Read Rep. Mike Carter’s letter seeking the speakership

Rep. Mike Carter takes the oath of office in Nashville on Jan 8, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Rep. Mike Carter (R-Ooltewah) has sent a letter to Republican colleagues to declare his bid for the speakership. He pledges not to change any committee chairmanships, though he calls for an overhaul of the chamber’s rules to promote integrity. Carter says he would return most political functions to the House Republican Caucus chairman.

Carter is the second member to declare his candidacy after Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough).

Read the full letter below.


Today I am writing to request your support to serve as your Speaker. I am not asking you to serve me. I am asking for the high honor to serve you and the state of Tennessee.

I state this now, no Chairmanship, no Vice-Chairmanship, nor any other title or position currently held shall be removed. To allow that would give our opponents an opportunity to claim that any removal of a title is reflective of some conduct unbecoming of that representative. Considering what we have been through and realizing that conservative leadership is essential to the progress of Tennessee, we must balance every appearance against the effect on the reelection of our members.

I will form a PAC for the benefit of the members and work diligently to restore confidence with our contributors. I will assist the Caucus Chairman whenever he feels the office of Speakership is helpful for raising money.

We must reestablish the past tradition of the Caucus Chairman being the primary political figure. In my view the Speaker shall promote a culture to restore the trust of the citizens of Tennessee while encouraging great legislation we can be proud of and run on.

A Speaker’s leadership advisory team shall be established consisting of those who do not hold Chairman or Vice-Chairmanship positions of leadership so that the opinions of all shall direct the House. With the atmosphere we’re facing we must not only live in a glass bubble we must, with the consent of the Caucus, develop new rules and procedures to prove that integrity and trust has returned to the House of Representatives. Tennessee: First in integrity.

We must undertake a complete review of all policies, procedures and rules for committees and officers.

We will continue to lead as an equal branch of government cooperating with all but cowering to none. The House controls the purse, a duty and responsibility which we will take seriously and devote appropriate assets to lead the budget process.

You will be able to walk the halls and talk in your office without fear of eavesdropping.

Members will not be intimidated, and under no circumstance shall a member be threatened with a primary opponent because of any vote taken. They should at all times vote their conscience and district.

The bylaws of the House of Representatives Republican Caucus state, ”the speaker shall conduct his or herself with the highest ethical and moral standards representing the citizens of Tennessee and the Republican Caucus.” If we are to restore public trust, a clean break is imperative. The people of Tennessee both demand and deserve it.

Respectfully submitted,

/Mike Carter/

Mike Carter

State Representative

District 29


28 Responses to Read Rep. Mike Carter’s letter seeking the speakership

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Can’t change those committee chairs-they were too expensive the first time around Members can apparently turn to buzzards quickly.

  • James White says:

    Another one the voted FOR an Article V Constitution Convention. NO to you sir!

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Mathew Hill and Mike Carter, two exemplary conservatives. Rest easy my friends with the knowledge that I heartily endorse both candidates for House Speaker and I simply hope the two of them don’t split the solid conservative vote thus allowing a centrist or tepid conservative to take Glen’s place which has been one of my primary concerns all along.

    • Lenny says:

      I’m 100% for the absolute freedom to snort Cocaine in State offices. Which of Daddy Casada’s Boys would be better, Hill or Carter? If it’s a tie-breaker, which one is more in to pee play? I’m sick of RINOs who aren’t into pee play! Why won’t Andy Holt run. He’s the biggest piss of them all.

    • Jason Wallflower says:

      Matthew Hill: not a conservative.

  • Keith says:

    Stuart, you must certainly think that there are veritable masses of folks awaiting the announcement of your endorsement. Bless your heart.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Keith, if you read my response again you can see that I was communicating with “my friends” which I am sorry to say number far too few to matter in the larger scheme of things.

  • June landrum says:

    Vote for Bill Dunn. He is next in line and an excellent choice

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Actually June he is a most mediocre choice. Why in the world would we choose Dunn who has a tepid conservative lifetime rating by the American Conservative Union of 79% when we can have Mathew Hill with a rating of 88% or Mike Carter who also has a lifetime rating of 88%. Rep. Dunn will no doubt please the business community well enough but in Gov. Lee we have an unknown ideological quantity as an executive so we need solid conservatives in control of the legislature and Bill Dunn has demonstrated he is not a solid conservative.

      • Elmer Gantry says:

        Rep. Matthew Hill did host his nationally-syndicated “The Matthew Hill Show” on the Information Radio News-USA Christian radio network that was started up by “Doctor” Larry Bates.

        According to Memphis federal court reports, First American Monetary Consultants CEO “Dr.” Larry Bates and his family members swindled their FAMC customers out of over $21 million dollars through their gold and silver coin ponzi scheme.

        Larry Bates reportedly financed his IRN Christian radio network with over $4 million dollars diverted from his FAMC customers, and both Bates’ IRN radio network and Rep, Matthew Hill’s “The Matthew Hill Show” was used to air First American Monetary Consultants advertising.

        More than 300 people were victimized during the Bates’ First American Monetary Consultants cold and silver coin scheme.

        From May 2002 to October 2013, Bates and two of his sons allegedly encouraged customers, many of whom were Christians and elderly individuals, to purchase copious amounts of certain types of gold and silver from FAMC. All of the individuals targeted by the Bates were seeking advice and help from a supposed trusted Christian advisor and/or an alleged reputable Christian financial company.

        Dr. Larry Bates was also listed as a member of the Patrick Henry Political Action Committee of Tennessee PAC that was started up by Timothy Hill during 2009 in order to fire hose PAC contributions from Larry Bates into the 2010 election campaigns of Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill and Timothy Hill’s own unsuccessful 2010 election campaign.

    • Perry Aubric says:

      Dunn has stated that he is not interested in the position, and it is doubtful he will run. But he is, as far as I know, a decent person. And a conservative, even if his exact spot in the conservative meter doesn’t suit self-appointed judges of purity like Stuart.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Don’t blame me Perry, it’s the American Conservative Union who analyzed the votes of the members of the House and based on those votes assigned each member a conservative rating. I am not judging the “purity” of various candidates for Speaker I’m simply reporting those ratings though I know how annoying they can be to Republicans who would like the Party to be either simply the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce or a more civilized Democratic Light alternative.

        • James White says:

          Let’s see,, yep the ACU is just a NeoCon George W Bush love fest. Must not be a conservative bone in the body.

        • James White says:

          Oh my, it is worse than just BUSH, the ACU loves them some Deep State. Just look at all the CFR Members and Big War and Big Spying on the people they honored and support. I see where NeoCon Stuart gets his ‘conservationism’ from.
          Stuart I. Anderson, you are No Conservative, you are the enemy, you are trying to NeoCon and Socialize and swing the Constitutionalist’s to the Left. Same on you.

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  • Katherine McCoun says:

    Carter was one of the small, core group calling for Casada’s resignation and now he wants to be Speaker. That doesn’t sit right with me. Seems there were ulterior motives to those calling for Casada’s resignation.
    Sounds like dirty politics.

    I expected Tillis to be involved in the dirty politics for the purpose of Tillis going after the Speaker slot. Wonder what Tillis will get out it.

    This deal was dirty. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. BTW, I looked up what Casada had to see during the attacks on President Trump when he had private talk about women revealed. Casada condemned and I wonder how he would handle the same now that he has been a victim of underhanded dealings? Not saying he was right in his vulgar chatter but it was private.

    Odd that the Gov weighed in saying he would fire him if he worked for him. Isn’t Lee the man telling us all to give prisoners a 2nd chance and hiring them into his company? I think that is great but am confused as to why he would fire Casada v. give him a 2nd chance?

    • James White says:

      Perhaps Lee is waiting on Casada to be a prisoner?

      • Lenny says:

        Interesting Don’t forget the FBI is investigating Lee’s voucher vote. Maybe he’s setting up Casada to take the fall.

    • Jam,ie Herman says:

      Casada’s conduct was not simply a matter of taking dirty despite his self-described Christian morals. He hired a man to be his assistant who admitted using cocaine, bragged about non-consensual sex, and gave the man a one hundred and thirty thousand dollar raise that we as Tennessee citizens are all paying for. This is not conservatism. This is greed and self-righteous hyprocrisy.

      Cothren needs to be expelled by the legislature so he stops collecting the money we shouldn’t have been paying him to begin with and Casada needs to either resign his seat or he, too, should be expelled by the other members.

  • Jamie Herman says:

    Talking not taking dirty

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