police state thing are still viable options from a conservative viewpoint, so why not go for it.

  • I would wish neither the Republican nor Democratic conventions on any city in today’s political, racial and infectious disease environment, especially my own Nashville. Both parties should cancel their conventions this year and learn to cope with the same social distancing restrictions they have placed on the rest of us. They don’t always need conventions to determine their nominees.

    • Perry Aubric says:

      For one, I agree with Ralph Bristol. Conventions are an unnecessary anachronism.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Political conventions, like all conventions, give members of a group a chance to get together and have a good time. I was an Alternate Delegate to the 2016 Republican Convention and I can attest to the fact that they are expensive to attend but they do serve that purpose. Conventions rarely serve a nominating function anymore, it’s more like a crowning function, and though I was a Cruz delegate when Trump was nominated it was a memorably good time. Cleveland, the city in which it was held, made a good deal of money from the event. That’s why cities pay big bucks to host the conventions and compete to do so.

        So let’s add it up. Those who sign up to attend do so voluntarily and have a great, if expensive, time. The host city and many if its citizens make a good deal of money. WIN-WIN. Why must you be so dour Perry. Please cheer up!

        • Jonathan Swift says:

          Exactly how much did Cleveland make from the 2016 Republican Convention?

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            According to Cleveland State U. $68 million, according to Tourism Economics $110 million was spent in Cleveland during the Convention. 48,000 visitors were in the city along with 15,000 journalists who wrote 3,000 stories about the city. The total economic impact was estimated to be $188.4. Conventions generally have a $200 million impact. The event cost Cleveland about $75 million.

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