Purported former Bredesen voters say ‘not this time’ in Blackburn ad

A new ad by Republican Marsha Blackburn’s campaign and the National Republican Senate Committee features people who say they voted for Bredesen for governor, but won’t do so for Senate.

The Bredesen campaign was unimpressed.

“While Congressman Blackburn is too busy focusing on swamp scare tactics and continuing to follow the losing D.C. Diane playbook by dodging debates, Governor Bredesen is in Memphis today to share his ideas with voters in West Tennessee,” spokeswoman Ayssa Hansen said in an email.

“As he has said from Day 1, this campaign is open to voters of all stripes who are tired of hyper-partisan squabbling,” she said.

Here’s a transcript of the Blackburn/NRSC ad:

Voter 1: I voted Phil Bredesen for Governor.
Voter 2: I supported him.
Voter 3: But I cannot support Bredesen for Senate.
Voter 4: Bredesen opposes building the wall.
Voter 5: He supports Obamacare.
Voter 6: Bredesen opposed Trump’s tax cuts.
Voter 7: That’s a non-starter for me.
Voter 1: Bredesen gave Crooked Hillary tons of money.
Voter 3: Ugh.
Voter 4: And now Washington Democrats are behind him.
Voter 2: I can’t support Bredesen for Senate.
Voter 6: Nope.
Voter 3: Nope.
Voter 8: I just can’t do it.
Voter 4: Not this time.
Marsha Blackburn: I’m Marsha Blackburn, and I approve this message.

17 Responses to Purported former Bredesen voters say ‘not this time’ in Blackburn ad

  • MarLE says:

    Very Effective Ad….it highlights the proper recommendation. She is not a Democrat.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Apparently I have to explain. See, when the guy says “And now Washington Democrats are behind him” it’s not the fact that it’s “Democrats,” it’s the fact that the add presupposes that everyone who is watching knows enough about current events to know that the Democratic Party is completely controlled by liberals and this fact along with the fact that Bredesen “Gave crooked Hillary ‘tons’ of money” cements the fact that Bredesen is a typical liberal Democrat instead of the “moderate” he portrays himself to be.

      You see, Marsha knows that her best opportunity to garner votes lies in appealing to those who follow politics and have a reasonable knowledge of current events. It is to those voters that Marsha aims her ads. MarLE simply let me know if you find any other Marsha ad confusing, I will be happy to explain.

      • MarLE says:

        “Democrat” means something in context. Democrat today is not your father’s Democrat of yesteryear. So we all get what Democrat means. And Marsha’s ad is all about not being a Democrat…they didn’t need to say Washington. It was done for emphasis. So I am not confused and if I were it wouldn’t be you who would be likely to clarify things. She runs strongest when she sticks to the simple message that she is not a Democrat. The ad is effective.

      • MarLE says:

        Listening this AM to talk radio and reading in a so-called online “news outlet?”……both spent great deal of time on emphasizing that this Senate race is coming down to a head count and that control of the Senate for REPublicans depends on voting for Marsha. Nothing at all about her policies; only about being a Rep head to be counted for control of the senate. So more are coming MY way. No one is making points about her credentials or bona fides as a conservative (her descriptive)~ just that she isn’t a Democrat.

  • cjmcd says:

    As I recall, Bredesen was a decent Governor because he had a conservative Legislature that held his liberal ideas in check because they had the votes to trash his trash proposals and override his vetos. Like Corker, I would not vote for Bredesen for dog catcher. We have too many progressives in Congress kow-towing to pelosi, schumer, soros, free masons, etc. You name the progressive entity.

    • Steve Butler says:

      “many progressives in Congress kow-towing to pelosi, schumer, soros, free masons,”

      Pray tell, what do you think Masons have to do with politics?

      By any objective standards Bredesen was a moderate governor. More than a few on the left said he was really a Republican in disguise.

  • Billy Bob says:

    The Democrats were in control when Bredesen was Governor. He was a great Governor.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      More importantly the conservatives were in control no matter what the party label. That was a time before Obama convinced most traditional Democrats outside of a few liberal ghettos that the Democratic party no longer represented them which led to an eventual complete purge of conservative and “moderate” Democratic legislators leading to Republican super majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.

      It is the conservative control of the legislature during Bredesen’s tenure and the fact that governor’s vetoes can be overridden by a simple majority of the legislature that led to the relatively “moderate” Bredesen that he wants to portray today as reflecting his real beliefs. As a conservative I’m sorry to say that the only party that is the home for centrists and certainly tepid conservatives is the Republican Party insofar as the Democratic Party is completely controlled by liberals, and now liberals are slowly but surely being voted out in Democratic primaries as the extreme leftists take over. If Bredesen really was a “moderate” he would have become a “Moderate Republican.” He hasn’t because he is a L-I-B-E-R-A-L!

      • MarLE says:

        At least Bredesen has seen and lived under a balanced budget for 8 years. Marsha hasn’t seen or been part of that for the last 16 years including the years when all the lights were green and the Repubs controlled all houses incl the White House.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          NOTE TO READERS: From MarLE’s serial responses reserving her criticism for everything Marsha you might reach the conclusion that MarLE is going to vote for Bredesen. On the contrary, the last indication I have seen had MarLE indicate that she actually intended to vote for Marsha. One can only therefore conclude that she is simply spending her time almost exclusively criticizing Marsha in order to make everything Marsha better.

          • MarLE says:

            Marsha has been in Washington for 16 yrs. She has provided a lot to analyze. I have expectations of someone who calls themselves a conservative that I do not have of someone who calls himself a moderate. So my interest is in clarifying that the Marsha I intend to vote for is not the Marsha that she claims to be. She is not a conservative. She is also not a democrat and for people, such as I, that will be enough. Unless between now and Nov I am persuaded otherwise.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Interesting. So is what you are saying that even though Marsha is not a conservative as far as you’re concerned, what it therefore comes down to is the fact that she is not a Democrat and all they stand for today that will be enough for her to get your vote?

          • Eddie White says:

            You have heard of “fake news”, I think MarLE is a “fake Blackburn voter”..

          • MarLE says:

            Just FYI, James, it seems based on Stuart’s own accounting of his past voting record that I am a more dependable Republican voter than he has been. I have not voted on the Nat’l or State level for a Dem in the last 46 years. So if I were a fake voter it would take something that hasn’t happened in nearly a half century to be at work!

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Just to make it clear, I have NEVER voted Democrat in my life. In the past when the Republican presidential candidate has been insufferable like John McCain, or when “Lips” Bush and “Uniter” Bush ran for their second term after spending their first term infuriating conservatives time, after time, after time I voted for the Constitution Party candidate. After all, I’m not a “Republican” (perhaps a “Dissident Republican”) I am a “conservative.”

  • Bob says:

    TN Unemployment rate in January 2010 under Bredesen was 10.5%. After Republicans took control of TN in 2011 the rate is now 3.4%. TN is now the lowest taxed state in the US. The lowest debt state in the US. Tennessee employee’s pensions were not fully funded under Bredesen. They are now.

    • MarLE says:

      Are you aware of what happened to the economy and the meltdown of the stock market in 2008? We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of that soon. Within 6 months of that in Mar 2009 the market had lost half of its value. Can you SEE why the unemployment rate was 10%? Not Bredesen’s fault!

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