IRS places lien against Rep. Matthew Hill for unpaid taxes

Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) checks his phone during a House Republican Caucus meeting in Nashville on Jan. 14, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The IRS has filed a lien against state Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) for failing to pay $19,042 in federal taxes over two years, WCYB-TV reports.

Hill had an unpaid balance of about $14,700 in 2018 and $4,300 in 2016, according to IRS documents filed on Jan. 2.

“After recently receiving notice of the tax amount variance referenced for the years in question, I am taking corrective action to resolve this issue and will pay all taxes owed,” Hill told the station in a statement.

Hill was a top ally of former House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin), where he was purported to preside over “kill lists” for disfavored legislation, and mounted an unsuccessful bid for the speakership last summer.

Hill previously rejected as “stupid” a WCYB report that Washington County developers donated $45,000 to support the speaker’s bid after he supported legislation to establish a tax incentive retail district for their  proposed Boones Creek retail center.

Don Spurrell, an attorney considering legal action to block the creation of the district, said the tax deal had the appearance of “pay-for-play.”

Hill was dismissive of those claims.

“That’s an absurd allegation and is just stupid,” Hill said.

The Tennessean reported last summer that Hill operated a Christian-themed magic supply business, but that he hadn’t registered it with the state or in his statements of interest. Washington County officials later said Hill was required to secure a proper business license for the company.

The Tennessean also reported Hill had nearly lost his house to foreclosure in 2017, but that he avoided that losing the home when he came up with the money in the last minute. Hill, the part owner of a political robocall company, declined to say where he got the money.

Hill first drew attention to a secretive local grant fund last year when he announced that a local nonprofit would be receiving more state money than expected. That came as a surprise to other Northeast Tennessee lawmakers and Gov. Bill Lee’s administration. The governor ultimately froze $4 million pool over what he called misunderstandings about the purpose of the money. Critics quickly labeled the money as supporting pork for lawmakers who supported Lee’s school voucher program.

16 Responses to IRS places lien against Rep. Matthew Hill for unpaid taxes

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    MATHEW Hill has an American Conservative Union rating of 89% so you can bet the mainstream media will be working overtime to convert a series of nothingburgers into offenses for which only summary execution will do. I only hope that no one confuses MATHEW Hill with his brother TIMOTHY Hill (ACU-88%). TIM has been in the House since 2013 and is Chairman of the House Commerce Committee after which he will hopefully go on to be the Congressman from Tennessee’s First District when he wins the Republican Primary to fill that open seat this August.

    • Lenny says:

      Render unto Caesar the taxes that are Caesar’s. Disobeying the Word of God is not a “nothingburger” Why do you so gleefully disdain the Bible? Is the Conservative Union your god?

      • Helen Lewis says:

        Many are calling the religion of Lee and his followers Apocalyptic Literature…and it sounds pretty much, like I was taught…..They are over there bombing,and digging up Syria to find verification in the Sumerian tablets…It seems, they plan to ends human where it started…It is the mid-east to us…but it is land of the old testament..where Abraham lived ,the Garden of Eden…Noah, 12 tribes,the basic Fight is about the land deeds from God…

    • James White says:

      Another Shady Republican Stuart supports based on a score from someones view of a conservative. We need only people of good character in office, state or federal. Not Hill.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Are you confusing your Hills James or are you painting with a big broad brush extending the alleged sins of MATHEW onto his brother TIM, or are you saying that TIM is really a liberal, or finally, are you doing what you do best, incessantly complaining about Republicans while offering no alternative other than to act so as to elect a big government liberal Democrat because you REALLY hate big government.

    • Phil Lassiter says:

      He does not have the 4-5 million necessary to win. Better he stays out

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        If he is the only nominee with a proven conservative record then it’s the job of conservatives in the movement to get TIM the money. This is especially true of those individuals with little or no political record who have lots of money and may want to run as table-pounding conservative zealots some day and want to be sparred the embarrassment that Chairman Manny is currently experiencing. Then there is the Club For Growth, House Freedom Fund, etc. who just love to contribute to candidates with ACU ratings of 85%+ running for open seats in Republican primaries in R+28 districts like the First. All they need is ONE proven conservative candidate like TIM. Lets hope that TIM and David Hawk are in the House having the most friendly of conversations about this at this very moment.

        There is no better coming attractions of how someone will vote in the U.S. congress than the way he voted during a lengthy career in the Tennessee General Assembly. I agree Phil what we must fear is a non-ideological townie with loads of money. That’s how we got stuck with Phil Roe (Heritage-70%).

        • James White says:

          Instead of blowing more money on a candidate that will not support the constitution, why not spend that money on Educating the voters on the constitution so they will nominate and elect better candidates.

        • Phil Lassiter says:

          You speak as if this might really happen. The scenario. You paint is not possible when someone with money is involved. Club for Growth, etc all want a candidate to donate to them so they can then endorse that person and spend their money minus their handsome commission. Just more truth. I know it stings

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            The Club rightfully boasts about the fact that the highest percentage of its income actually goes to candidates than almost any other bundler/PAC but I didn’t know about the arrangement that you describe. Of course, it would be wonderful if we can have a self-funder with a record of being a solid conservative, however, lacking that conservatives simply cannot shy away from a race for an open seat in an R-28 district if we have any possibility of success.

            So far, there doesn’t seem to be a big crowd just dying to get into this race. Tim Hill and David Hawk do have something to lose given their positions in the General Assembly if they wage a losing race for Congress. I would hope if its not doable they would just pass on the race and that will be that. If they do decide to risk their current office because they feel that it is doable, then conservatives had better furnish what I pray will be ONE of them with enough support to at least make them competitive. If both of them run, than I admit it’s much more of a long shot and even I may decide to pass on contributing to either of them.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Phil, you will be happy to know that your response so rankled me that I placed a call to the Club For Growth and read your statement about the Club “. . .want[ing] a candidate to donate to them. . . .” I learned that what you said was completely untrue. Before endorsing a candidate the Club requires NOTHING from the candidate. In fact, the Club spends its own money from its PAC on its endorsed candidates plus the Club raises money from its members for endorsed candidates which it bundles then sends to the candidates taking no “commission” for the service. “I know it stings.”

  • James White says:

    He voted for an Article V Constitutional Convention. That is bad. He should pay his taxes.

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  • Cannoeer2 says:

    As long as his/her ACU rating is 85%+, then it is OK for a politician to have problems on the side? (Cocaine, IRS troubles, kicking puppies, etc.)

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      If you have an ACU rating of 85%+ you can be sure the mainstream media will make “any problems on the side” seem like felony crimes deserving of nothing less than summary execution that’s my point.
      I’m a conservative Cannoeer and unlike my liberal friends and Rev. Gov. Lee I believe in penalties for crime high enough to deter crime and if you do the crime you do the time no matter what your ACU rating.

      • Cannoneer2 says:

        I’m glad to hear that! I like your comment about the media’s “investigations” too. Seems like the Democrats get a free pass for anything they do, no matter how bad. That’s another topic in itself.

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