Reaction to Bill Lee’s victory in governor’s race

Tennesseans have made a great choice for our next governor. Bill Lee is a man with strong character and love for our state and will make the right decisions to keep Tennessee  moving forward. I am excited to see what this state will accomplish under his leadership. — Term-limited Gov. Bill Haslam.

After watching how Bill connects with people and inspires our citizens, I am convinced he is the perfect person to lead our state at this moment. We are in strong position as a state but there is more left to do. Bill is an executive and CEO who is just as comfortable on a farm or factory floor as he is in a boardroom. — Senate Speaker Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge).

One Response to Reaction to Bill Lee’s victory in governor’s race

  • David Collins says:

    He ran a very positive campaign. I think that is a big reason he surprised everyone and won his parties primary. I was not aware until recently of his efforts to help people with their rehabilitation through the Men of Valor organization. That news no doubt got him scads of votes because so many parents these days have children who have made a bad decision and ended up in the criminal justice system. Many, many more people than a lot of folks realize. So this news that he is working as a mentor for a group trying to help offenders get back on the right track would no doubt resonate with what is now a very large bloc of voters.

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